6.1.20 News Roundup! U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr’s Statement, PDJT Designated ANTIFA As A Terrorist Organization, Thread By Carlos Osweda, Susan Rice Is Blaming the Russians, Secretary Pompeo’s Interview, Democrat Cities Continue To Burn & Be Looted, They Can KISS the State of Minnesota Goodbye On Election Day, Marco Rubio Is A POS…..

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr released the following statement yesterday:

…”The violence instigated and carried out by Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly”…

“With the rioting that is occurring in many of our cities around the country, the voices of peaceful and legitimate protests have been hijacked by violent radical elements. Groups of outside radicals and agitators are exploiting the situation to pursue their own separate, violent, and extremist agenda.

It is time to stop watching the violence and to confront and stop it. The continued violence and destruction of property endangers the lives and livelihoods of others, and interferes with the rights of peaceful protestors, as well as all other citizens.

It also undercuts the urgent work that needs to be done – through constructive engagement between affected communities and law enforcement leaders – to address legitimate grievances. Preventing reconciliation and driving us apart is the goal of these radical groups, and we cannot let them succeed.It is the responsibility of state and local leaders to ensure that adequate law enforcement resources, including the National Guard where necessary, are deployed on the streets to reestablish law and order. We saw this finally happen in Minneapolis last night, and it worked.

Federal law enforcement actions will be directed at apprehending and charging the violent radical agitators who have hijacked peaceful protest and are engaged in violations of federal law.

To identify criminal organizers and instigators, and to coordinate federal resources with our state and local partners, federal law enforcement is using our existing network of 56 regional FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF).

The violence instigated and carried out by Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly.”

Look how many hearts in our President’s tweet below:

From the article linked above:

President Trump announced Sunday that the U.S. government will designate the far-left group Antifa as a terrorist organization.

Carlos Osweda (AKA Thomas Wictor) put together an incredible thread explaining why our President’s tweet does not use the Domestic Terrorists:

Kerrie Kupec from the DOJ shares some additional information in her tweet below:

Meanwhile the POS Susan Rice is on CNN blaming the RUSSIANS!

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appeared on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo to discuss current events surrounding China and their aggression toward Hong Kong.

Within the discussion Secretary Pompeo outlines how the Trump administration is currently in the process of changing multiple levels of cabinet regulations (treasury, trade, state and commerce) and U.S. policy as it pertains to the new geopolitical threat presented by a new and more hostile Chinese Communist Party approach.

This map tells the story about Democrat cities that allow Antifa and BLM to grow and flourish.

This woman is absolutely right! Her worse nightmare will come on November 3rd.

The Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. can kiss the State of Minnesota goodbye on November 3rd.

From the article linked above:

[…] Within Minnesota, there are already discussions about the potential impact on several competitive congressional races. Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s history as a local prosecutor is suddenly under heightened scrutiny, leading to widespread speculation that the events are likely to dim her prospects of becoming presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s vice presidential running mate. 

Outside the state, the president’s caustic remarks about protesters and the mayor of Minneapolis quickly underscored the political dimensions of the unrest, and the likelihood that it would become the next cultural wedge issue — another point of contention in the urban-rural divide that stands to define the November election.

For some Republicans, it was an opportunity to light into Democratic-led cities and appeal to the GOP’s law-and-order supporters.

Mike Erlandson, a former chairman of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, said he watched with his 15-year-old daughter in Minnesota this week as a man spray-painted on a wall, “F–k the white people from the suburbs.”

“I do think that, particularly if this continues, the [congressional] districts like Dean Phillips’ district or Angie Craig’s district that right now I would say are relatively safe for the Democratic incumbent, could be very much in play,” he said. “Both of those districts will be decided in large part by suburban women voters, and it would be hard for me to imagine those people aren’t watching this scared, like everybody else, for their family and for their children.”

The president, who has repeatedly insisted he’ll win Minnesota in 2020, quickly seized on the chaos to revisit his criticisms of big city Democratic leadership.

“I can’t stand back & watch this happen to a great American City, Minneapolis. A total lack of leadership. Either the very weak Radical Left Mayor, Jacob Frey, get his act together and bring the City under control, or I will send in the National Guard & get the job done right,” Trump tweeted Friday.

Our President is showing those suburban women that he will take matters into his own hands if the Democrat Mayor and Governor do nothing to restore law and order.

We may actually have a chance to win the Senate seat because this woman is completely out to lunch! I hope she continues to talk like this:

I LOVE these types of tweets from the AG’s son:

Many more arrests will be happening in the very near future.

Marco Rubio is a POS!

The violence, looting, robberies, physical attacks, murders, beatings and arson all stem from conduct of activists groups on the far-left within Antifa and radical elements of Black Lives Matter. However, Little Marco cannot admit the truth.

Senator Rubio pushes a false and fictitious narrative that aligns with the national media. Rubio joins with national Democrats.

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