4.10.20 News Roundup! Deadly Ad, PDJT Going All In On Winning Minnesota On November 3rd, The War Against China Has Begun, Actions Recently Taken By Japan Shows They Are On Our Side, China’s Day As the Manufacturing Hub Are Over, PM Johnson Out Of the ICU, Hydroxycloroquine and Azithromycin WORKS, Part One Of AG Barr’s Interview, Democrats Don’t Care About Everyday Americans, Larry Kudlow’s Interview, PDJT Is Saving Our Energy Sector, 2nd Amendment Monster Has Been Unleashed, PDJT & Coronavirus Task Force Daily Press Briefing…..

SleepyCreepy Joe is completely in bed with the Chinese. Americans are sick and tired of China. That is a deadly combination for SleepyCreepy Joe, Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc.

Our President’s campaign team rightfully released this ad:

This polling data released by the WAPO will only get worse with each passing day for China and SleepyCreepy Joe!

Tucker Carlson is absolutely right!

Our President and his team are going all in on winning the State of Minnesota on November 3rd. This is the only state that President Reagan didn’t win in 1984. The last time the state was won by a Republican presidential nominee was Richard Nixon in 1972.

From the article linked above:

[…] The campaign has made more than 300,000 voter contacts this cycle in Minnesota and has held more than 200 trainings. During the week of training, volunteers in Minnesota made more than 100,000 voter contacts.

The war against China has officially begun! our so-called allies will have to decide whose relationship is more important in the very near future.

From the article linked above:

The Trump administration on Thursday sought to “revoke and terminate” licenses that permit a Chinese company to provide telecommunication services to and from the United States.

The Department of Justice said in a release that it “identified substantial and unacceptable national security and law enforcement risks” associated with China Telecom, the U.S. subsidiary of China’s state-owned telecommunications company. It recommended the Federal Communications Commission revoke licenses allowing the company to operate in the United States.

China’s communications networks have received increased scrutiny under the Trump administration, which has been pressuring allies to cancel their partnerships with companies tied to the communist regime, including Huawei. The Trump administration said China uses the telecommunication corporations and other state-controlled entities to conduct spy operations aimed at infiltrating U.S. networks.

The price for releasing the Coronavirus will be steep for the Chinese.

From the article linked above:

U.S. companies are leaving China thanks to the trade war. They’ll leave even more thanks to the pandemic.

Sorry, Davos Man. Your China-led globalization is going out of style like bell bottoms.

Global manufacturing consulting firm Kearney released its seventh annual Reshoring Index on Tuesday, showing what it called a “dramatic reversal” of a five-year trend as domestic U.S. manufacturing in 2019 commanded a significantly greater share versus 14 Asian exporters tracked in the study. Manufacturing imports from China were the hardest hit.

Last year saw companies actively rethinking their supply chain, either convincing their Chinese partners to relocate to southeast Asia to avoid tariffs, or by opting out of sourcing from China altogether.

“Three decades ago, U.S. producers began manufacturing and sourcing in China for one reason: costs. The trade war brought a second dimension more fully into the equation―risk―as tariffs and the threat of disrupted China imports prompted companies to weigh surety of supply more fully alongside costs. COVID-19 brings a third dimension more fully into the mix­, and arguably to the fore: resilience―the ability to foresee and adapt to unforeseen systemic shocks,” says Patrick Van den Bossche, Kearney partner and co-author of the 19-page report.

Japan shows that they are completely allied with our country.

From the article linked above:

  • More than US$2 billion of the country’s record economic stimulus package will be used to help companies move production away from China
  • The move coincides with what should have been a celebration of friendlier ties between the two countries, before the pandemic struck

China is Japan’s biggest trading partner under normal circumstances, but imports from China slumped by almost half in February as the disease closed factories, in turn starving Japanese manufacturers of necessary components.

That has renewed talk of Japanese firms reducing their reliance on China as a manufacturing base. The government’s panel on future investment last month discussed the need for manufacturing of high-added value products to be shifted back to Japan, and for production of other goods to be diversified across Southeast Asia.

Our prayers for PM Boris Johnson are working! Our President shared the following in his tweet yesterday:

From the article linked above:

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson left intensive care late Thursday afternoon, is now on a general ward, and is “making positive steps forwards” with his treatment for coronavirus.

Downing Street, the political office and official residence of the Prime Minister said Boris Johnson was moved out of intensive care on Thursday onto a general ward, four days after he was admitted to St Thomas’ hospital London over his persistent coronavirus symptoms. The spokesman said the PM would continue to receive “close monitoring” in this early stage of recovery, but the announcement marks a clear improvement in the Prime Minister’s health.

The data is clear as day when it comes to the use of Hydroxycloroquine and Azithromycin to combat the Coronavirus.

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr appeared for an interview by Laura Ingraham about COVID-19 and what the Justice Department is doing on Wednesday’s show. The second part of this interview was broadcast on Thursday night.

Democrats once again show they could careless for everyday Americans.

The initial coronavirus relief funding package (CARES Act) included $380 billion targeted to small businesses as part of the larger congressional relief package.

Due to the success of the SBA targeted funding, the $380 billion may run out before all of the applications are covered. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin asked Speaker Pelosi and Senate Leader McConnell for an additional $250 billion infusion into the program.

Cocaine Mitch put together a bill to provide the additional funds and asked for unanimous consent to advance the legislation. Democrat Senator Ben Cardin from Maryland objected to the unanimous consent request and block the bill and funds.

From the article linked above:

Senate Democrats on Thursday blocked a Republican push to unanimously pass a bill to put $250 billion more into a loan program for small businesses devastated by the coronavirus pandemic.

With only a few senators in the Capitol, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to approve the measure by a unanimous vote. Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., objected to the request, stalling the legislation.

Speaking on the Senate floor, McConnell said he was not “talking about changing any policy language” the parties negotiated last month as part of an unprecedented $2 trillion emergency spending package. He urged Democrats not to “block emergency aid you do not even oppose just because you want something more” — tweaks to the small business aid program and more emergency funding for hospitals and states, a proposal Democratic leaders outlined Wednesday.

Sean Spicer interviewed NEC Director Larry Kudlow about the administration’s thinking toward re-opening the U.S. economy. According to Larry internal conversations currently include: whether geographic regions can be opened; whether specific job types can be opened; and what influences the timing around re-opening.

More evidence of how incredible our President is when dealing with other world leaders. Guess which country doesn’t have to concern itself with any cuts? Hint: America First!

From the article linked above:

[…] Earlier, Reuters had reported that the initial 10 million barrels per day cut would last in May and June, before tapering to 8 million barrels per day for the rest of the year. Beginning in January 2021, the cuts would decrease to 6 million barrels per day, which would continue through April 22, Reuters said.

The agreement was not contingent on nations outside of OPEC+ curbing production, which some had suggested might be a stipulation for Saudi Arabia and Russia to scale back production. The group did, however, call on other producers, such as the U.S., to cut production by an additional 5 million barrels per day, according to Reuters.

The 2nd Amendment is far more important to many Americans after the Coronavirus and shutdown. It will come back to bite the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. in the ass on November 3rd.

Our President and the Coronavirus Task Force held a press briefing yesterday with the latest updates and information.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Here are some shorter video clips:

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