4.14.20 News Roundup! Dr. Fauci Must Have Been In the Room When PDJT Called AMLO, Senator Rand Paul’s Interviewer, PDJT & the RNC’s First Quarter Fundraising Haul, PDJT Casts A Wide Net, Crazy Bernie Officially Endorses SleepyCreepy Joe, SleepyCreepy Joe Is Their Horse That They Will Run On November 3rd, 3 Out Of 4 Americans Find the Daily Press Briefings Helpful, EPIC Video Shown By PDJT At the Daily Press Briefing, Immigration Will Determine the Presidential Election, GA/FL’s Wall Update, PDJT & Coronavirus Task Force Daily Press Briefing…..

Yesterday the good doctor told CNN that if the country had been shut down in February lives could have been saved. Today he reversed course.

Dr. Fauci saddened the media and made himself a target. The media immediately focused their anger towards him. Yesterday Fauci was a savior, today he is an enemy. The MSM was so besides themselves that they actually asked him if he was being forced to reverse course.

The other day I spoke about true leadership. Governor Abbott is showing that leadership by getting ready to open up the State of Texas while others continue to enforce draconian measures.

Today we have another example of true leadership out of the State of South Dakota in Governor Kristi Noem.

From the article linked above:

South Dakota will be the first state to test hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the novel coronavirus in a statewide clinical trial, Gov. Kristi Noem announced Monday.

“From day one, I’ve said we’re going to let the science, facts, and data drive our decision-making in South Dakota,”Noem said in a statement. “Throughout last week, I communicated with White House officials to let them know that South Dakota’s medical community was ready to step up and lead the way on research efforts.”

“I made direct requests to President Trump and Vice President Pence to supply us with enough hydroxychloroquine so that it could be made available for every hospitalized person the state may have as well as for those healthcare workers on the frontlines and those in the most vulnerable populations,” Noem said.

Senator Rand Paul appeared on Fox News to discuss what it was like for him to contract the Wuhan Virus. Senator Paul shared that he had no symptoms for the virus despite testing positive.

He also shared that his local healthcare providers are prescribing hydroxychloroquine as a treatment and there appears to be anecdotal evidence the medication has positive effects.

Our President’s reelection campaign and the RNC continue to take in small donations from across the country.

From the article linked above:

President Trump’s reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) raised $212 million in the first quarter of 2020, a huge sum that leaves Trump’s team with more than $240 million in cash on hand.

The latest figures indicate that Trump’s campaign experienced a slight dip in fundraising amid the coronavirus pandemic. After raising $86 million in February, Trump and RNC committees raised about $63 million in March. Still, the fundraising total for the quarter represents a 36 percent increase from the final quarter of 2019.

The Trump campaign, the RNC and its joint authorizing committee have now raised more than $677 million since 2017, which the campaign says is funding the largest “field program and data operation” in the GOP’s history.

Our President continues to cast a wide net for the November 3rd Presidential Election. They aren’t taking any voter for granted.

From the article linked above:

A day after she drove an hour south and stood alone in the crowd, anxious, looking at the faces in the room and wondering what these people had to say to her, Rosalyn Johnson was still marveling a little bit at what she had done.

“Black girl goes down to a Trump rally!” she laughed, shaking her head.

“All of them say they care. I’m at the point, prove it. Come here. Prove it. You have to show me,” she said, with JESUS on her T-shirt and crosses glittering in her ears. “When I have a candidate that believes in God, that gets my attention. [Trump is] surrounded by Christian people like Paula White.”

Johnson is just the sort of voter that Trump’s campaign staff hope they can lure in November: evangelicals of color. The Republican National Committee and supportive groups on the religious right have invested millions of dollars in campaign efforts targeted specifically at nonwhite evangelicals.

The campaign’s hope is that people like Johnson represent a segment of black and Latino voters who may see Trump as an ally in their religious conservatism. This segment is narrow, but some pollsters say it could be enough to swing a few key states.

Bernie Sanders tosses his voters aside an endorses SleepyCreepy Joe!

From the article linked above:

Ex-Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) endorsed former rival Joe Biden during a virtual event Monday.

“We need you in the White House. I will do all that I can to see that that happens, Joe,” Sanders told Biden during the former vice president’s virtual event on the coronavirus.

“Today, I am asking all Americans — I’m asking every Democrat, I’m asking every independent, I’m asking a lot of Republicans — to come together in this campaign to support your candidacy, which I endorse,” Sanders added.

SleepyCreepy Joe is their horse even though they wish they can replace him. He will reach the required number of delegates needed to win the Democrat nominee by the time the last state votes (1,991).

From the article linked above:

Democrats literally have no choice but accept that Joe Biden is their nominee. Twice rejected, once passed over and multiple times overlooked, Democrats can no longer escape their fate. They must finally resign themselves to running with Biden and renounce running from him.  

Despite Biden’s decades-long desire for the Democratic presidential nomination, Democrats have never wanted him. Biden first ran in 1988; he ran again in 2008. He fared well neither time.

[…] Yet, absence did not make Democrats’ hearts grow significantly fonder — instead they were inclined to wander. The most fickle of voters, Democrats found a new heartthrob around every conceivable corner. Democrats’ hearts seemed to race for every person in the race except Joe. There were crushes on Beto O’Rourke, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg, but never Biden.  

With others around, Biden had at most a plurality, but never popularity.

In early voting, he was all but gone. It took others dropping out and throwing support to him; Biden never seized the support on his own. Like the political version of a coronavirus grocery trip, the Democrat contest started with a long list, but wound up with a purchase of the one thing still on the shelf.

Here is the reason why the MSM, Democrats, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. don’t want to air our President’s daily press briefings:

I absolutely LOVE the fact that our President played this during yesterday’s press briefing:

Our President also tweeted the following:

At the end of the day, Immigration policies will determine the Presidential Election on November 3rd. As SleepyCreepy Joe calls for citizenship for all illegals in our country and a 100 day moratorium on deportations when he is elected, Americans want the exact opposite.

From the article linked above:

Almost 8-in-10 Americans want immigration to the United States paused during the Chinese coronavirus crisis as unemployment reaches record levels, a new poll reveals.

A newly released Ipsos poll finds Americans are almost totally unified in their support for pausing immigration in the midst of the coronavirus crisis and mass unemployment.

Overall, about 79 percent of American adults said they want immigration temporarily paused to the U.S. — a policy far beyond just the travel bans that have been implemented on Chinese, Iranian, and European travel to the country by President Trump’s administration.

Here is GA/FL’s Wall Update:

158 MILES of total wall system built!

THAT’S 753 TOTAL WALL MILES – built + being built + being planned and prepped!!!

Our Builder President won’t stop until the job is done!

270.9 miles of steel erected according to contract start/finish dates!

Map – Data – History – Technology here ! – https://www.trumpwall.construction/

Wall Construction videos! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYtneCAHRWbDszcY19hIr4A

Twitter – https://twitter.com/trumpwallconstr

EVERY DAY – despite COVID-19 – our Border Patrol and customs enforcement heroes are at work keeping USA citizens safe!

With the wall being built – more BP officers’ time is available to detect TUNNELS!


I will include the video with the entire press briefing as soon as it becomes available.

Here are some shorter video clips:

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