5.18.20 News Roundup! PDJT’s Interview, Wray’s Days Are Numbered, Peter Navarro’s Interview, PDJT & His Killers Have China In Their Crosshairs, Andrew McCarthy Exposes the Truth Behind the Obama Administration’s Targeting Of Lt. General Flynn, The Wall Continues To Be Built, Southern Border Will Not Open For A Very Long Time, Boaters In Jacksonville, Florida Show Their Love For PDJT, The Devil Begins To Show Himself, Elon Musk Has Taken the Red Pill, Jake Tapper Is Made Because the Truth Hurts When It Comes To SleepyCreepy Joe, Seismic Shift In the Hispanic Vote Was On Full Display In CA25 Election…..

Sorry for missing yesterday! Decided to change my luck and it looks like it worked.

Maria Bartiromo broadcasted a taped interview with our President discussing the topic of Obamagate and how the IC, FBI and DOJ was weaponized against the Trump campaign and incoming administration.

This interview confirms that our President is aware of everything that took place.

Our President knows that they have been caught red handed!

FBI Director Wray’s days are numbered. I would not be at all surprised that as soon as John Ratcliffe is sworn in as the DNI, Richard Grenell will be appointed Acting FBI Director. He can sit in that role for 210 days. Our President can place a permanent Director after his second inauguration.

CBS has finally released the full interview between Catherine Herridge and AG Bill Barr. When the attorney general is questioned about “still having confidence” in FBI Director Christopher Wray, the hesitancy is visible. That would not come across in the transcript.

The American electorate are wide-eyed and well aware of how Presidents Bill Clinton, GW Bush and Obama and Vice-President Biden were co-enablers to Chinese in a wide range of areas including theft of U.S. intellectual property, economic espionage and exfiltration of U.S. wealth.

The Assassin absolutely smacks down George Stephanopoulos with the atomic sledgehammer of truth.

The Assassin was so good that our President tweeted about it.

Don Jr. liked it as well:

During our President’s interview  with Maria Bartiromo, he stated, “I don’t want to talk to China right now” and his Killers and himself have expressed a more open opinion that we should just decouple from all economic attachment to China.

We are seeing that all administration policy and economic influence is now targeted to remove Chinese manufacturing from the U.S. supply chain.

From the article linked above:

Five months and a global pandemic later, Lighthizer isn’t using words like integrated anymore about China. In an opinion piece in the New York Times late Monday, he casts new doubt about whether such economic symbiosis is actually the end the Trump administration is now seeking.

In the article, China isn’’t his only villain. The USTR likened the American capitalists who sought cheaper ways of production in places like China, Vietnam and Indonesia to a mass migration of rodents. Over the past few decades, those who weren’t egged on by Wall Street analysts and management consultants were “simply swept up by the herd mentality of their peers” — all to benefit shareholders rather than workers, he said.

“The era of reflexive offshoring is over, and with it the old overzealous emphasis on efficiency and the concomitant lack of concern for the jobs that were lost,” Lighthizer wrote. “After we have defeated this disease and reopened our economy, we cannot forget the hard lessons learned from this misguided experiment.”

What Lighthizer says matters, of course, because he’s the top trade policy voice in a Trump administration where some officials want to leverage the outbreak to go harder on China.

But perhaps even more important is the timing of Lighthizer’s pronouncement. His boss is unhappy with China for the damage the coronavirus is causing to the U.S. economy.

From the article linked above:

[…] When the current crisis hit, it became clear that as a nation, we were far too reliant on imported supplies from foreign manufacturers, including a significant portion of our PPE needs. This dangerous foreign dependency underscores that President Trump has been right from the beginning – we must continue to Buy American and build a strong manufacturing base. It is essential for our economic security, our national security, and in this case, our public health industrial base.

Accordingly, a key linchpin of SNS 2.0 is to fill our stockpiles with domestically supplied and domestically produced medicines, medical supplies, and medical equipment. To this end, on the Allentown trip, President Trump signed another important Defense Production Act (DPA) order designed to move our jobs and our factories back onshore.

From the article linked above:

Move over, MAGA hat. There’s a new, bright, U.S.-made red cap in town. And this one has broader crossover appeal.

“Make China Pay,” it screams.

It is part of a campaign from the Republican Attorneys General Associationto focus attention and anger at the communist regime’s “deceit” in the coronavirus crisis.

“The Chinese government’s mishandling and deliberate deception has caused nearly 80,000 American deaths and severe economic hardships,” said the group. “Republican attorneys general are holding communist China accountable for its deadly actions,” it added.

Here is the letter they wrote to AG Barr:

SleepyCreepy Joe has a China problem that isn’t going away.

Former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy has an article written on Saturday pointing to the primary issue about former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn: “The Real Story is When Flynn Was Not Unmasked

From the article linked above:

Despite Wednesday’s blockbuster news about the dozens of Obama-administration officials who “unmasked” then-incoming Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn, there remains a gaping hole in the story: Where is the record showing who unmasked Flynn in connection with his fateful conversation with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak?

There is no such evidence in the unmasking list that acting national intelligence director Richard Grenell provided to Senators Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) and Ron Johnson (R., Wis.). I suspect that’s because General Flynn’s identity was not “masked” in the first place. Instead, his December 29 call with Kislyak was likely intercepted under an intelligence program not subject to the masking rules, probably by the CIA or a friendly foreign spy service acting in a nod-and-wink arrangement with our intelligence community.

There isn’t one.

McCarthy has done all his homework by reviewing the documents, looked at the research and reviewed what the IG said was not happening. The Obama surveillance of Flynn did not include ‘unmasking’ because the collection was not incidental.

McCarthy knows that even though he points the compass needle toward the CIA, the MSM will not follow it. The MSM knows that the truth goes against their interests. The only way for the Flynn-Kislyak call and content to be tracked, captured, discussed and shared by the Obama administration without the unmasking between 12/29/16 and 01/04/17 is through a reverse targeted intercept on Flynn through Kislyak.

Our President is absolutely right that the Wall is going up fast!

From the article linked above:

Federal officials awarded a $1.28 billion border wall project in Southern Arizona to a company favored by President Trump…

The Army Corps of Engineers awarded the $1.28 billion project on May 6 to Fisher Sand and Gravel, a North Dakota-based company with offices in Tempe.

The funds will go toward building about 42 miles of border wall, most of which will run from Nogales to the eastern boundary of the Tohono O’odham Nation, according to the Corps.

[…] The wall along Arizona’s border with Mexico is made of 30-foot-tall steel poles, known as bollards, filled with concrete. The bollards are 6 inches in diameter and separated from each other by 4 inches of space.

The wall is topped with a steel plate meant to thwart climbers. At a later date, lights and cameras will be installed, along with a sensor system in the ground.

The Wall will be completed before our southern border is opened again! I hope SleepyCreepy Joe runs on making sure the border is opened on day one of his presidency 😉.

From the article linked above:

The Trump administration is preparing an order that will extend current border restrictions indefinitely, until a top public health official declares the novel coronavirus is no longer a threat, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

The White House plans to keep border restrictions in place until it decides the coronavirus outbreak is not a significant threat to the public anymore, according to a draft of a public health order obtained by the NYT. If such an order is implemented, it would remove any concrete timetable to open up the U.S.-Mexico border to non-essential traffic.

This tweet has drove the resistance crazy:

I am so proud of the boaters in Jacksonville, Florida for showing their love and appreciation for our President.

From the article linked above (great pictures in the article):

Hundreds showed support for President Trump in a massive boat parade along the Intracoastal Waterway in Jacksonville, Florida, on Saturday.

Trump supporters flocked to the Intracoastal Waterway — venturing from the Jacksonville inlet to the Palm Valley Bridge — to express support for the president:

One of the attendees told Breitbart News that as many as 400 boats participated in the event, which kicked off with the national anthem. Others were standing on banks to demonstrate their support. Photos show participants waving American flags, as well as Trump 2020 flags.

“You can’t ignore the support for Trump,” a Jacksonville resident who participated in the event told Breitbart News, adding that the turnout gives her faith.

“Great family event with social distancing,” she added…

The Devil is starting to expose himself through his creatures here on Earth!

Elon Musk proudly announces the pill that he has taken. Many more Americans have done so as well.

Jack Tapper is losing his mind that our President’s reelection campaign and his children are pointing out the truth about SleepyCreepy Joe! Problem for him and his comrades is that there is nothing altered about the videos.

Our President rightfully pointed out the truth to Jake and the rest of the POS.

From the article linked above:

CNN’s Jake Tapper was hit by a wave of criticism on social media Sunday after he accused President Donald Trump of “launching an unprecedented smear campaign against any rival,” with many accusing him and CNN of hypocrisy.

Don Jr. is absolutely right!

Here is the entire thread:

Thao has been on top of the movement of the Hispanic vote away from Democrats for quite some time. Here is more proof of it in the recent election in CA25.

More bad news for the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc.:

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