3.27.20 News Roundup! The Day Of Reckoning Is Approaching, 800,000 New Jobs, Lower Healthcare Costs & Lower Prescription Drugs Cost, Peter Navarro Punches the CoC & Big Pharma Lobbyists In the Mouth, Steven Mnuchin’s Interview, Pelosi’s Mail-In-Ballot Scheme Fails, Imperial College Scientist Says His Projections On the Number Of Deaths In the U.K. Were Way Off, AOC Cries That Illegals Don’t Get A Check, PDJT & Coronavirus Task Force Daily Press Briefing, PDJT’s Approval Rating Continues To Rise, Farmers Are Looking Forward To Re-electing PDJT, PDJT’s Interview…..

The Chinese are going to pay dearly for unleashing this virus on our country under PDJT’s watch. They are about to lose trillions when it comes to the production of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

The POS CoC and the rest of the MORONS can go pound sand if they think our President and his Killers are going to back down.

Keep in mind that the U.S. CoC is the biggest stakeholder of U.S. multinational companies doing business in China. Our President and his administration has been warning them for years to put America First in their business plans. They didn’t listen and now they are going to pay the ultimate price.

From the article linked above:

White House plans to expand “Buy America” mandates to the medical equipment and pharmaceutical sectors could worsen shortages of urgently needed medicines and delay discovery of a vaccine for the new coronavirus, over 80 business groups warned.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and dozens of other business and trade groups urged U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow and other top U.S. officials to drop plans for the order, arguing it would also damage U.S. trading relationship for years to come.

“Preventing federal agencies from sourcing medical equipment and pharmaceutical ingredients from abroad … would only exacerbate the supply shortages racking the United States,” said a letter from the groups, which was also addressed to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro, a long-time trade hawk who is crafting the order, told Fox News late on Wednesday evening that he expected movement on the issue shortly.

We are talking about approximately 800,000 good paying jobs coming back to our country as well as lower prescription drugs and healthcare costs.

From the article linked above:

According to a new study, President Trump could create hundreds of thousands of new jobs by bringing pharmaceutical industries back to the U.S. Research from the Coalition for a Prosperous America revealed that a reshoring of drug manufacturing facilities could create 800,000 high-paying jobs across the nation.

Economists have also claimed the move would ease America’s reliance on imported drugs from countries like China, Germany and Ireland. Additionally, it would reduce drug prices and healthcare costs for all Americans.

President Trump has said the coronavirus panic must have taught Americans a lot.

“We should never be reliant on a foreign country for the means of our own survival, I think we’ve learned a lot,” he said, “This crisis has underscored just how critical it is to have strong borders and a robust manufacturing sector.”

Peter Navarro is an Assassin! He decides to punch the CoC and Big Pharma lobbyists in the mouth.

From the article linked above:

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro is hitting back at a group of Big Pharma lobbyists, medical organizations, and free trade groups for opposing President Trump’s proposed ‘Buy American’ executive order reshoring the medical supply chain.

Navarro, the assistant to the president for trade and manufacturing, told The Spectator that Big Pharma’s opposition to the executive order, which would require government agencies to purchase pharmaceutical products made in the US, because it wants to ‘preserve its offshore oligopoly’.

‘All the EO would do is ensure that government agencies, including the VA, HHS, and DoD, Buy American,’ Navarro said. ‘America is more than up to that task and Big Pharma and its well-heeled Swamp Creatures need to stop being such a divisive element in American politics.’

[…] ‘At this time, while supply chains for a broad range of US industries are stressed due to the global COVID-19 crisis and a number of factors related to the crisis already raised concerns about shortages, it is important that we do not take any measures that could undermine the complex arrangements between firms that allow for efficient delivery of medicines to patients,’ the draft letter reads.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin called in to CNBC for a phone interview to discuss the coronavirus relief bill that passed on Wednesday night.

He was also asked about his reaction to seeing the 3.28 million new unemployment claims reported for the past week during the interview. Mnuchin said, “To be honest, I think these numbers right now aren’t relevant whether they’re bigger or shorter in the short term.”

Don’t believe the fear mongers saying that Nancy Pelosi was able to get the mail-in-ballot into the CARES bill. She didn’t!

From the article linked above:

[…] House Democrats, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, had pushed hard for $4 billion to be made available to states to provide for safe voting amidst a pandemic, but with mail-in balloting to be required as part of that mix. As the bill stands as I write this on the late afternoon of March 25, it provides only one-tenth of the money, $400 million, and does not include mandates for mail-in voting.

[…] In other words, the payments would promote federalism by allowing each state to create systems best suited to their own exigencies.

This lack of mandates for mail-in balloting is a key victory for Republicans and for fair and timely elections.

Projections for the Coronavirus needs in our country were based on an Imperial College scientists that now says his forecast was way off.

From the article linked above:

A scientist who warned that the coronavirus would kill 500,000 people in the United Kingdom has revised the estimate to roughly 20,000 people or fewer.

Scientist and Imperial College author Neil Ferguson said Wednesday that the coronavirus death toll is unlikely to exceed 20,000 and could be much lower, according to New Scientist. He added that he is “reasonably confident” that Britain’s health system can handle the burden of treating coronavirus patients.

The Imperial College had previously warned Of modeling that suggested over 500,000 would die from the virus.

This POS learned a valuable lesson about AMERICA FIRST!

Our President and the Coronavirus Task Force held a press briefing yesterday with the latest updates and information.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Here are some shorter video clips:

Our President’s approval rating continues to rise!

Farmers love our President and they can’t wait to re-elect him.

From the article linked above:

Producers’ support for President Donald Trump has grown despite sluggish exports and their own worries about their financial condition as the economic slowdown triggered by the COVID-19 has developed, according to the latest Agri-Pulse poll of U.S. farmers and ranchers.

Farmers to reelect trumpSome 72% of 600 producers nationwide who were surveyed from Feb. 19 through March 13 said they were willing to support Trump’s reelection, up from 69% during the fall of 2018 and 45% in the spring of 2018.

Our President called-in to Fox News host Sean Hannity for an extensive interview on the latest coronavirus developments.  

[Video Below]

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