6.25.20 News Roundup! PDJT and President Duda’s Oval Office Remarks, PDJT and President Duda’s Joint Press Conference, PDJT Signs An Executive Order on Strengthening the Child Welfare System for America’s Children, The Judicial Armada Hits A Milestone, Current Judicial Vacancies, Appeals Court Orders Judge Sullivan To Dismiss the Flynn Case, Sidney Powell’s Interview, Strzok Notes Indicate Obama White House Involvement in Targeting Michael Flynn, Christopher Wray’s Interview, SleepyCreepy Joe Has A Serious Enthusiasm Problem…..

Our President and President Duda of Poland held a press availability in the Oval Office prior to a bilateral meeting. 

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Here are some shorter video clips:

Our President and President Andrzej Duda of the Republic of Poland held a joint press conference yesterday following their bilateral meetings.

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Here are some shorter video clips:

Our President has an incredibly big heart for children. Especially those that have been dealt a bad hand in life at a very young age.

From the article linked above:

President Trump signed an executive order Wednesday directing the Health and Human Services (HHS) Department to further assist foster children with what the department says are bipartisan measures particularly needed during the coronavirus pandemic.

The order refocuses HHS’ attention on bolstering partnerships among state and local organizations, as well as providing greater oversight of how those grant recipients spend federal money.

Both HHS Secretary Alex Azar and Lynn Johnson, who serves as assistant secretary for the Administration for Children and Families, portrayed the latest effort as part of an unprecedented level of support from the federal government.

“Since the president took office, we have focused on promoting adoption unlike any previous administration, and we’ve begun to see results,” Azar said in a press release. “The president’s executive order lays out bold reforms for our work with states, communities, and faith-based partners to build a brighter future for American kids who are in foster care or in crisis.”

The Judicial Armada hit a milestone yesterday. The Senate confirmed our President’s 200th judicial nominee.

From the article linked above:

President Donald Trump’s impact on the U.S. court system was cemented on Wednesday after his 200th judicial appointment was confirmed by the Senate.

The Senate confirmed Cory Wilson, a state court judge in Mississippi, to serve on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in a 52-48 vote.

“No modern president has had this level of impact on the composition of the federal courts,” said Jonathan Turley, a constitutional law professor at George Washington University. 

Trump inherited 108 lifetime federal judicial vacancies when he entered office in 2017, the most for an incoming president since Bill Clinton in 1992. With the help of Republicans in Congress, Trump has been appointing federal judges at a historic pace.

In his first three and a half years in the Oval Office, Trump successfully appointed 53 circuit court judges, 143 trial court judges, two international trade court judges and two Supreme Court justices.

Let’s take a look at what our President and Cocaine Mitch have left to get done.


From the link above:

  • US Court of Appeals – None
  • US District Courts – 71 vacancies / 41 nominees pending
  • US Court of International Trade – 2 vacancies / 1 nominee pending
  • US Court of Federal Claims – 6 vacancies / 5 nominees pending
  • TOTAL – 79 vacancies / 47 nominees pending

I was so happy that the three judges on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals approved a writ of mandamus ordering the POS Judge Emmet Sullivan to dismiss the case against Michael Flynn.

The panel ruled 2-1, that U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan overstepped his authority in not accepting the unopposed motion and questioning prosecutors’ decision.

Writing the majority opinion Judge Neomi Rao (nominated by our President) noted, “in this case, the district court’s actions will result in specific harms to the exercise of the Executive Branch’s exclusive prosecutorial power.”  “If evidence comes to light calling into question the integrity or purpose of an underlying criminal investigation, the Executive Branch must have the authority to decide that further prosecution is not in the interest of justice,” Rao added.

Michael Flynn’s defense counsel, Sidney Powell, appeared on Lou Dobbs show to discuss the defense victory in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals and the next steps in the case.

Keep in mind that Sidney still has legal business in front of the POS Judge Emmet Sullivan, so she obviously needed to be a little tempered at this point in time.

In a court filing on Tuesday [pdf here] the DOJ provided -initially under seal- the Flynn defense team with more exculpatory evidence. The filing includes handwritten notes taken by the POS FBI agent Peter Strzok in/around key dates in early January 2017.

The filing was unsealed yesterday and the Peter Strzok notes have been released.

The notes are written by Peter Strzok during a conversation with former FBI Director James Comey. What the notes contain are Peter Strzok writing down what Comey relays to him from conversations with White House officials.

From the article linked above:

Newly released notes confirm President Barack Obama’s key role in surveillance and leak operation against Michael Flynn, the incoming Trump administration national security adviser. The handwritten notes, which were first disclosed in a federal court filing made by the Department of Justice on Tuesday, show President Obama himself personally directed former FBI Director James Comey and former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates to investigate Flynn for having routine phone calls with a Russian counterpart. He also suggests they withhold information from President Trump and his key national security figures.

The handwritten notes from fired former FBI agent Peter Strzok appear to describe a Jan. 5, 2017, Oval Office meeting between Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Comey, Yates, and then-national security adviser Susan Rice. The meeting and its substance were confirmed in a bizarre Inauguration Day email Rice wrote to herself.

[…] The new notes, which record Comey’s accounting to Strzok of the meeting’s substance, constitute definitive evidence that Obama himself was personally directing significant aspects of a criminal investigation into his political enemy’s top foreign policy adviser.

[…] According to Strzok’s notes, Biden explicitly referenced the Logan Act, an 18th-century law that forbids certain political speech from private citizens. The law, even if it were constitutional, would not apply to a national security adviser for the newly elected president of the United States. Biden had previously denied that he knew anything about the investigation into Flynn.

I can’t wait until our President fires FBI Director, Christopher Wray. This guy is out to lunch. Hopefully Richard Grenell will be put in place as Acting FBI Director. A role he can stay in for 210 days.

The POS NYTs rolled out one of their BS polls yesterday. For a man that is up 12 points, when people actually go ad vote, SleepyCreepy Joe is in bad shape with Democrat voters.

From the article linked above:

C’mon man.

In the latest sign of a potential enthusiasm gap for the likely Democratic presidential nominee, voters in Tuesday’s two primaries showed a reluctance to unify around Joe Biden.

In New York, for example, the latest results show that the former vice president won 67.4% of the vote. Sen. Bernie Sanders took 19.1% of the vote, even though he dropped out 77 days ago, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren was third with 4.4%, even though she withdrew 111 days ago.

In Kentucky last night, Biden did even worse, winning 57.2% even though he has already wrapped up enough delegates for the nomination.

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