4.18.20 News Roundup! Larry Kudlow’s Interview, Texas Leading the Way, Jacksonville Beaches Are Open For Essential Activities, Minnesota Residents Protest In Front Of the Governor’s Residence, U.K. Says Bye Bye To Huawei’s 5G, President Xi Is Worried About Companies Leaving China, SleepyCreepy Joe’s New Nickname Will Become China Joe, Stock Market’s Big Day, $19 Billion Dollars For Our Farmers Relief Program, The Day Of Reckoning Is Almost Upon Us, PDJT & Coronavirus Task Force Daily Press Briefing…..

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow is upset that the Small Business relief package and the Paycheck Protection Program (ppp) has been allowed to exhaust all funding.

After the original small business allocation of $350 billion was exhausted Treasury Secretary Mnuchin asked for an additional $250 billion to resupply funding for the program congress has already initiated. The POS Pelosi is refusing to fund PPP until she can get “something out of it”.

The State of Texas is beginning the process of reopening and leading the way for others.

From the article linked above:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) appears to be leading the charge on the grand reopening of America, detailing plans to reopen the Lone Star state during a press conference on Friday — moves that will expand elective surgeries, allow retailers to resume operations under a “Retail-To-Go” model, see the reopening of state parks, and beyond.

[…] Abbott said the state will reopen in a methodical, phased approach, and announced the expansion of elective medical procedures, citing the state of doctors, nurses, hospitals, and medical staff who have been “sidelined” by the postponement of such procedures.

“Today Texas has plenty of hospital capacity. We have solid supply chain of PPE and many of our doctors and nurses have patients who desperately need medical treatment,” he said on Friday.

“It is time to allow those doctors and nurses to return to work. However, it must be done in ways to ensure that we will be able to treat COVID-19 patients,” he added.

Effective April 22, current restrictions on procedures will be loosened, allowing doctors to diagnose and treat certain medical conditions without seeking exceptions, such as diagnostic tests for suspected cancer.

He also issued an executive order focusing on the retail sector, noting that many retailers have been selling products “without customers going in stores” and utilizing pick up or delivery during the battle against the virus.

“Because we’ve seen that this model works, while also containing COVID-19, we believe that all stores in Texas should be able to operate retail to-go beginning next Friday, one week from today,” the governor announced.

Jacksonville, FL has now opened their beaches for essential activities.

Residents in the State of Minnesota have had enough! They decided to protest in front of the Democrat Governor’s residence.

Americans aren’t blaming our President for the pandemic. They also saw for three years how he was able to rebuild our economy. They know that he is the right person to do it again.

China is going to pay dearly for everything they have done. The U.K. has decided to scrap Huawei for 5G. This move should open the door for us to get a trade deal done rather quickly with the U.K. since it was the last stumbling block.

From the article linked above:

The UK is moving to drop Huawei as a vendor for the country’s 5G cellphone network in a major blow to Communist China over poor coronavirus transparency.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, now recovering from COVID-19, gave the Chinese company a role in 5G infrastructure this year, squashing opposition last month by 24 votes in the 650-seat House of Commons.

But now, concern about the Chinese Communist Party’s inaccurate reporting on the coronavirus has lawmakers crafting plans for a retreat.

“We need to devise a proper, realistic exit strategy from relying on Huawei,” Conservative Member of Parliament Damian Green told Bloomberg News. “Our telecom providers … need to know the government is determined to drive down Huawei’s involvement to zero percent over a realistic timescale.”

“The mood in the parliamentary party has hardened,” said Tom Tugendhat, the Conservative Party’s chairman of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee.

“It’s a shared realization of what it means for dependence on a business that is part of a state that does not share our values,” Tugendhat said.

President Xi is a dead man walking and he absolutely knows it! When you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

From the article linked above:

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has proposed building an economy that is less dependent on one country, China, so that the nation can better avoid supply chain disruptions.

The call touched off a heated debate in the Chinese political world.

In Zhongnanhai, the area in central Beijing where leaders of the Chinese Communist Party and the state government have their offices, “there are now serious concerns over foreign companies withdrawing from China,” a Chinese economic source said. “What has particularly been talked about is the clause in Japan’s emergency economic package that encourages (and funds) the re-establishment of supply chains.”

[…] There are talks in the U.S. regarding China dependency.

Larry Kudlow, chairman of the White House’s National Economic Council, has expressed his intention to consider shouldering the relocation costs of American companies returning home from China.

It fits with President Donald Trump’s “America first” agenda.

If the U.S. and Japan, the world’s biggest and third-biggest economies respectively, move away from China, it will have a huge impact on the world’s second-biggest economy.

I would not be surprised that our President tags SleepyCreepy Joe as China Joe! His re-election campaign is targeting the right three states with this incredible ad.

As I hinted at yesterday, the Stock Market went up Bigly on Friday!

From the article linked above:

U.S. equity markets ended the day and week on a high note, gaining steam in the final hour of trading, as investor optimism grows around President Trump’s roadmap to reopen the U.S. economy and after a COVID-19 treatment showed promising results.

TickerSecurityLastChangeChange %
I:DJIDOW JONES AVERAGES24242.49+704.81+2.99%
SP500S&P 5002874.56+75.01+2.68%
I:COMPNASDAQ COMPOSITE INDEX8650.140949+117.78+1.38%

[…] All three of the major averages notched their second straight week of gains. For the Dow the two-week percentage gain of 15 percent is the best since 1938 while the S&P’s 15.5 percent jump is the best since 1974 and the Nasdaq’s 17 percent jump is the strongest since 2001, as compiled by the Dow Jones Market Data Group.

Yesterday our President and Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue revealed a $19 billion U.S. farm relief program which includes the Dept. of Agriculture purchasing $3 billion in farm products from the fresh supply chain to support those impacted by the collapse of the restaurant, hotel, school and cafeteria demand.


From the link above:

CFAP will use the funding and authorities provided in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES), the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), and other USDA existing authorities. The program includes two major elements to achieve these goals.

  1. Direct Support to Farmers and Ranchers: The program will provide $16 billion in direct support based on actual losses for agricultural producers where prices and market supply chains have been impacted and will assist producers with additional adjustment and marketing costs resulting from lost demand and short-term oversupply for the 2020 marketing year caused by COVID-19.
  2. USDA Purchase and Distribution: USDA will partner with regional and local distributors, whose workforce has been significantly impacted by the closure of many restaurants, hotels, and other food service entities, to purchase $3 billion in fresh produce, dairy, and meat. We will begin with the procurement of an estimated $100 million per month in fresh fruits and vegetables, $100 million per month in a variety of dairy products, and $100 million per month in meat products. The distributors and wholesalers will then provide a pre-approved box of fresh produce, dairy, and meat products to food banks, community and faith based organizations, and other non-profits serving Americans in need.

On top of these targeted programs USDA will utilize other available funding sources to purchase and distribute food to those in need.

  • USDA has up to an additional $873.3 million available in Section 32 funding to purchase a variety of agricultural products for distribution to food banks. The use of these funds will be determined by industry requests, USDA agricultural market analysis, and food bank needs.
  • The FFCRA and CARES Act provided an at least $850 million for food bank administrative costs and USDA food purchases, of which a minimum of $600 million will be designated for food purchases. The use of these funds will be determined by food bank need and product availability.

John Solomon has been ahead of the curve when it comes to the coup against our President and our country. There will be those that will be having a difficult time sleeping this weekend. The day of reckoning is almost upon us!

Our President and the Coronavirus Task Force held a press briefing yesterday with the latest updates and information.

[Video Below]

Here are some shorter video clips:

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