News Roundup! BHO Versus Crazy Bernie, Senator Josh Hawley & Other Senate Republicans Are Stepping Up Bigly To Support PDJT, Cocaine Mitch Delivers Remarks About Air Strikes That Killed Soleimani, Judicial Armada, Chinese Startups Are Going Belly Up, Winning BIGLY At Our Southern Border, Virginia Is Waking Up A Sleeping Giant, Energy Dominance……

With each passing day, it looks more and more likely that Crazy Bernie will be the Democrat nominee. BHO has promised to actively run against Bernie if it looks like Bernie will win.

This is the splinter I have written about in the past that will happen to the Democrat Party before the end of 2020. Once BHO and his cast of morons go out to campaign against Bernie, you will see AOC, Ilhan and Talib go after BHO. It is going to get very ugly.

If Bernie is the nominee, he and the crazy Progressives run the Democrat Party. Establishment Democrats will no longer have a Party to call their own. They will have to splinter away and create an Establishment Democrat Party.

If they steal it away from him, the Progressives will splinter away from the Democrat Party.

From the article linked above:

Former President Barack Obama’s top lieutenants are eager to poke every conceivable hole in Bernie Sanders’ resurgent bid for the Democratic nomination. But ask about a coordinated effort to stop his ascending campaign and you’ll get crickets.

Less than a month before voting begins, Obama has declined to offer a preferred pick to take on President Trump in 2020, only occasionally waxing philosophical about the perils of moving too far left and reminding voters to be “rooted in reality” when exploring nominee options. But as Sanders gained new flashes of traction in recent weeks, the former president’s lack of official guidance to halt his momentum, and the scattering of his inner circle to rival campaigns, have hampered any meaningful NeverBernie movement.

[…] The fact that Sanders has enough money and apparent support to compete well beyond the first few early contests and through Super Tuesday, the marquee, delegate-rich event in March, has caused other former Obama hands to take note.

[…] “Bernie Sanders’ chances of winning the nomination are being underestimated and under-discussed. He might be the candidate with the best chance to sweep IA, NH, NV before we ever get to South Carolina,” Dan Pfeiffer, one of Obama’s former senior advisers, wrote last month.

Love to see the new Republican Senators (Sens. Josh Hawley of Missouri; Rick Scott of Florida; Mike Braun of Indiana and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee) joining together with other Republican Senators (Ted Cruz of Texas; Steve Daines of Montana; John Barrasso of Wyoming; Tom Cotton of Arkansas; Joni Ernst of Iowa; David Perdue of Georgia and Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma) to protect our President.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley appeared on ‘Fox & Friends’ yesterday morning to outline a proposal for Senate action to throw out the impeachment case if Democrats don’t prosecute it.

From the article linked above:

Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri joined with a host of fellow Republicans Monday to introduce a resolution allowing the chamber to dismiss articles of impeachment against President Trump for lack of prosecution, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delays sending the case for trial.

The resolution specifically would update Senate rules to allow the chamber to bring a motion dismissing the articles.

“In the real world, when a prosecutor brings a case but refuses to try it, the court has the ability and the defendant has the right – the constitutional right, I might add — to have those articles, those indictments, those charges dismissed,”Hawley said in a speech on the Senate floor. “That is precisely the action that I am proposing today.”

Hawley’s resolution would allow the Senate to dismiss the articles of impeachment for lack of prosecution, once the House has withheld articles for 25 calendar days or more. Under the proposed rule, any senator would be able to move to dismiss the articles once the time period has elapsed. That motion would then be voted upon by the full Senate.

Cocaine Mitch delivered remarks about the U.S. strike in Iraq that killed terrorist Qassem Soleimani.

[Video and Transcript Below]

Remember Mitch’s motto of leaving no vacancy behind.

Chinese startups saw a whole lot of losing in 2019.

From the article linked above:

Hundreds of Chinese tech start-ups — including several unicorns — failed in 2019, with many more limping into the new year, as companies burned through cash in the face of growing financial headwinds. 

According to new data from business information provider ITjuzi, 336 start-ups in the country were forced to cease operations over the course of last year, having collectively raised Rmb17.4bn ($2.5bn) from investors. Among them were companies valued individually at more than $1bn.

Of the 20 costliest failures of “new economy” start-ups — those that have sprung up alongside the internet and private industry over the past two decades — about half occurred in 2019.

The closures come as tech companies in China face an advancing “capital winter”, a funding shortage that began last year as investors grappled with a slowing economy and the end of a venture capital boom. Meanwhile, tech start-ups’ penchant for employing expensive and risky strategies such as large subsidies intended to woo new customers has added to their problems.

With everything that is going on, no one is paying attention to our President’s expanding policies at the Southern Border.

From the article linked above:

Last week, 18 people crossed the border illegally into Arizona hoping they could exploit a loophole in U.S. asylum policy to stay in the country. Instead, they found themselves shipped back to Mexico while their asylum claims are reviewed.

In the midst of impeachment mania and the killing of an Iranian general, this event captured little attention. But it’s part of a broader campaign that the Trump administration has quietly embarked upon to crack down on illegal border crossings. And – even without the wall – these policies are having a huge impact.

The 18 migrants were sent back to Mexico thanks to a policy President Donald Trump implemented that goes by the official name of “Migrant Protection Protocols” (MPP), but more colloquially known as “Remain in Mexico.” First adopted a year ago, the administration has been working with Mexico to steadily expand it. The Nogales port of entry south of Tucson, Arizona, where the 18 were sent, is the site seventh to be included.

Before this policy went into effect, illegal immigrant families knew that if they crossed the border and claimed asylum, they’d effectively get a free pass. Immigration officials would release them into the U.S. within 20 days, on the promise that they would show up for their court date months in the future. Few bother to return. This policy was dubbed “Catch and Release” for a reason.

Now, they must wait in Mexico while immigration judges review their cases.

The Democrats thought they struck gold in the State of Virginia after the last election.  Their craziness might cost them the state in the 2020 Election.

We are so Energy Dominant that Saudi Arabia will be importing our oil!

Not Muh Shu but I thought you might still enjoy.

News Roundup! Mike Pompeo’s Interviews, What Happens When You Bully A Bully, Iranians and Iraqis Celebrate the Death Of Soleimani By Baking Cakes For PDJT, The Black Awakening Is the Democrats Worse Nightmare, Incredible Rant At the Golden Globes, Tariffs Doing Exactly What PDJT Said They Would, Democrats, MSM, Hollywood, Royal Family, Clinton’s Etc. Have An Epstein Problem That Isn’t Going Away…..

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, took on all the media pundits on Sunday. He slapped them down one by one.

The best mic drop of them all happened with the POS Chris Wallace!

The worst thing you can do to a bully is to bully him/her back. It shows everyone that they aren’t invincible. It also emboldens others to do the same.

Heshmat is absolutely right. This is the worst thing that could have happened to the Mullahs in Iran. The citizens of Iran know without a shadow of a doubt that PDJT has their backs and will support them every step of the way.

From the article linked above:

Over the past 40 years, the ayatollahs ruling Iran have resorted to two means to remain in power; domestic suppression and meddling in neighboring countries. The Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) play the main role in both. Now, after the death of Qasem Soleimani, the IRGC’s terror mastermind, Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei has lost his right-hand for both internal suppression and foreign aggression.

The IRGC plays the most important role in keeping the regime in power. Since 1979, this entity is responsible for killing thousands of protesters. Ayatollahs rewarded IRGC commanders by appointing them in crucial positions regarding their numerous crimes against dissidents, minorities, women, etc. the reality is, the IRGC is the axis of regime’s oppressive apparatus and mullahs don’t have the ability to rein in the society’s wrath without these thugs. Besides, many IRGC members served as torturers and executioners in the regime’s prisons.

[…] In this regard, many people in Iraq and Lebanon flooded into streets and celebrated Soleimani elimination. They reaffirmed their desire to bring down all dictators and cut the head of the snake in Iran.

From the article linked above:

While Democrats express outrage over President Donald Trump’s decision to order the airstrike that killed Qassem Soleimani without congressional approval, many Iranians are celebrating the death of the Islamic country’s chief terrorism architect.

Since Soleimani’s surprise death late Thursday, numerous images have surfaced on social media showing that much of the Iranian public approves of Soleimani’s death.

While the Iranian regime has called for three days of mourning, some Iranians are calling for three days of celebrations, according to national security expert David Reaboi. In fact, many Iranians even baked cakes and other desserts marking the incident, some of which directly thank Trump for his action.

However, Iranians were not the only people celebrating Soleimani’s death. As TheBlaze reported, Iraqis were also thrilled by the news.

On Thursday, Secretary of State Mike Pence tweeted a video showing Iraqi citizens celebrating:

Iraqis, like their Iranian neighbors, have also baked desserts thanking Trump for his decisive action, social media posts showed.

Our President continues to show those that want freedom in Iran that he is ready, willing and able to destroy the Iranian government if they are dumb enough to try and retaliate.

Notice has been served to Congress!

This is by far the Democrats worse nightmare! They cannot win national elections without the Black vote. 

From the article linked above:

Last week former NFL player Jack Brewer declared a “tremendous awakening” is happening in the country as some black Americans are abandoning the Democrat Party and turning to support President Donald Trump.

Brewer said:

I’m going to take the guy who’s actually putting in the policies that are going to make life better for my young black son and my young black daughter, versus somebody who gives me lip service — like, unfortunately, the Democrats have done for our community for years.

Five important signs that some black Americans are “awakening” to a break with the Democrat Party are:

1. The establishment of Black Voices for Trump

2. Black Americans – like other voters – want jobs and a sound economy that will enable their families to thrive

3. More black Americans are condemning abortion

4. Black Christians are no longer compatible with a Democrat Party that values secularism more than people of faith

5. Black Americans have already sharply separated themselves from the Democrat Party on the issue of education

This man absolutely destroys all the Hollywood POS in this fantastic rant!

Here is his entire 7+ minute opening.

Not only are the tariffs working, they are doing exactly what our President predicted!

From the article linked above:

In October, the largest U.S. manufacturer of solar panels, First Solar, announced production at its second U.S. plant, a new $1 billion factory in Lake Township, Ohio, that will employ 500 workers. Roughly a dozen other solar panel and cell manufacturers are following First Solar’s example and launching additional U.S.-based production as well.

In November, kitchenware and furniture maker Williams-Sonoma announced a 6.4 percent increase in third-quarter revenue. Much of this success came from its new retail brand West Elm, which experienced a fourth-quarter sales increase of 14 percent despite 25 percent tariffs on most of its products sourced from China. Williams-Sonoma has made commitments to leave China and is opening manufacturing operations in the U.S. and adding employees.

And in December, America’s largest steelmaker, Nucor, announced the addition of a coil paint line at its Mississippi County, Arkansas, mill that will coat roughly 250,000 tons of steel each year. The plant will add 50 new jobs in Arkansas, joining the hundreds of positions that the company is currently adding in new mills under construction in Missouri and Florida.

These companies are just a few examples of a broader trend showing that the Trump administration’s tariffs are working. The steel industry in particular offers ample evidence, with America’s steel companies investing some $13 billion in new steelmaking and mills across the nation.

I guess yesterday evening was the perfect time to drop these photos. The Democrats, MSM, Hollywood, Royal Family, Clinton’s etc. have an Epstein problem that isn’t going away.

From the article linked above:

Graphic photos from Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy reveal his bloodied neck – as other images from inside his prison cell show nooses made from bed sheets, prescription pills and electrical cords

  • Images obtained by 60 Minutes were taken by the New York City medical examiner’s office after Jeffrey Epstein killed himself
  • The millionaire pedophile’s death at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center was officially ruled as a suicide by hanging
  • His death prompted widespread conspiracy theories and speculation that he had instead been murdered 
  • Photos taken inside his cell show several noose fashioned from bed sheets dumped on the floor, pills and electrical cords
  • Images from his autopsy reveal his bloody neck, as well as his broken neck bone
  • A handwritten note was also found inside his cell in which he complained about prison conditions, including how a guard locked him in a shower stall for an hour

Dr. Michael Baden, who was hired by Epstein’s brother to investigate the death and was present during the autopsy, said there was no image taken of the 66-year-old inside his cell.

He said that without that photo it was difficult to determine Epstein’s cause of death and said the official ruling was ‘premature judgment’.

Dr Baden believes the forensic evidence released so far in Epstein’s death points more to murder and strangulation rather than suicide.

He pointed out that the noose found in Epstein’s cell did not appear to have any blood on it despite the image from his autopsy showing a wound around his neck.

Dr Baden said the wound across Epstein’s neck was more common with someone who has been strangled with a wire instead of a hanging.

He said that in most hangings, it was common for the ligature to slide up towards the jaw bone and not rest in the middle of one’s neck.

He also pointed to the multiple fractures Epstein sustained in his neck.

News Roundup! PDJT’s Statement On Iran, BHO Liked Soleimani & Admired His Work, Israel Was Going To Kill Soleimani In 2015 Before BHO’s Administration Intervened, PDJT’s Remarks At the Evangelicals For Trump Event, More Thrash Taken Out, PDJT’s Approval Rating Back To 50% In the Rasmussen Poll, Terrence Is Right, 52 Targets On the Hit List, Our President Has Eliminated Many High Profile Terrorists Since October, PDJT’s Southern Border Policies Continue To Grow…..

Sorry for no news roundup yesterday. Was feeling under the weather and spent the majority of the day sleeping in bed. On Friday our President delivered a statement on Iran outlining the successful preemptive strike against Iranian terrorist leader Qasem Soleimani. [Video and Transcript Below]
Susan Rice is on all the liberal news stations claiming that BHO never had a clear shot to take out. She is full of shit!
The previous administration would never have done it in a million years.
From the article linked above: According to the terms of the Iran deal announced in Vienna on Tuesday, U.N. Security Council sanctions regarding nuclear-related issues will be lifted on a number of entities and individuals—from Iranian banks to Lebanese assassins, like Anis Nacacche. The name that most sticks out is IRGC-Quds Force commander Qassem Suleimani. Administration officials counsel calm, and explain that Suleimani is still on the U.S. terror list and will remain on the terror list. But that’s irrelevant. The reality is that Suleimani is the key to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. The White House’s so-called nuclear talks with Iran over the last 18 months were never about Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Like everyone else in the Middle East, the Iranians understood that when Obama failed to strike Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in September 2013 for crossing his redline against the use of chemical weapons, there was no way the president would ever order military action against Iranian nuclear facilities. When Obama took that option off the table, he signaled to Iran that he wasn’t going to stop them because he thought there was no way to do so. When he leaked information about the Stuxnet worm, he suggested that he could help with Israel, too. Obama likes Suleimani, and admires his work. As the president reportedly told a group of Arab officials in May, the Arabs “need to learn from Iran’s example.” In fact, they need to take a page out of the playbook of the Qods Force — by which [Obama] meant developing their own local proxies capable of going toe-to-toe with Iran’s agents and defeating them. The president seemed to marvel at the fact that from Hezbollah to the Houthis to the Iraqi militias, Iran has such a deep bench of effective proxies willing to advance its interests. Where, he asked, are their equivalent on the Sunni side? Why, he wanted to know in particular, have the Saudis and their partners not been able to cultivate enough Yemenis to carry the burden of the fight against the Houthis? The Arabs, Obama suggested, badly need to develop a toolbox that goes beyond the brute force of direct intervention. Instead, they need to, be subtler, sneakier, more effective — well, just more like Iran. As a matter of fact, they stopped Israel from killing the POS back in 2015.
From the article linked above: Now that Soleimani is dead, we’re learning that this isn’t the first opportunity a nation has had to kill the Iranian terrorist. According to a January 2018 report from the Israel newspaper Haaretz, leaders in Israel were prepared to kill Soleimani back in 2015 but the Obama administration put an end to the plan. Just as Israel was “on the verge” of killing Soleimani, the Obama administration alerted Iranian officials about Israel’s plans and their close tracking of the military leader. In January 2018, Trump administration gave Israel the go-ahead to kill Soleimani should they get the chance. According to a source who spoke to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida, “there is an American-Israeli agreement” that Soleimani is a “threat to the two countries’ interests in the region.”  It really isn’t that surprising to learn that the Obama administration intervened to keep Soleimani alive. President Barack Obama never stood by Israel even though the country is considered the United States’ greatest ally in the Middle East.  On Friday our President spoke at an “Evangelicals for Trump” coalition kick-off event in Miami, Florida. 
What an absolutely amazing video! Have plenty of tissues ready when watching it.
Our President and our military are continuing to take out the trash!
From the article linked above: Airstrikes late on Friday night reportedly took out more top Iranian-backed terrorist leaders in northern Baghdad. The Associated Press reported: “Iraqi official says airstrike hits cars carrying Iran-backed militia north of Baghdad.”
“Air strikes targeting Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces umbrella grouping of Iran-backed Shi’ite militias near camp Taji north of Baghdad have killed six people and critically wounded three, an Iraqi army source said late on Friday,” Reuters reported. “Two of the three vehicles making up a militia convoy were found burned, the source said, as well as six burned corpses. The strikes took place at 1:12 am local time, he said.” Our President’s approval rating according to the Rasmussen Poll hits 50% again on Friday.
Terrence is absolutely right!
Don’t worry there will be a lot more tears when our President and our military are done!
The Iranian government has been warned! Our President means exactly what he says.
Let’s take a look at how much evil our President has already sent straight to HELL.
From the article linked above: President Donald Trump has taken out some of the world’s top terrorists in a matter of months, approving military raids and strikes that have decapitated the leadership of various terror-affiliated organizations. The death of Qasem Soleimani, the leader of Iran’s elite Quds Force, on Thursday night, was just the latest in a line of successful assassinations by the Trump administration. PM Netanyahu is grateful for PDJT! He understands that Israel is safer today because of the actions of our President.
Our President’s policies are going into full effect on our southern border. While the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. are focused on impeachment, our President is taking a Sledgehammer to the border.
From the article linked above: The Trump administration has expanded a program that expeditiously reviews and processes asylum claims, which can also lead to the quick repatriation of migrants back to their home countries. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) confirmed to the Daily Caller News Foundation on Tuesday that it has expanded Prompt Asylum Claim Review to the Rio Grande Valley region — an area in southern Texas that experiences extremely high levels of illegal immigration and Border Patrol activity. Extension of the program was first reported by CBS News. Under PACR, migrants who lodge an asylum claim can receive a decision in 10 days or less, rather than undergo an asylum review process that could take months or even years. Migrants who have been apprehended near the El Paso area and are subject to PACR are transferred to a 1,500-bed Border Patrol facility. They are then allowed one day to phone a lawyer or family member, and are then interviewed by an asylum officer to determine if their claims are credible. The directive is one of many that the Trump administration has launched in order help manage the illegal immigration crisis taking place at the U.S.-Mexico border. In the past year, the White House has expanded Remain in Mexico, relaunched the Interior Repatriation Initiative, entered into asylum agreements with several Central American governments, among so many other things.

News Roundup! Crazy Bernie Is the One To Beat, MSM Starting To Notice the Judicial Armada, The Religion Of Peace Shows Their Love For Europe, Mexicans Don’t Like PDJT’s Border Policies, PDJT Is Setting Fundraising Records, Brad Parscale Has Built A Machine, All 3 Indexes Set New Records, Not A Peep From the Feminist Movement, BHO Is A POS, Castro Is Gone, Immigration Controls the Keys To the White House, Iraq TV Confirming U.S. Airstrike in Baghdad Kills IRG Leader Qassim Solimani…..

Richard Baris is the best in the polling business. This is what he had to say about Crazy Bernie today:

I love following former Senator Orrin Hatch. He is right that the MSM is finally waking up to our President’s Judicial Armada.

The Religion of Peace are showing just how grateful they are to PM Merkel.

The Religion of Peace decided to thank Macron as well!

Not even the home of the EU is immune to the Religion of Peace!

Mexicans are not happy with our President’s border policies.

From the article linked above:

Migrants stationed near the U.S. southern border pleaded with the Mexican government to stop a tentative plan by the Trump administration to deport Mexican nationals to Central America.

Protesters, most of whom were Mexican migrants themselves, gathered around Tijuana offices of the National Commission of Human Rights on Monday, requesting that the government provide more rights and resources to Mexican migrants fleeing violence, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune. Additionally, the demonstrators asked their government to prevent the White House from sending Mexican asylum seekers to Guatemala — an idea the Trump administration has left open.

Several people being held in an immigration detention center in San Diego, according to Carreño, said they are being told they will be transferred to Guatemala after the new year. The stories are causing him and his family to reconsider crossing the border and claiming asylum in the U.S.

The department, for example, relaunched the Interior Repatriation Initiative, which deports Mexican nationals deep into in the interior of the country instead of just a few miles past the border, making recidivism more difficult. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has already begun repatriating Mexicans to Guadalajara, a city in the central region of the country.

From the article linked above:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection for the first time Thursday began turning around migrants seeking asylum in Arizona and sending them to Nogales, Mexico, to await U.S. court hearings that they now will need to get to on their own.

The move expands the controversial Migrant Protection Protocols or “Remain in Mexico” program, which the U.S. adopted a year ago to deal with a surge of Central American migrants at the southern border. Immigrant and human-rights advocates have criticized the policy for effectively requiring…

Our President is setting fundraising records!

I love the incredible data Brad Parscale is able to share based on our President’s rallies.

The Economic Train decides to kickoff 2020 with a bang! All 3 major indexes (DJIA, S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite) set new record highs. The DJIA is 132 points away from 29K.

From the article linked above:

The Stock Market started 2020 with a bang as the Dow Jones Industrial Average got off to its fastest start to a year since 2013.

The 30-stock index rallied 330 points, or 1.1 percent Thursday while the Nasdaq Composite and S&P 500 added 0.8 percent and 1.3 percent, respectively. All three of the major averages closed in record territory, picking up where they left off in 2019.

I love the fact that our President has caused all these POS to drop their masks. This young woman is absolutely right! The Feminist movement won’t say a word about this when they should be screaming it from the roof tops.

From the article linked above:

President Donald Trump has signed into law legislation that provides funding  to help states eliminate backlogs in rape kit testing.

The measure, signed Monday, will help deal with the more than 100,000 rape kits across the country that remain untested. Advocates say that, without proper federal funding, they might never be tested.

The Debbie Smith Reauthorization Act of 2019, named after a victim of rape in 1989 where the evidence wasn’t tested until 1994, also funds DNA training and education programs, as well as the Sexual Assault Forensic Exam Grant Program.

I can’t wait for the world to know that BHO was the biggest POS to ever call himself President. He will go down in history as a traitor to our country. Those SOB were in bed with our enemies!

From the article linked above:

A leader of the Iranian-backed siege of the US Embassy in Baghdad visited the White House with other Iraqi officials in 2011 during the Obama administration, according to a report on Thursday.

Hadi al-Amari was photographed outside the US diplomatic compound after the militiamen tried to storm the facility and was identified by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of being an Iranian “proxy” aiding terror groups in Iraq.

“The attack today was orchestrated by terrorists – Abu Mahdi al Muhandis and Qays al-Khazali – and abetted by Iranian proxies – Hadi al Amari and Faleh al-Fayyad. All are pictured below outside our embassy,” Pompeo wrote in a tweet on Tuesday as the siege was underway.

After failing to qualify for the last two presidential debates, former Obama HUD Secretary, Julian Castro, announces (via twitter) he is dropping out of the race.

Another one of the circus clowns is ready to bow out as well!

From the article linked above:

The spiritual author and lecturer joined the race in January 2019 and campaigned aggressively throughout the year, making many visits to New Hampshire. The sources told WMUR she remains a candidate but has drastically scaled back her campaign.

As of Tuesday, the sources said, Williamson’s campaign, in fact, had no staffers on board.

Anyone thinking about running for President as a Republican has to make immigration the number one issue. The difference between our President and the Democrats is humongous.

No matter what poll is released, a majority of Americans of all colors want to see a reduction in the number of immigrants allowed into our country. The don’t want open borders. They don’t want illegals to be given healthcare.

Our President tapped into it as his number one platform in 2015. No Republican prior to him would go against the wishes of the CoC, Koch Brothers, Silicon Valley etc.

The reason I am so confident in Governor DeSantis of Florida becoming our 46th President is because he is making immigration his number one issue. That is why he is polling in the mid to high 60s throughout the state.

From the article linked above:

Most Americans want sharp reductions to the annual inflow of roughly one million legal immigrant workers, consumers, and renters.

Rasmussen asked 1,250 likely voters in mid-December: “Which is closest to the number of new immigrants the government should be adding each year — fewer than 500,000, 750,000, one million, one and a half million, or more than one and a half million?”

Fifty-one percent said they want immigration sharply reduced, including 36 percent who said they want fewer than 500,000 immigrants and 15 percent who said they want fewer than 750,000 new migrants.

Racial differences were modest. Hispanics voters split 51 percent for reductions, 22 percent for increases, and 13 percent “not sure.” Black likely voters split 48 percent for cuts, 15 percent for increases, and 20 percent for “not sure.”

Whites split 52 percent for reductions, 16 percent for increases, and 15 percent “not sure.

Iraqi State TV tonight reporting that Qassim Soleimani, leader of Iran’s Quds Force, the elite unit of the Revolutionary Guards, was killed in US airstrike near Baghdad.

Soleimani was a terrorist and responsible for many U.S. deaths. Also killed was Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the deputy commander of Iran-backed militias known as the Popular Mobilization Forces and other members within a convoy.

From the article linked above:

Iraqi TV and three Iraqi officials said Friday that Gen. Qassim Soleimani, the head of Iran’s elite Quds Force, has been killed in an airstrike at Baghdad’s international airport.

The officials said the strike also killed Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the deputy commander of Iran-backed militias known as the Popular Mobilization Forces.

Their deaths are a potential turning point in the Middle East and are expected to draw severe retaliation from Iran and the forces it backs in the Middle East against Israel and American interests. The PMF blamed the United States for an attack at Baghdad International Airport Friday.

A security official confirmed that seven people were killed in the attack on the airport, describing it as an airstrike. Earlier, Iraq’s Security Media Cell, which releases information regarding Iraqi security, said Katyusha rockets landed near the airport’s cargo hall, killing several people and setting two cars on fire.

This would be the icing on the cake if true! BHO must be shitting in his pants wondering what the POS that was in the White House will say under extreme questioning.

This tweet had me crying like a baby! God bless PDJT and God bless America!



News Roundup! Draining the Swamp, MSM Admits That 2019 Was A Good Year For the Forgotten Men & Women, Wibur’s Ed-Op In The Columbus Dispatch, Larry Sabato Sounding the Alarm About Virginia, SleepyCreepy Joe Is Going To Get Screwed By the DNC Rules, SleepyCreepy Joe Is A Pervert, Another Crisis Adverted By PDJT, Rods From God, Iran Has A Serious Money Problem, Bidens & Democrats Have A Ukraine Problem That Isn’t Going Away, PDJT’s Reelection Is Looking Good…..

Our President promised to Drain the Swamp. The National Security Council will be reduced from 450 to less than 120 policy officials.

From the article linked above:

The White House National Security Council staff is being downsized sharply in a bid to improve efficiency within the policy coordinating body by consolidating positions and cutting staff.

A second, unspoken thrust of the overhaul is a hoped-for end to what many critics see as a string of politically damaging, unauthorized disclosures of sensitive information. Leaks of President Trump’s conversations with foreign leaders and other damaging disclosures likely originated with anti-Trump officials in the White House who stayed over from the Obama administration, according to several current and former White House officials.

White House National Security Adviser Robert C. O’Brien is leading the NSC reform effort. He revealed in a recent interview with The Washington Times that 40 to 45 NSC staff officials were sent back in recent months to the agencies where they originally worked, with more likely to be moved out.

“We remain on track to meeting the right-sizing goal Ambassador O’Brien outlined in October, and in fact may exceed that target by drawing down even more positions,” said NSC spokesman John Ullyot.

Under President Obama, the NSC staff mushroomed to as many as 450 people. Mr. O’Brien plans to cut the staff to fewer than 120 policy officials by early next year.

The MSM had to admit that 2019 was a very good year for the Forgotten Men and Women in our country.

From the article linked above:

In the United States, there are more jobs than workers. Wages for all groups are rising faster than prices. What is particularly remarkable — and a very good sign — is that wages for the lowest income and least skilled are rising faster than other groups.

The table above shows how little time you need to work, in contrast to 50 years ago, to buy the same stuff or much greater varieties of the same stuff. (In 1970, the average wage was $3.22/hour; today it is about $25/hour.)

The real wealth and well-being of the vast majority of Americans have risen faster for the past three years than almost any time in history. The grumpy old nay-sayers are obviously wrong — pay them no attention and count your blessings.

Our Wilburine wrote an excellent Op-Ed piece for The Columbus Dispatch.

From the article linked above:

Blue collar workers are rising. After decades of their being left behind, President Donald Trump has helped grow a full-blown blue-collar boom that can be felt on manufacturing floors in Ohio, at steel production facilities in Pennsylvania and construction sites in Wisconsin. Instead of dismissing America’s blue-collar workers, as politicians had done for decades, the Trump administration has fought for them and won.

The evidence is clear. Paychecks and employment rolls are growing in America’s heartland. The unemployment rate stands at 3.6%, a near-historic low for the past half-century. An average of 174,400 Americans earned jobs in the past 12 months, and more than 100,000 jobs have been added in 30 of 33 months since the president took office. In total, an overwhelming 6.7 million jobs have been added since President Trump’s election.

It must have killed Larry Sabato to admit the following about Virginia:

When you push the pendulum so far to one side, it eventually comes back with tremendous force to the other side. Democrats have overreached on the 2nd Amendment. In their minds they thought that voters in Virginia are completely behind them since they didn’t punish them in 2019 for Governor black face or their stance on abortions.

They are about to pay the ultimate price in 2020. Especially if SleepyCreepy Joe is not the Democrat nominee.

From the article linked above:

Former Vice President Joe Biden is the only Democratic presidential hopeful currently outpacing President Donald Trump in Virginia, according to a new year-end survey.

Trump edges three other top-tier Democrats — Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, according to a poll conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy.

All of the results are within the survey’s margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

The results indicate that while Virginia has evolved from a red state, to a swing state, to one that now leans blue, “Democrats cannot completely take Virginia for granted,” said Brad Coker, CEO and managing director of the polling and consulting organization.

The DNC has screwed SleepyCreepy Joe by eliminating the super-delegates (in round one) and no winner-take-all rules for state delegation distribution.

SleepyCreepy Joe is a sick puppy!

Crisis averted!

From the article linked above:

The siege outside of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad came to an end Wednesday afternoon after dozens of pro-Iran militiamen and their supporters withdrew from the compound.

“It’s been handled very well,”
the president told reporters as he walked into a New Year’s Eve celebration at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida Tuesday night. “The Marines came in. We had some great warriors come in; they did a fantastic job.”

He added: “They were there instantaneously, as soon as we heard. They came immediately. It’s in great shape. This will not be a Benghazi. Benghazi never should have happened. This will never, ever be a Benghazi. … As soon as we saw there was a potential for a problem, they got in.”

Seems like the Rods From God were put to good use again!

The Iranian government has oa money problem.

From the article linked above:

The sanctions imposed by President Donald Trump on Iran have more than erased the benefits given by President Barack Obama under the nuclear deal, according to numbers presented by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Under the Iran deal, Iran gained renewed access to up to $150 billion in assets that had been previously frozen. The Obama administration also infamously gave Iran nearly $2 billion in cash for the release of American prisoners who were effectively hostages. The money is believed to have been used, in part, to fund Iranian terror operations.

Rouhani, quoted by Bloomberg News, said Tuesday that U.S. sanctions have cost the country some $200 billion:

Renewed U.S. sanctions have cost Iran $200 billion in foreign-exchange income and investment, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Tuesday.

Sanctions have deprived the Islamic Republic of $100 billion in oil revenue in the last two years and an equal amount in foreign investment credit, Rouhani said in a televised speech, according to his official website.

The sanctions have punished Iran for its role in developing weapons of mass destruction; for its sponsorship of terror groups in the region and worldwide; and for its repressive human rights abuses against its own citizens.

Things are getting scary for SleepyCreepy Joe, his son and the Democrat Party!

Our President’s reelection is looking better and better.

News Roundup! Happy New Year, True Leadership On Full Display, Huge Year For the Stock Market, Phase 1 Trade Deal Will Be Signed On January 15th, American Rice Guaranteed Access In South Korea, Keep An Eye On Virginia, PDJT Asks How the Paris Accord Is Going, More Winning On the Immigration Front, We Have the Greatest Winner On the Face Of the Earth In PDJT, PDJT’s Impromptu Remarks…..

I want to wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Year!

We have so much to look forward to in 2020. The reelection of PDJT is at the top of the list.

The Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. were salivating over the thought of our President having his Benghazi moment in Iraq. PDJT showed what a real leader does.

From the article linked above:

Trump administration officials and U.S. lawmakers turned up pressure on Iraq’s government to keep American personnel in the country safe, after a stunning assault on the embassy in Baghdad renewed concerns about the influence of Iran.

Dozens of Iraqi Shiite militiamen and their supporters breached the compound Tuesday, smashing a main door and setting fire to a reception area as protests raged over U.S. airstrikes over the weekend that killed members of the Iran-backed militia. President Trump accused Iran of “orchestrating” the attack, while defending the airstrikes as in response to an attack that killed an American contractor.

A U.S. defense official told Fox News that 100 Marines were being sent to the embassy to bolster security. A U.S. Apache helicopter gunship also flew over the embassy and dropped flares in a “show of force,” attempting to disperse the crowd. Defense Secretary Mark Esper later confirmed additional forces were being sent, as the military released images of those forces deploying from Kuwait.

We will never lose with PDJT!

Excellent thread details everything you need to know about what happened yesterday at our embassy in Iraq.

Love that our President retweeted this:

BHO had one of the POS At the White House during his reign of terror!

What an absolutely fantastic year for the Stock Market!

Things will only get better in 2020 once the trade deals have been signed.

From the article linked above:

President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that “phase one” of the United States trade deal with China would be signed on January 15 at the White House.

Chinese Vice Premier Liu He is expected to travel to the White House to sign the deal.

The agreement will mark the first major step forward in the ongoing trade battle with China. According to White House officials, it includes tariff adjustments, Chinese commitments to purchase American goods, financial service reform, currency reform, intellectual property rights, and reform of the Chinese forced transfer of technology.

Trump also previewed “phase two” of the trade negotiations, indicating he would be going to Beijing to get the process started.

“At a later date I will be going to Beijing where talks will begin on Phase Two!” he wrote.

More winning:

Keep an eye on Virginia! The crazier the Democrats get, the more awakened the residents of the state get. Our President only has to run on protecting their 2nd Amendment rights.

From the article linked above:

President Donald Trump is leading every major Democratic presidential candidate except for Joe Biden in the solid blue state of Virginia, a new poll published Tuesday shows.

The president is leading Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren 48-44, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders 51-45, and South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg 47-45. Trump trails Biden 49-45 , according to the pollster Mason-Dixon. Mason-Dixon polled 625 registered voters between the dates of December 12-16, and had a margin of error of 4%. Of the registered voters polled, 42% were Democrats, 30% were Republicans, and 28% were Independents.

Our President decided to have some fun at the expense of the POS French President.

More winning on the immigration front!

From the article linked above:

The United States population gained immigrants at the slowest pace in a decade last year, according to an analysis of new census data, a notable slowdown that experts said was quite likely linked to a more restrictive approach by the Trump administration.

The net increase of immigrants in the American population dropped to about 200,000 people in 2018, a decline of more than 70 percent from the year before, according to William Frey, chief demographer at the Brookings Institution, who conducted the analysis.

“It’s remarkable,” said David Bier, an immigration expert at the Cato Institute, of the 2018 numbers. “This is something that really hasn’t happened since the Great Recession. This should be very concerning to the administration that its policies are scaring people away.”

We have the Greatest Winner on the face of the Earth in PDJT!

God bless our beautiful FLOTUS!

Our President held an impromptu presser upon arrival for the Mar-a-Lago New Year’s eve celebration.

Dressed in formal attire with our stunning FLOTUS beside him, PDJT responds to a variety of media questions.

[Video Below]

Here are some shorter video clips.

News Roundup! Jack Wilson Is A HERO, The Economic Train Is Closing Out 2019 With More Winning, Peter Navarro Interview, Air Strikes Send A Clear Message To the Iranian Government, SOS Mike Pompeo’s Interview, President Trump & President Putin’s Call Readout, Next Rally Has Been Announced, Independents Will Destroy the Democrats, PDJT’s Approval At 50%, Democrats Have A Generation Z Problem…..

Jack Wilson is a HERO! His actions in church on Sunday saved countless lives.

Here is the entire interview with Jack Wilson.

From the article linked above:

The man who jumped into action when a gunman opened fire on worshipers during a church service in Texas said Monday he was placed in a position he didn’t want to be in, but had to react because “evil exists.”

Two men were killed when the gunman opened fire at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement on Sunday morning, as more than 240 parishioners were inside. Within seconds, he was shot to death by two congregants who fired back.

Jack Wilson, a Hood County resident running for commissioner for the 3rd Precinct who is the head of the church’s security team and a firearms instructor, shared some details on his campaign’s Facebook page as he gave thanks to “all who have sent their prayers and comments on the events of today.”

I was so happy to see our President’s tweet.

The Economic Train is closing out 2019 in epic fashion!

From the article linked above:

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) Pending Home Sales Index (PHSI) rebounded in November, rising 1.2% from October to 108.5. Year-over-year contract signings jumped 7.4%.

The PHSI stood at 106.7 in October and was expected to gain slightly less than the reading. Forecasts ranged from a low of 0.0% to a high of 1.5%. The consensus was looking for a gain of 1.1%.

An index of 100 is equal to the level of contract activity in 2001.

From the article linked above:

The U.S. trade in goods deficit unexpectedly narrowed to $63.2 billion in November, down 5.4% or $3.6 billion from $66.8 billion in October. Exports of goods were up $0.9 billion to $136.4 billion, while imports of goods were down $2.7 billion to $199.6 billion.

Forecasts ranged from a low of $-70.0 billion to a high of $-65.0 billion. The consensus forecast was calling for a widening to $-69.5 billion.

In October, the overall U.S. trade deficit—or, the balance for goods and services—narrowed to only $47.2 billion. Depending on services for November, the decline in the goods deficit could provide a boost to quarterly gross domestic product (GDP).

The Assassin, Peter Navarro, appeared on Fox News to discusses the state of the U.S. economy heading into 2020. Sandra Smith and her sidekick try their hardest to inject BS into the discussion. Problem for them is that the Assassin was prepared for it.

Main Street workers are confident; wages continue to increase; inflation is low –  employment is high, consumer spending is strong and the future looks bright.

The military air strikes sent a clear message to the Iranian government. When you play stupid games, you will win stupid prizes.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appeared on Fox and Friends yesterday morning to discuss several topics. One key topic was Sunday’s U.S. military strikes in Syria and Iraq.

The MSM, Democrats, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. lost their minds on Sunday when they found out that President Putin called our President to thank him for information we provided that helped foil a potential terrorist attack in Russia.

From the link above:

“Yesterday, President Vladimir Putin of Russia called President Donald J. Trump to thank him for information the United States provided that helped foil a potential holiday terrorist attack in Russia.

Both Presidents committed to continuing counterterrorism cooperation between the two countries. The Presidents also discussed the state of relations between the United States and Russia and future efforts to support effective arms control.”

Our President’s next rally will be taking place on Tuesday, January 14th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Our President decided to have it on the same day that the Democrats will have their debate in Iowa.

From the article linked above:

President Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign announced Monday that it will hold a rally in Wisconsin on Jan. 14 – the same evening that Democrats gather in the early caucus state of Iowa for the first presidential primary debate of the new year.

Trump will appear at the rally at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena in Wisconsin, a state that played a crucial role in his election 2016.

“President Trump has delivered for Wisconsin creating 37,400 new jobs, including 4,900 new manufacturing jobs and 13,800 new construction jobs,” Michael Glassner, the chief operating officer of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., said in a statement. “President Trump looks forward to returning to the Badger State to celebrate his message of ‘Promises Made, Promises Kept.'”

Kayleigh shares what I have been saying for the past two months. Independents will decide the next election and they are NOT happy with the impeachment hoax!

Our President is only getting stronger!

From the article linked above:

Voter approval of President Trump has hit 50%, the magical and much-needed baselevel for reelection, and he is leading the top Democratic presidential candidates in the 2020 presidential race, according to a new national survey.

In the latest Zogby Analytics survey shared with Secrets, Trump is above water on his approvals, 50% positive to 48% negative, a key level his political team has been pushing to get him to.

What’s more, he is building support with independents, Hispanics, and women, according to pollster Jonathan Zogby.

That, added with Trump’s 51% support with millennials and 56% support with Generation X, has helped to give him an edge over the top five Democratic candidates fighting it out in Iowa.

That 51% with Millennials absolutely includes Generation Z within it!

Democrats have a Generation Z problem that will only get worse over the next decade as more and more reach voting age.

From the article linked above:

As I visit with college students across the country, I am struck by how informed and educated they are about their rights. We may be young and inexperienced, but we know what’s going on around the world. In Hong Kong and Venezuela, we watch governments oppress their unarmed citizens. In our own country, we watch as state and local politicians exploit tragedies to pass more gun control laws. We watch New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg buy his way into power and influence across the country.

We see that overnight in Virginia, thousands of law-abiding gun owners will become felons for simply owning American’s most popular all-purpose rifle, the AR-15. Gun control advocates like to call it an “assault rifle” because it sounds scary. But they can’t even define what it is. Gov. Ralph Northam would criminalize law-abiding gun owners who don’t first seek government permission to loan a handgun to a close friend for self-protection, or share a shotgun with a buddy while hunting. Under Northam’s gun control schemes, families would be forced to store firearms according to strict government mandates that may leave them vulnerable.


News Roundup! This Is Why We Have To Fight For the 2nd Amendment, SleepyCreepy Joe On the Wrong Side Of the Gun Debate, Jewish Men Take Up Arms, Former NY Democratic Assemblyman Calls Out His Party, Major Garrett Speaks the Truth, SleepyCreepy Joe Gets Haggled At His Rally, Cease Fire In Afghanistan, U.S. Military Strikes In Iraq & Syria, John Lewis Diagnosed With Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer, Ivanka Trump Interview, The Irony Is Delicious…..

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, decided that Americans in his state would be allowed to carry weapons in places of worship. That heroic decision allowed countless lives to be saved yesterday.

The new laws in Texas:

  • Allow licensed gun owners to have their firearms in their cars on school property
  • Allow for school districts to have more school marshals
  • Allow for some foster homes to be able to have firearms
  • Ban homeowners or landlords of rental property from prohibiting residents from having firearms
  • Prohibit residents from being charged with a crime for carrying a handgun during a disaster
  • Allow people to carry weapons in places of worship

The POS SleepyCreepy Joe attacked the Governor for his decision to allow firearms to be carried into places of worship a few months back.

From the article linked above:

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden attacked Texas Governor Greg Abbott earlier this year for signing a bill into law that allowed lawful gun owners to carry firearms in places of worship, repeatedly calling Abbott’s decision “irrational.”

Biden’s resurfaced remarks come as an attacker opened fire on a church congregation in Texas on Sunday, where he was immediately stopped by a good guy with a gun.

“Dealing with firearms, it is irrational, with all due respect to the governor of Texas, irrational what they are doing,” Biden told reporters on September 2. “On the very day you see a mass shooting … and we’re talking about loosening access to have guns, to be able to take them into places of worship, it’s just absolutely irrational. It’s totally irrational.”

The Senior Minister, Britt Farmer, is thankful that the state has allowed them the opportunity to protect themselves while attending services.

There were multiple church members that were armed and ready to take down the shooter.

From the article linked above:

The shooter was prevented from creating more carnage by armed members of the church, several of whom drew their own weapons in response to his attack, as well as a security guard. It has now been confirmed that the gunman was shot and is one of the two people killed.

No less than four church members, including one guard, pulled guns on the shooter before he caused more carnage!!

Guns Save Lives.

Please watch the video again because you will find many men like John Richardson that protected their wives.

Meanwhile, the Jewish community in NY realize that they need to protect themselves because the politicians could care less about them.

This man absolutely gets it! My only recommendation to him would be to leave the Democrat Party. The symbolism would be so powerful.

TDS in full display below:

Major Garrett better be careful for speaking the truth. He may not be invited back on the air.

SleepyCreepy Joe is going to face more and more of this! They think that these are supporters of our President. They are not! This is Crazy Bernie’s Army.

When SleepyCreepy Joe did get a chance to speak, he once again destroyed his chances in Pennsylvania.

The warmongers are petrified about what our President is about to accomplish.

From the article linked above:

The Taliban’s ruling council agreed Sunday to a temporary cease-fire in Afghanistan, providing a window in which a peace agreement with the United States can be signed, officials from the insurgent group said. They didn’t say when it would begin.

A cease-fire had been demanded by Washington before any peace agreement could be signed. A peace deal would allow the U.S. to bring home its troops from Afghanistan and end its 18-year military engagement there, America’s longest.

The White House said it would have no comment.

The U.S. wants any deal to include a promise from the Taliban that Afghanistan would not be used as a base by terrorist groups. The U.S. currently has an estimated 12,000 troops in Afghanistan.

They were glad to see the response from our military yesterday.

From the article linked above:

The U.S. military carried out airstrikes in Iraq and Syria on Sunday — days after a U.S. defense contractor was killed at a military compound in a rocket attack.

Military jet fighters conducted “precision defensive strikes” on five sites of Kataeb Hezbollah, an Iran-backed Iraqi militia, Jonathan Hoffman, a spokesperson for the Pentagon told Fox News. Two defense officials added that Air Force F-15 jet fighterscarried out the strikes.

Everything you need to know about yesterday’s U.S military strikes can be found in the thread below. @HeshmatAlavi is my go to guy when it comes to Iran.

I have absolutely nothing nice to say so I will allow the story to speak for itself. Please keep in mind that John Lewis was the leader of the 2017 Democrat agenda to boycott the inauguration of our President.

Georgia Democrat Congressman John Lewis, 79, acnouncesd he has been diagnosed with stage-4 pancreatic cancer.

From the link above:

“I have been in some kind of fight – for freedom, equality, basic human rights – for nearly my entire life. I have never faced a fight quite like the one I have now.

“This month in a routine medical visit, and subsequent tests, doctors discovered Stage IV pancreatic cancer. This diagnosis has been reconfirmed.

“Please keep me in your prayers as I begin this journey.”

It is funny how Democrats find religion when the end is near. This is the same Party that on three separate occasions in 2012….

Denied God

Ivanka Trump appeared on Face the Nation to discuss the ongoing initiatives around paid family leave.

The family leave topic is a policy proposal that crosses into the larger America First economic need for a vibrant U.S. workforce. The topic of balance between family and work is critically important for middle-class and main street workers. There are currently 7 million jobs available and policies that help working families with children have long-term benefits beyond economics.

I absolutely laughed my ass off after reading this. They will never learn.

From the article linked above:

A woman who was arrested for allegedly committing an anti-Semitic attack on three Jewish women on Friday in New York City was released on bail and has since been arrested again for committing another act of violence that reportedly happened today.

“A day after she was released without bail on charges stemming from the Friday attack, Tiffany Harris was charged with assault for slugging a 35-year-old in the face on Eastern Parkway near Underhill Avenue in Prospect Heights at about 9:15 a.m.,” The New York Post reported. “It’s unclear if Sunday’s victim is Jewish – and police weren’t treating the incident as a hate crime. The victim suffered swelling and bruising to her right eye from the pummeling.”

While all of that was happening, the POS Mayor of NYC was defending the decision to let her go free. The irony was delicious!

News Roundup! Great Thread & Link On PDJT’s Accomplishments, Newsweek Spewing BS About PDJT Abandoning Working Class Americans, Charles Payne Destroys the Narrative In One Tweet, Peter Navarro Interview, Big Money Is Leaving China, Jewish Americans Are Under Attack In Democrat Run States, Liberal Policies Work Well For Criminals, Fake News Doing Their Part To Downplay the Use Of A Machete & the Attack On Jews, PDJT Warned the POS Governor & Mayor Of NYC, Big Win In Georgia…..

It is absolutely amazing to read everything our President has accomplished in his first three years in office.

I want to thank @RobbyStarbuck  for putting this incredible thread together. You can also find the 11 page document in the link to share with friends and family: SEE HERE

While Robby compiled all of our President’s accomplishments, the MSM is trying to convince Americans that our President has turned his back on working class Americans. I actually laughed my ass off reading this garbage!

From the article linked above:

For a century, the GOP has been bankrolled by big business and Wall Street. President Donald Trump wants to keep the money rolling in. His signature tax cut, now two years old, has helped U.S. corporations score record profits and the stock market reach all-time highs.

To spur even more corporate generosity for the 2020 election, Trump is suggesting more giveaways. His chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, recently told an assemblage of CEOs that Trump wants to “go beyond” his 2017 tax cut.

Trump also wants to expand his working-class base. In rallies and countless tweets, he claims to be restoring the American working class by holding back immigration and trade.

Most incumbent Republicans and GOP candidates are mimicking Trump’s economic nationalism. As Stephen Bannon boasted recently, “We’ve turned the Republican Party into a working-class party.”

Keeping the GOP the Party of Big Money while making it over into the Party of the Working Class is a tricky maneuver, especially at a time when capital and labor are engaged in the most intense economic contest in more than a century because so much wealth and power are going to the top.

Armed with deductions and loopholes, America’s largest companies paid an average federal tax rate of only 11.3 percent on their profits last year, roughly half the official rate under the new tax law—the lowest effective corporate tax rate in more than 80 years.

Yet almost nothing has trickled down to ordinary workers. Corporations have used most of their tax savings to buy back their shares, giving the stock market a sugar high. The typical American household remains poorer today than it was before the financial crisis began in 2007.

Charles Payne in one tweet destroys the BS in the article above.

The Assassin, Peter Navarro, discussed our President’s trade agenda and some predictions Main Street heading into 2020.

He highlights the completed agreements with South Korea, Japan, China phase-1 and the U.S., Mexico & Canada USMCA agreement and what they can deliver next year.

Reality is coming home to roost for the Chinese government.

From the article linked above:

Beijing is stepping up the battle to stop money flowing out of China as the country contends with economic woes and trade war tensions that have eased but show no sign of ending altogether.

Money was leaving the country at a record clip earlier this year through unauthorized channels, according to analysts. That’s bad news for China, which needs to keep financial reserves high to maintain confidence in its markets.

Now Chinese officials are trying harder than ever to avoid a repeat of the financial scare four years ago that sapped its money reserves by hundreds of billions of dollars.

The State Administration of Foreign Exchange, a key government regulator, said Sunday that its most important job next year is to prevent major financial risks, avoid “abnormal” capital flows across its borders and crack down on illegal trading activities.

I hope the Jewish people in our country wake up and realize that Democrats don’t give a damn about them! All these attacks are happening in liberal states run by Democrats.

More evidence that they don’t give a rats ass about the Jewish community in NYC!

From the article linked above:

Suspects arrested in last week’s spree of eight anti-Semitic attacks are being quickly released right back into the neighborhoods they terrorized thanks to “bail reform” legislation — which doesn’t even take effect until Jan. 1.

The most recent case of revolving-door justice came Saturday morning, with the release, with no bail, of a woman charged with punching and cursing at three Orthodox women, ages 22, 26 and 31, in Crown Heights, Brooklyn at dawn the day before.

The accused assailant, Tiffany Harris, was hauled in handcuffs before a Brooklyn judge on 21 menacing, harassment and attempted assault charges.

“F-U, Jews!” Harris, 30, of Flatbush, allegedly shouted during the attack.

“Yes, I was there,” Harris later admitted to cops, according to the criminal complaint against her.

“Yes, I slapped them. I cursed them out. I said ‘F-U, Jews.”

This is who the Democrats are!

The POS NYTs is trying to say it was a knife attack when a damn MACHETE was used. I would not be shocked that the suspect belongs to the Religion Of Peace!

From the article linked above:

A suspect was arrested in Harlem, but the motive was not disclosed. The attack occurred in an area with many ultra-Orthodox Jews.

An intruder with a large knife burst into the home of a Hasidic rabbi in a New York suburb on Saturday, stabbing and wounding five people just as they were gathering to light candles for Hanukkah, officials and a witness said.

“We saw him pull a knife out of a case,” Mr. Kohn said. “It was about the size of a broomstick.”

Fake News Network did their part as well with this headline.

This man absolutely gets it!

I love the fact that our President goes after the POS Governor of NY.

He warned them!

I guess everything will be okay now that the POS Governor has tweeted his condolences.

This was a major victory in the state of Georgia! The Democrats are pissed. That tells me everything.

From the article linked above:

A federal judge on Friday denied an effort to restore 98,000 Georgia voters who were removed from the state’s voter rolls this month because they haven’t participated in elections for more than eight years.

U.S. District Judge Steve Jones’ ruling upholds the cancellation of these inactive voters under Georgia’s “use it or lose it” law, which allows election officials to remove people who didn’t vote or respond to mailed notification letters.

In all, nearly 287,000 registrations were canceled this month because those registered either moved away or stopped participating in elections.