News Roundup! Wisconsin SC Election, First Step Act, President’s Approval Ratings, Mock the Left, Justin From Canada, NRCC Clips, Fox Town Hall etc….

Our President on Monday hosted a reception at the White House for the First Step Act that was signed into law at the end of December. The White House today shared these videos.

The GOP released the following video.

Our President just tweeted the following video.

Black approval percentages for our President continue to climb! Keep in mind that he only won 8% of the Black vote in 2016.

Everything our President said that day he is doing! God Bless PDJT & the USA!

Our President is at 50% approval again today according to the Rasmussen Poll. At the same time in BHO’s presidency, he was only at 45%.

Keep in mind that our President only received 29% of the Hispanic vote in 2016.

From the article linked above:

So much good news erupted last week for the president with the conclusion of the Mueller inquiry that stunning new polling data was largely glossed over.  McLaughlin & Associates revealed that Hispanic approval for Trump in March jumped to 50%.  This number matched the January Marist/NPR/PBS survey that shocked cynics with its own 50% approval finding.  Even if those polls are too aggressive, February’s Morning Consult/Politico poll showed Trump’s Hispanic approval vaulting to a still-impressive 45%.

What explains this stunning trend?  I see three key factors:

  • The Economy
  • Immigration
  • Social Issues

What an incredible win last night in Wisconsin for Judge Brian Hagedorn! What does it mean for 2020?

Our President spoke last night at the NRCC Annual Spring Dinner and was taking shots at AOC, Joe Biden, Socialism etc.

This was epic!

On April 15th, Fox News will host a Town Hall with Bernie Sanders.

The Left, Democrats, MSM etc. lost their minds again today after reading the following.

The Left, Democrats, MSM etc. hate when you mock them.

Justin Trudeau had an embarrassing moment earlier today.

I so so happy to read this!

From the article linked above:

President Donald Trump spends long private dinners with First Lady Melania Trump whenever they retreat to their private Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida, according to a new book detailing life inside the mansion that Trump often refers to as his “Winter White House.”

They have both sacrificed everything for us!

News Roundup! Priestap’s Interview, Discharge Petition, Closing the Southern Border, Iran Fuel Sanctions, FL Party Affiliation Data, 9th Circuit…..

Representative Doug Collins of Georgia decided to release Bill Priestap’s Interview earlier this morning on the House floor.

I think Mexico heard our President loud and clear and are stepping up their efforts in order to have our border remain open. At the end of the day, I think our President will shut the border at the end of this week.

What I admire most about our President is that Americans come before everything else whenever he makes a decision.

Representative Steve Scalise is filing a Discharge Petition to bypass Nancy Pelosi & force every member of the House to go on record on where they stand on the Born Alive Act. 218 votes are needed to move forward.

8 countries got a waiver from the fuel sanctions placed on Iran. The sanctions were imposed on November, 4th.

From the article linked above:

Washington has pledged to eventually halt all purchases of crude oil from Iran globally but for now it said eight countries – China, India, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Greece, Taiwan and Turkey – can continue imports without penalty. Crude exports contribute one-third of Iran’s government revenues.

There won’t be any waivers going forward.

From the article linked above:

Three of the eight countries to which Washington granted waivers to import Iranian oil have now cut their shipments from Iran to zero, a U.S. special representative said on Tuesday.

“There are better market conditions for us to accelerate our path to zero. We are not looking to grant any waivers or exceptions to our sanctions regime,” Hook said.

A senior Trump administration official told reporters on Monday that the U.S. government was considering additional sanctions against Iran that would target areas of its economy that have not been hit before.

Based on Jared’s statement last night to Laura about Florida ex felons registering as Republicans in larger numbers than Democrats, I decided to take a look at the Party Affiliation numbers since 2016 up until February 28, 2019.

Our President is transforming the 9th Circuit! After the remaining nominees are confirmed, there will be 16 Democrat Appointed Judges versus 13 Republican Appointed Judges.

If our President is able to replace 2 more Democrat Appointed Judges (9 of the active Judges are Clinton Appointees), we will have a MAJORITY on the 9th Circuit (15 to 14).

From the article linked above:

For the first time in more than three decades, Republican-appointed judges will soon occupy nearly half the seats on the left-leaning 9th Circuit Court of Appeals — dealing a setback to progressive legal advocates who have long seen the court as a safe bet for favorable rulings.

The Atlanta Federal Reserve revised their 1st Quarter real GDP rate earlier today. It remained at 2.1%.

Lets keep on WINNING!

The Federal Reserve Tried To Destroy Our Economy In 2018! They Failed With Us But Were Extremely Successful With Europe, Canada, China & Japan……

Over the last few articles I wrote, many followers discussed the fact that the Federal Reserve tried to destroy our economy in 2018. Four consecutive quarters of 0.25 interest rate increases. Quantitative tightening of $50 billion dollars each month throughout the year.

From the article linked above:

The Fed, of course, has been raising interest rates, including four increases last year, which unnerved many investors. These days, though, the focus has shifted to what the central bank will do with another tool it previously used to stoke economic growth.

As part of its campaign to rescue the economy after the 2008 financial crisis, the Fed bought enormous quantities of bonds issued or guaranteed by the federal government. Now the question is how quickly, and by how much, it will shrink that pile.

Once an area of interest for only the most intrepid of Fed watchers, the bond portfolio has started to overshadow more fundamental economic concerns, like China’s slowing economy and the government shutdown. Since last year, the Fed has been reducing its bond stockpile by up to $50 billion a month.

Investors increasingly point to the trend to explain the ugly performances of virtually every kind of investment in 2018. Even President Trump weighed in, tweeting in December that the Fed should “Stop with the 50 B’s.”

They caused a major drop in our Equity Markets during the months of October through December. They were successful in lowering our 4th Quarter real GDP rate from 2.6% to 2.2%. They were successful in keeping our Annual real GDP rate under 3.0% (it came in at 2.9%).

They weren’t successful from Q4 2017 to Q4 2018, real GDP still gained 3.0%, up from 2.5% in 2017.

Or in us setting a record for the first time.

They weren’t going to stop until they took a look around the world and realized that the Global Economy was being destroyed because of their decisions.

Keep in mind that China manipulates their real GDP rate.

Our President and his Killers have them exactly where they want them. There won’t be any rate increases in 2019. Quantitative Tightening has been put on hold. As a matter of fact, our Killers are calling on the Fed to cut rates.

White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow made some news the other day when he said he would like to see the Fed cut interest rates by half a point (.50%).

It sucks when your entire existence is predicated on the Global Economy. They weren’t prepared for a President that doesn’t give a rats ass about the Global Economy. America First is his only priority. Now he is going to use the MORONS to add fuel to our Economic Train.

Lets take a look at the Stock Market from this past week.

  • DJIA – up 1.67% this week & up 11.15% YTD
  • Nasdaq – up 1.13% this week & up 16.49% YTD
  • S&P 500 Index – up 1.20% this week & up 13.07% YTD
  • Russell 2000 – up 2.25% this week & up 14.18% YTD

Winning never felt so good!

It Is Days Like Today That I Consider Myself So Lucky To Be Alive To Witness the Presidency of DJT! Don’t Ever Take It For Granted……

The celebration our President just had at the White House was absolutely amazing!

You can watch the entire speech in the link below.

GOOD is defeating evil everywhere you look!

Twitter, the MSM, Democrats, Hollywood etc. tried everything humanly possible to shun Unplanned the Movie prior to and during its release this past weekend in 1,000 theaters across our country.

Unplanned has more followers than Planned Parenthood!

They are also getting support from our President’s Administration, his friends and family.

Meanwhile Hollywood and Satan were defeated in Georgia!

From the article linked above:

On Friday, the Georgia House followed the Georgia Senate’s lead and passed the ‘ Living Infants Fairness and Equality Act’, popularly referred to as the ‘Heartbeat bill’, despite a major effort by Hollywood liberals to put a stop to it.

Georgia’s governor, Republican Brian Kemp, previously vowed to sign the legislation if it makes it to his desk. After the House vote assuring that it will, Kemp tweeted a statement.

God bless the Republican Appointees on the Supreme Court!

What a time to be alive!

News Roundup! Yellow Vests, Approval Rating, Aid, 2nd Ammendment, Fed Decision, Creepy Joe, Navy Seal…….

Yesterday GA/FL shared the following tweet from our President.

Our President is absolutely right! They scared Americans into believing that they were trying to save us from a recession. Keep in mind that 70% of real GDP comes from consumer spending. If you think a recession is around the corner, you are less likely to spend on luxuries.

Look at the reason why the 4th Quarter real GDP rate was revised downward.

From the article linked above:

Growth in consumer spending, which accounts for more than two-thirds of U.S. economic activity, increased at a 2.5 percent rate in the fourth quarter instead of the previously reported 2.8 percent pace. Consumer spending remains underpinned by a strong labor market.

Keep in mind that the Rasmussen Poll is a rolling 3 day average. Look what happened throughout the week. AG Barr dropped his summary on Sunday.

Our President only got 29% of the Hispanic vote in 2016. Things have changed in two and a half years.

From the article linked above:

As President Trump doubles down on his pledge to build a southern border wall, Hispanics are showing broad support for him, according to a new survey.

Some 50 percent of Hispanics approve of the president’s job, according to the latest McLaughlin & Associates poll of likely general election voters.

You can find the entire poll below.

  • Black Approval at 16% (only 8% voted for our President in 2016)
  • The Republican Party has regained its edge over Democrats in the generic congressional ballot (47% to 43%)
  • Overall Approval 49%

The State of California got rebuffed in their push to minimize the 2nd Ammendment.

From the article linked above:

High-capacity gun magazines will remain legal in California under a ruling Friday by a federal judge who cited home invasions where a woman used the extra bullets in her weapon to kill an attacker while in two other cases women without additional ammunition ran out of bullets.

“Individual liberty and freedom are not outmoded concepts,” San Diego-based U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez wrote as he declared unconstitutional the law that would have banned possessing any magazines holding more than 10 bullets.

California law has prohibited buying or selling such magazines since 2000, but those who had them before then were allowed to keep them.


We’re still digesting the opinion but it appears to us that he stuck down both the latest ban on possessing by those who are grandfathered in, but also said that everyone has a right to acquire one,” Michel said.

These decisions are a killer for the Left because they can’t run to the Circuit Court knowing if the District Court is overturned, the Supreme Court will weigh in causing their decision to become the law of the land.

The Yellow Vests are out protesting again for the 20th consecutive weekend. There is no end on the horizon. One of two things will bring it to an end. Macron’s head or resignation.

If they thought our President was bluffing, they realized yesterday that he will do everything needed to protect our Southern Border.

From the article linked above:

In a stunning about-face, State Department officials said that President Donald Trump is cutting off all direct assistance to the so-called Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

“At the Secretary’s instruction, we are carrying out the President’s direction and ending FY [fiscal year] 2017 and FY 2018 foreign assistance programs for the Northern Triangle,” a State Department spokesperson told ABC News, referring to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. “We will be engaging Congress as part of this process.”

By next Friday, the entire BOARDER will be closed. This was to show AMLO that our President is a man of his words.

Creepy Joe doesn’t seem to be the chosen one even though he has the best polling out of all the Democrats so far.

Our President will destroy a Kamala/Beto or Bernie/Whoever ticket.

Thank You 🙏 President Trump for making this happen! Eddie Gallagher is an American Hero!

News Roundup! Bush Republicans, Apex Predator, Message To Voters, Border Crisis, Rally Crowd, Hollywood, Rahm & Economic Train……

All this BS that you are hearing from Never Trumpers and Bush Republicans is complete nonsense. Our President understands that a severe price has to be paid for the POS that were involved in this coup. Anything less would turn off voters that are now willing to give our President another look.

Please make sure to push this with your friends and relatives regardless if they are pro or anti Trump. Here is a great thread by Richard Baris of PPD.

I selected this profile picture because that look of utter disdain allows me to sleep like a baby knowing our Lion is going to destroy all of them for the sake of our country. Never ever forget that he is an APEX PREDATOR! Kill and kill again until none of them are left are his rules in the fields he roams.

Our flag and what it stands for means everything too him!

I love the fact that our President, VP and other members of our President’s reelection campaign are hammering home Healthcare, Immigration and Late Term Abortions.

Democrats, RINOs, CoC, Koch Brothers, MSM etc. must have been mortified by what our President is planning on doing next week and this interview with former Obama DHS Secretary, Jeh Johnson.

What an absolutely amazing rally last night! They can spin the polls and their BS narrative as much as they want but reality was on full display inside and outside the arena.

Hollywood is the gift that keeps on giving! I absolutely love the stance they are taking against the State of Georgia and against the unborn.

This MORON from Chicago realizes his little act is going to destroy Democrats and members of the previous administration now that our President is getting involved.

The Economic Train continues to break records, pick up passengers and run over our enemies.

From the article linked above:

For the second year in a row President Trump broke the record for the largest annual increase in GDP in history!  In 2017 the US GDP increased by a record $853 billion.  But this record was shattered in 2018 with an increase of greater than $1 trillion, the largest annual increase in GDP by any country in world history!

The Atlanta Federal Reserve revised their forecast earlier today for the 1st Quarter real GDP rate. We are getting closer to the 2.2% real GDP rate we reached last year in the 1st Quarter.

From the article linked above:

New home sales surged 4.9% (±14.4%) in February at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 667,000, easily beating the high end of the forecasts.

The consensus forecast for the jointly released new construction report was looking for an already strong 615,000, ranging from a low of 600,000 to a high of 635,000.

From the article linked above:


The final reading on consumer sentiment for March showed significant acceleration, rising to 98.4 to beat the high end of the forecast range. The gain in March was fueled by increased optimism among working Americans.

“Consumer confidence rebounded in March to 98.4 from last month’s 93.8, slightly above the average of 97.2 recorded in the past 26 months,” Richard Curtain, chief economist for the Survey of Consumers said.

“The March gain in the Sentiment Index was entirely due to households with incomes in the bottom two-thirds of the income distribution, posting a gain of +7.1 Index-points, while households with incomes in the top third fell by 1.1 Index-points.”

Middle and lower income households more frequently reported income gains than last month, although income gains were still widespread among upper income households,” Mr. Curtain added. “Indeed, the last time a larger proportion of households reported income gains was in 1966.”

Lets take a look at the Stock Market from this past week.

  • DJIA – went up 1.67% this week & up 11.15% YTD
  • Nasdaq – went up 1.13% this week & up 16.49% YTD
  • S&P 500 Index – went up 1.20% this week & up 13.07% YTD
  • Russell 2000 – went up 2.25% this week & up 14.18% YTD

Conservatives pushback with their wallets! Dicks felt it this past year.

Our President and our country aren’t just WINNING, we are KILLING it!




News Roundup! Schiff, GDP, Boomerang, Jussie, Rally, Ole Nellie, BLEXIT, Approval Rating, New WALL…..

The past 72 hours or so have been absolutely amazing. So many things are happening in such a rapid pace. The cherry on the sundae this evening will be our President’s rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I ABSOLUTELY want that flag!

Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia decided to drop Nellie Ohr’s closed door testimony earlier today on the House floor. We are blessed to have Rep. Collins, Gaetz, Meadows, Nunes, Jordan, Gohmert, Ratcliffe etc. fighting each and everyday for our President and our country.

The 4th Quarter real GDP rate was adjusted for the third and final time earlier today. The final real GDP rate was 2.2%. Down from 2.6%.

You can find that report in the link below.

The 2018 Annual real GDP rate measured by the BEA remained at 2.9%. The Q4 2017 to Q4 2018 real GDP rate fell from 3.1% to 3.0%.

The real GDP rates by Quarter in 2018 were as follows:

  • 1st Quarter – 2.2%
  • 2nd Quarter – 4.2%
  • 3rd Quarter – 3.4%
  • 4th Quarter – 2.2%

  • 2017 to 2018 (BEA) – 2.9%
  • Q4 2017 to Q4 2018 – 3.0%

All in all what an incredible year for our country and our President.

I said yesterday we hadn’t heard the final word about the Jussie Smollett fiasco coming out of Chicago. Our President tweeted the following earlier this morning.

When you thought this couldn’t get crazier, look what the attorney of Jussie is now claiming about the 2 Nigerians.

From the article linked above:

‘They could have worn white face’: Jussie Smollett lawyer offers bizarre explanation as to why the Empire actor told police his Nigerian assailants were white – and points to old video of one of them wearing make-up to play the Joker as potential proof

  • Tina Glandian said on Thursday first that it has never been proven it was the Osundairo brothers who attacked Jussie Smollett
  • Then she said that the reason he told police the attackers were white was because they could have been wearing make-up  
  • Smollett himself identified surveillance video footage of the pair as the men who attacked him 
  • His lawyers have not explained why else they would have jumped him unless he told them to, but say they have a ‘theory’ as to why 
  • She also claimed it was one of them who told Smollett to go out and get ‘eggs’ at 2am as part of his nutrition plan
  • He has always said he went out for a Subway salad because he was hungry after getting home from a delayed flight 
  • His team insists that there were no conditions to Smollett’s charges being dropped and that he performed community service  ‘because of his character’  
  • Glandian admitted that prosecutors asked him to forfeit the $10,000 bond but still maintains Smollett ‘had to do nothing’ 
  • She insists her office’s actions and interactions with prosecutors were above board
  • Kim Foxx, the Cook County State’s Attorney, is facing scrutiny for how she handled the case 

Meanwhile, Adam Schiff is getting absolutely destroyed by our President, his son, Don Jr., Republicans etc. Nancy Pelosi tried her best to support the POS.

This is what Don Jr. in the tweet above is referring to.

Good Ole Nancy to the rescue!

Please watch this incredible video showing where NEW WALL construction is going up in El Paso, Texas. The money is coming from the funds being diverted from the DoD to DHS.

The BLEXIT Movement is continuing to march along!

Our President’s approval numbers continue to rise! Back to 50% approval according to Rasmussen (+5% gain in less than a week).

Our President tweeted the following for us to watch.


WOW! You Have To Listen To the Interview With Our President & Sean Hannity…..

The interview begins at 15:30 in the clip below and continues for the remainder of the show without any commercial breaks.

Get plenty of popcorn ready! The show is about to begin.

News Roundup! Medal of Honor, First Lady of Venezuela, Trade Deficit, Polling, Gitmo Prisoners, Barr’s Next Steps, Jussie……

Earlier this afternoon our President participated in the posthumous Medal of Honor ceremony for Staff Sergeant Travis W. Atkins, United States Army.  His son, Trevor, and parents represented him at the White House ceremony.

Staff Sergeant Travis W. Atkins will receive the Medal of Honor for his heroic actions of June 1, 2007, in support of IRAQI FREEDOM.  While serving in Iraq with Company D, 2d Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment, 2d Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, Staff Sergeant Atkins engaged in hand-to hand combat with a suspected insurgent.

As he attempted to subdue the man, Staff Sergeant Atkins realized the insurgent was attempting to detonate a bomb strapped to his body.  When he noticed the insurgent was about to trigger the suicide vest, Staff Sergeant Atkins tackled him, selflessly using his own body to shield his fellow soldiers from the imminent explosion.  Staff Sergeant Atkins’ heroic actions, at the cost of his life, saved the lives of three of his teammates.

If you don’t have time for the entire ceremony, watch the clip below with the son, Michael, accepting the Medal of Honor on behalf of his father.

Our President started his day by meeting with Venezuela’s First Lady, Fabiana Rosales. She is the wife of Juan Guaido.

Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, tweeted the following good news.

From the article linked above:

The U.S. trade deficit narrowed far more than expected in January, closing $8.8 billion to $51.1 billion and beating the consensus forecast.

The consensus forecast for the report released by U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) was $-57.3 billion, ranging from $59.0 billion to $55.0 billion.

In January, exports came in at $207.3 billion, $1.9 billion more than in December. Imports were $258.5 billion, $6.8 billion less than December.

The overall narrowing in the trade deficit for goods and services was fueled by a $8.2 billion decline in the goods deficit to $73.3 billion and an increase in the services surplus of $0.5 billion to $22.1 billion.

The deficit with China decreased $5.5 billion to $33.2 billion in January. Exports decreased $0.2 billion to $7.5 billion and imports decreased $5.7 billion to $40.8 billion.

This had a positive effect on the Atlanta Federal Reserve GDP NOW forecast released earlier today.

Our President’s Approval Ratings are going up post Mueller.

If these percentages amongst Blacks hold or go higher, you are talking about total annihilation in 2020!

From the article linked above:

Republicans are confident that President Trump in 2020 can pick up support among black voters and that this overwhelmingly Democratic bloc could even provide Trump the winning edge in key swing states.

“I can give an unqualified ‘yes’ on the idea that the president will be more popular on Election Day with blacks in 2020 than he was in 2016,” said Horace Cooper of Project 21 Black Leadership Network, a conservative public policy group. He pointed to the African-American unemployment rate, which reached a record low in 2018 of 5.9 percent, and the large number of African-Americans who no longer need food stamps under Trump.

And according to Cooper, a two or three percent shift in the black vote in certain states, such as Wisconsin, Florida and Texas, could make a big difference in the election — though Cooper predicted an increase of four to five percent of the black vote for Trump, which “would put between four and six more states in play that Trump didn’t carry last time.”

Keep in mind that CNN skews their poll significantly for Democrats before reading the tweet below.

Barry’s 5 Muslims that were released in a swap for the POS deserter are at the bargaining table on behalf of the Taliban.

That Pendelum has swung as far left as possible. It is ready to swing back to the right with some incredible force. Decisions are being made as we speak.

The day just got worse for Jussie, Michelle, Foxx and everyone else involved in Chicago’s travesty.