4.28.20 News Roundup! Maria Bartiromo Interviews Rep. Doug Collins About General Flynn, Entrapment According To Tucker Carlson, PDJT Does Not Rule Out Bringing General Flynn Back, Kevin Hassett Interview On the Economy, 2 More Women Come Forward To Corroborate Tara Reade’s Sexual Assault Allegations, AG Barr Issues A Memo & Warning To Radical Governors, Lawsuit Against Governor Of Illinois Is Successful, PDJT Meets With Industry Executives On COVID-19 Response, PDJT & Coronavirus Task Force Daily Press Briefing…..

On Sunday night, Maria Bartiromo dropped a MOAB when she tweeted that sources told her “Michael Flynn will be exonerated this week. It was a total fraud. A set up.”

Yesterday in an interview with Representative Doug Collins, Maria expands on what she was told.

Former FBI chief legal counsel James Baker made notes surrounding the FBI meeting where agent Peter Strzok and agent Joseph Pientka interviewed National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. According to Maria, James Baker’s notes are exculpatory in that they show the intent and purpose of the FBI interview was to set-up Lt. Gen. Flynn.

Heads better be served on a silver platter!

Fox News host Tucker Carlson provided some additional insight into the Flynn documents that were filed with the court last Friday noting the potential for the documents to be unsealed tomorrow.

Maria Bartiromo shared that the documents relate to notes taken by former FBI legal counsel James Baker and surround the events that encompassed the FBI interview of General Flynn in January 2017.

If our President did rehire General Flynn, lefty heads will explode everywhere.

From the article linked above:

President Trump on Monday did not rule out the possibility of bringing his former national security advisor Michael Flynn back into the administration if the retired general is exonerated.

“I will only say this: I think that General Flynn is a wonderful man. He had a wonderful career and it was a disgrace what happened to General Flynn,” Trump said during Monday’s coronavirus task force briefing. 

“Let’s see what happens now. But what happened to General Flynn should never happen again in our country,”Trump said.

Kevin Hassett, senior advisor to our President, says we’re going to see unemployment rates similar to what we saw during the Great Depression but the White House has a plan for an economic comeback.

In the interview with CNBC, Hassett estimates the current unemployment rate at 16% to 17% and the likely result of the 2nd Quarter real GDP rate around -20% to -30%. These are heartbreaking percentages.

Kim Strassel is absolutely right! When it comes to sexual assault allegations against SleepyCreepy Joe, the “MeToo” movement disappeared overnight.

Problem for SleepyCreepy Joe, the Democrats, MSM, Never Trumpers etc. is that more and more people are coming forward to corroborate Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegation.

From the article linked above:

  • Tara Reade, a former staffer in Joe Biden’s Senate office, has accused the Democratic presidential nominee of sexually assaulting her in a congressional hallway in 1993.
  • Now Reade’s former neighbor Lynda LaCasse, a Biden supporter, tells Insider that Reade told her about the alleged assault in detail in 1995 or 1996: “This happened, and I know it did because I remember talking about it.”
  • A former colleague of Reade’s also told Insider that Reade talked in the mid-1990s of being sexually harassed by her former boss in Washington, DC.
  • The women have come forward just days after video emerged of a woman that Reade says is her mother calling into CNN’s Larry King Live in 1993 to talk about her daughter’s “problems” with a prominent senator.
  • Biden has not addressed the accusations, but a campaign spokesperson says they are false.

In March, when a former aide to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden accused the candidate of sexually assaulting her in 1993, two people came forward to say that the woman, Tara Reade, had told them of the incident shortly after it allegedly occurred — her brother, Collin Moulton, and a friend who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retribution.

Now two more sources have come forward to corroborate certain details about Reade’s claims. One of them — a former neighbor of Reade’s — has told Insider for the first time, on the record, that Reade disclosed details about the alleged assault to her in the mid-1990s.

“This happened, and I know it did because I remember talking about it,” Lynda LaCasse, who lived next door to Reade in the mid-’90s, told Insider.

[…] LaCasse told Insider that in 1995 or 1996, Reade told her she had been assaulted by Biden. “I remember her saying, here was this person that she was working for and she idolized him,” LaCasse said. “And he kind of put her up against a wall. And he put his hand up her skirt and he put his fingers inside her. She felt like she was assaulted, and she really didn’t feel there was anything she could do.”

Attorney General Bill Barr has issued a memo citing a needed balance between COVID-19 mitigation efforts and U.S. civil rights under the constitution.  Notably AG Barr identifies both “religious freedom” and “undue interference with the national economy” within his memo.

From the article linked above:

Attorney General William Barr on Monday ordered federal prosecutors across the country to consider legal action against governors if their efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus infringe on Americans’ civil rights.

[…] Mr. Barr also directed Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Eric Dreiband and U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan Matthew Schneider to monitor state and local policies for potential violations.

[…] Throughout the pandemic, Mr. Barr has been outspoken against coronavirus restrictions, which he has described as “draconian.” The Justice Department this month filed a statement of interest siding with a Mississippi church that filed a lawsuit to overturn a local directive banning drive-in religious services.

One lawsuit at a time! This is how we fight back against these radical governors.

From the article linked above:

A judge in southern Illinois ruled Monday that Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s stay-at-home order to stem the spread of the coronavirus exceeds his emergency authority and violates individual civil rights.

Clay County Circuit Judge Michael McHaney sided with Republican Rep. Darren Bailey, who sought a temporary restraining order against the Democratic governor’s far-reaching executive decree. Pritzker has relied on an April 2 statewide disaster declaration as authority to close schools, shut down nonessential businesses and limit movement by individuals from their homes because of the potentially deadly COVID-19.

[…] Bailey said he’s trying to protect civil liberties and rejected Pritzker’s criticism. He said state law gives the governor emergency authority for 30 days, but Pritzker last week extended through May what is now a 37-day order. The state’s own pandemic response plan indicates the job now belongs to county health departments, Bailey said.

Yesterday our President meet with Industry Executives on COVID-19 response at the White House.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Our President and the Coronavirus Task Force held a press briefing yesterday with the latest updates and information.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Here are some shorter video clips:

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