5.30.20 News Roundup! PDJT Participated in “Transition to Greatness” Business Reopening Roundtable, PDJT’s News Conference, The WHO & China Can Go Pound Sand, Van Jones Speaks the Truth, PDJT Tells Secretary Esper To Prepare Military Personnel To Deploy To Minneapolis, The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost, Americans Are Taking Notice That the Rioting Is Happening In Democrat Cities Across Our Country, Tucker Speaks About the Riots, DNI John Ratcliffe Released the Transcripts & FBI Generated Summaries…..

Yesterday our President led a roundtable discussion with industry leaders on reopening the American economy. Our President rightfully noted his administration built the greatest economy in American history before COVID-19 and is already at work on the “transition to greatness” to restore well-paying jobs and prosperity to all Americans.

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Here are some shorter video clips:

Yesterday our President held a news conference at the Rose Garden on China and other matters.

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Here are some shorter video clips:

The WHO and China can go pound sand together!

From the article linked above:

President Trump announced Friday that the U.S. is “terminating” its relationship with the embattled World Health Organization (WHO) over its failure to enact reforms in the face of concerns over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic and its pro-China bias.

“Because they have failed to make the requested and greatly needed reforms, we will be today terminating our relationship with the World Health Organization and redirecting those funds to other worldwide and deserving urgent global public health needs,” Trump told reporters at a Rose Garden event.

In the course of the same statement, Trump announced a number of measures aimed primarily at China in response to its conduct on a number of fronts including trade, the coronavirus and its recent crackdown on Hong Kong.

“The world is now suffering as a result of the misfeasance of the Chinese government,” Trump said.

[…] Targeting the Chinese directly, Trump said he will issue a proclamation to secure university research and to “suspend the entry of certain foreign nationals from China who we have identified as a potential security risk.”

[…] The president also announced that the U.S. will be eliminating policy exemptions that give Hong Kong different and special treatment “from our extradition treaty to our export controls on dual use technologies and more with few exceptions.”

Every once and a while Van Jones speaks the truth.

If the police departments in these cities are no longer allowed to do their jobs, our President will make sure that law and order still stands.

From the article linked above:

As unrest spread across dozens of American cities on Friday, the Pentagon took the rare step of ordering the Army to put several active-duty U.S. military police units on the ready to deploy to Minneapolis, where the police killing of George Floyd sparked the widespread protests.

Soldiers from Fort Bragg in North Carolina and Fort Drum in New York have been ordered to be ready to deploy within four hours if called, according to three people with direct knowledge of the orders. Soldiers in Fort Carson, in Colorado, and Fort Riley in Kansas have been told to be ready within 24 hours. The people did not want their names used because they were not authorized to discuss the preparations.

The get-ready orders were sent verbally on Friday, after President Donald Trump asked Defense Secretary Mark Esper for military options to help quell the unrest in Minneapolis after protests descended into looting and arson in some parts of the city.

Trump made the request on a phone call from the Oval Office on Thursday night that included Esper, National Security Advisor Robert O’ Brien and several others. The president asked Esper for rapid deployment options if the Minneapolis protests continued to spiral out of control, according to one of the people, senior Pentagon official who was on the call.

The chickens have come home to roost:

From the article linked above:

The CNN Center in Atlanta was targeted Friday night by rioters protesting the death of George Floyd as unrest continues to spread across the country.

Videos from the scene show a huge crowd of protesters throwing rocks and other objects, shattering exterior windows, spray-painting the large CNN logo sculpture outside the headquarters, and destroying vehicles — including police cars — just outside the building. Some of the vehicles were reportedly set on fire.

[Warning: Strong language below in videos and text]:

Amazing footage of SWAT protecting CNN employees as a rioter hurls an explosive into the building while Nick Valencia and his crew were live on air with Chris Cuomo:

Rioters hurl smoke bombs and projectiles at law enforcement inside CNN headquarters:

Rudy’s tweet is how many Americans are seeing this unfold! These are Democrat run cities that are under siege.

Sunlight is the best type of disinfectant!

DNI John Ratcliffe released the transcripts and FBI generated summaries known as “CR cuts” from the telephone calls between incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak yesterday [pdf version here].

From the article linked above:

Highly sought-after summaries and transcripts of intercepted phone calls between former White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak contradict key claims made by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller in his criminal case against Flynn. The transcripts were provided to Congress on Friday and obtained by The Federalist. You can read the full documents here and here.

The intercept transcripts and summaries released on Friday afternoon cover calls between Flynn and Russian ambassador Kislyak or his representatives on December 22, 2016; December 23, 2016; December 29, 2016; December 31, 2016; January 12, 2017; and January 19, 2017. The substance of the December 22 conversation remains entirely classified, while the remaining transcripts and conversations are only lightly redacted.

The transcript of the December 29 conversation, which was cited by Mueller, does not include a request from Flynn that Russia “refrain from escalating” in response to U.S. expulsions of Russian diplomats. According to the transcript, Flynn asked Kislyak for Russia’s response to be “reciprocal” so that the U.S.–not Russia–would not be forced to escalate beyond the expulsions. The transcript makes clear that Flynn fully expected Russia to respond to the situation by expelling U.S. diplomats in response to the Obama administration’s move to expel nearly three dozen Russian diplomats from the U.S., and that his primary concern was preventing a situation where the U.S. would have to escalate tensions in response to Russia.

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