5.3.20 News Roundup! Things Aren’t Going As Planned, You Can’t Catch the Coronavirus More Than Once, Lee Smith Interview, Tara Reade Fact Checking Fake News, Bernie Bros Are Saying No To SleepyCreepy Joe, PDJT’s Polling Continues To Improve, The Wall Continues To Be Built, Great Ad By PDJT, Kim Jung-un Is Alive and Well, Fireworks Will Be Allowed At Mt. Rushmore Where Our President Will Be On July 3rd…..

Democrats, MSM, Never Trumpers etc. thought this would be the time that they take down PDJT! 30 million Americans unemployed because of the shutdowns. Shelter in place orders from East Coast to West Coast. They were able to fix the primaries so that their chosen candidate would win. They got Crazy Bernie to call it quits before the end of March.

What they didn’t realize is that they have shown everyday Americans who they really are. Our President rightfully left every single decision to each individual Governor to make. When to shutdown and when to reopen.

Governors never had this type of power. Many of them have allowed that power to get to them. They don’t want to let it go. The problem for them is that the people that live in their states are beginning to rebel. The size of the rebellion is growing.

Here are some examples of the craziness:

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced on Saturday that she is instructing the police superintendent to cite, arrest and jail all non-compliant residents who permit gatherings and parties in their residence. Failing to comply with the stay-at-home orders and maintain social distancing will no longer be met with a warning.

Police are authorized to deliver citations, conduct immediate arrests and potentially jail any non-compliant resident in the city of Chicago.

“This is how it is going to be: We will shut you down, we will cite you, and if we need to, we will arrest you and we will take you to jail,” Mayor Lightfoot said.  “If you act like a criminal, and if you violate the law, and if you refuse to do what is necessary to save lives in this city in the middle of a pandemic we will take you to jail, period.”

They also hate the fact that they are now reporting this! Especially since the WHO was reporting that there is no evidence that you can’t get it again.

From the article linked above:

Researchers in South Korea say it is impossible for the novel coronavirus to reinfect humans.

Multiple tests that ostensibly showed 260 patients becoming reinfected were the result of false-positive testing,according to the Korea Herald.

“The process in which COVID-19 produces a new virus takes place only in host cells and does not infiltrate the nucleus. This means it does not cause chronic infection or recurrence,” said Dr. Oh Myoung-don, a Seoul National University hospital doctor, during a Thursday press conference.

[…] Last week, the World Health Organization warned against attempting to develop “herd immunity” to the virus, saying there is no evidence catching the virus could protect people from future infections.

You also have examples of Governors that didn’t allow the power to control them. They are now reopening their states. Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Alabama to name a few. You had a Governor in South Dakota that never shutdown her state. The citizens their decided to throw her a parade in front of her home. Vehicle after vehicle passing by to show their appreciation.

Our President has been responsive to each and every request made by Governors. He has mobilized private corporations to build ventilators. He made sure our truckers could get merchandise delivered by cutting regulations on them. He has gotten countries to sell us Hydroxycloroquine. He has gotten Congress to pass bills to make sure those that are unemployed are continuing to get paid.

Sunlight continues to shine on the POS that tried a coup against our President and our country! There is nothing they can do to stop the sun from shining through.

In this episode Jan Jekielek sits down with investigative journalist Lee Smith, author of “The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History”, to discuss the latest revelations in the unsealed Flynn documents.

Lee Smith asks why did the FBI hold back these documents; and what does that say about the current mindset within the FBI?

Meanwhile their candidate is currently dealing with sexual assault accusations. The #MeToo movement has been thrown out the window. Americans can see with their own eyes the way the press treated Justice Kavanaugh compared to SleepyCreepy Joe. They needed to keep him in hiding. The problem for them is that they can’t keep him hidden.

The victim is calling them out every time they write a BS story. They don’t even get a single day to run with it.

Crazy Bernie has absolutely no control over his followers. They see he as a weak leader that has sold himself out to the Establishment. They are getting angrier with each passing day given the Tara Reade allegations.

From the article linked above:

Back in March the Biden campaign got some bad news – that he wouldn’t converting all of Bernie Sanders’ supporters into Biden voters. At the time, “An ABC News/Washington Post opinion poll [found that] a full 15 percent of Bernie Sanders supporters plan to cast their vote for President Donald Trump’s reelection. ”

And now, with sexual assault allegations levied against him, the percentage of Bernie supporters abandoning Biden has gone up even further.

Nearly 1 in 4 Sanders supporters (22%) said they would vote for a third party candidate, vote for President Donald Trump, not vote in November or were undecided about who to vote for, according to a USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll.

[…] Emerson found that Trump has a sizable 19-point advantage in the enthusiasm gap, 64%-45%. Some 36% of his supporters said they are “extremely excited” to vote for Trump, and 28% said they are “very excited.” For Biden, those numbers are 22% and 23%.

As I noted elsewhere, the leader in enthusiasm has won every election since at least 2004.

• 2016 – Hillary Clinton: 13-point deficit against Donald Trump.
• 2012 – Mitt Romney: 25-point deficit against President Obama.
• 2008 – John McCain: 33-point deficit against Barack Obama.
• 2004 – John Kerry: 16-point deficit against President George W. Bush.

And there’s no reason to believe things will be different this time around.

They also can’t do anything put watch as our Wall continues to be built! 

Our President continues to put out incredible ads:

Fake News was caught once again! Looks like Kim Jung-un is alive and doing well.

It is only a matter of time before our President’s face is included on Mount Rushmore.

From the article linked above:

President Trump said Friday that he plans to travel to South Dakota to view a fireworks show at Mount Rushmore on July 3 after his administration lifted environmental restrictions that prevented such displays.

“For 20 years or something it hasn’t been allowed for environmental reasons. You believe that one? It’s all stone,”Trump told conservative personality Dan Bongino on his podcast.

“Anyway, I got it approved so I’m going to go there on July 3 and they’re going to have the big fireworks,” he added.

There have not been fireworks at the monument since 2009, but the Department of the Interior performed an environmental assessment that found there would be “no significant impact” if the show proceeded this year.

It will mark Trump’s first trip as president to Mount Rushmore, which has the faces of former presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt carved in stone.

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