3.6.20 News Roundup! Pocahontas Suspends Her Campaign, Michigan Or Bust For Crazy Bernie, Updated Delegate Count, The Monster Vote Is Giving Them A Preview, Black Americans Continue To Awaken, PDJT Is Withholding Federal Funds From Sanctuary Cities, ICE Picking Up the Trash, PDJT Will Be Able To Replace Another Circuit Judge, The Judicial Armada Soon Will Be Growing, PDJT Participates In A Town Hall, Another Amazing Ad Has Been Released…..

Pocahontas decided yesterday to finally suspend her campaign.

From the article linked above:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) ended her presidential bid Thursday after failing to gain traction in the 2020 Democratic primary race. 

Warren made the announcement to her staff on Thursday morning, saying her campaign achieved progress bringing attention to a number of different platforms. 

“We didn’t reach our goal, but what we have done together — what you have done — has made a lasting difference. It’s not the scale of the difference we wanted to make, but it matters — and the changes will have ripples for years to come,” Warren told her staff.

[…] The news comes after Warren failed to perform well in the early primary contests or on Super Tuesday, when she came in third in her home state of Massachusetts. 

She hasn’t endorsed either Crazy Bernie or SleepyCreepy Joe.

Our President is absolutely right! She singlehandedly caused Crazy Bernie to lose Minnesota, Massachusetts, Maine, Texas and possibly Oklahoma.

Crazy Bernie has to focus all of time and attention towards Michigan. The MSM will try to convince voters that SleepyCreepy Joe is leading in the polls. Keep in mind that in 2016, the night before the Michigan primary, they had HRC up by 21 points. Michigan is one of the most difficult states to poll.

The following states will have their primaries on Tuesday, March 10th:

  • Idaho – 20 delegates
  • Michigan – 125 delegates
  • Mississippi – 36 delegates
  • Missouri – 68 delegates
  • North Dakota – 14 delegates
  • Washington – 89 delegates

As of right now the delegate count looks as follows:

  • SleepyCreepy Joe – 610 delegates
  • Crazy Bernie – 541 delegates
  • Pocahontas – 64 delegates
  • MiniMike – 59 delegates
  • Mayor Pete – 26 delegates
  • Amy Klobuchar – 7 delegates
  • Tulsi Gabbard – 2 delegates

The following number of delegates is still outstanding:

  • Alabama – 3 delegates
  • California – 137 delegates
  • Colorado – 28 delegates
  • North Carolina – 7 delegates
  • Tennessee – 2 delegates
  • Utah – 13 delegates
  • TOTAL OUTSTANDING – 190 delegates

Don’t show this article to a Leftist, Democrat, Never Trumper etc. because it will drive them absolutely insane. The Monster has begun to show them what is about to hit them on November 3rd.

From the article linked above:

While the media and many Americans naturally focused on the five-car pileup that was the Democrat side of Super Tuesday, few noticed what was cruising past that traffic jam: the Trump Train.

In state after state on Super Tuesday, people turned out in record numbers to vote for President Donald J. Trump in Republican primaries that weren’t even contested. Think about that statement for a moment — in an era when voter apathy has been on the rise and turnout has been on the decline, record numbers stood in line to cast a ballot for the President in a race he had already won.

In Texas, President Trump received nearly the same number of votes as all the Democrat candidates combined, and 1.2 million more votes than the Democrat winner.

In Colorado, turnout for the Republican Primary was higher than for the three previous presidential primaries combined.

They realize that there is absolutely nothing they can do to hold back the Black vote for PDJT. Their polling is driving them crazy. Especially since their polling in 2016 was 1% point lower than the percentage that voted for our President.

From the article linked above

[…] Robert Jones, founder and C.E.O. of the Public Religion Research Institute, wrote in an email that

[…] just ahead of the 2016 election, only 5 percent of African Americans said they thought Trump “understands the problems of people like them,” and 75 percent of African- Americans said they did not know a single person among their friends and family who was supporting Trump; moreover, Trump’s favorability in PRRI polling in 2016 was 7 percent among African Americans.

[…] PRRI’s most recent series of weekly surveys, conducted from late March through December 2019 with a total of 40,000 interviews, show that Trump’s positive numbers among African- Americans, although still low, have more than doubled. Jones pointed out by email that Trump’s favorability rating among black voters overall increased from 7 percent in 2016 to 18 percent in 2019, with a large gender gap; Trump’s favorability rating among black men in 2019 was 23 percent and 14 percent among black women.

You want to break the law, you will lose your federal funding!

ICE will also be in your sanctuary city to pick up the trash!

From the article linked above:

Intensifying its enforcement in so-called sanctuary cities across the country, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has begun 24-hour-a-day surveillance operations around the homes and workplaces of undocumented immigrants. The agency plans to deploy hundreds of additional officers in unmarked cars in the coming weeks to increase arrests in cities where local law enforcement agencies do not cooperate with federal immigration enforcement.

ICE leadership has requested at least 500 special agents who normally conduct long-term investigations into dangerous criminals and traffickers to join the enhanced arrest campaign rolling out in sanctuary cities, according to an internal email reviewed by The New York Times.

[…] ICE officers are embarking on the aggressive surveillance campaign, which involves closely watching some individuals for more than 12 hours a day in the hopes of arresting them outside their homes or workplaces.

To achieve their goal, officers assigned to the latest operations are working longer hours, and for longer stretches of time, often 10 days in a row rather than the usual five.

Our President will be able to replace another Circuit Judge on the D.C Circuit. He will be appointing another young judge replacing a judge that was put in place by  Bush.

From the article linked above:

Judge Thomas Griffith on Thursday announced plans to retire from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, handing President Trump his third vacancy on the influential bench.

Griffith is set to retire in September, just two months ahead of the 2020 election, as politics intensify the focus on Trump’s conservative makeover of the federal courts.

The judge, a George W. Bush appointee and 15-year veteran of the D.C. Circuit, made headlines last week when he ruled against House Democratic lawmakers who sought to enforce a subpoena against a former Trump aide.

[…] The 65-year-old judge’s pending departure will mark the third vacancy for Trump to fill on the D.C. Circuit, which is sometimes referred to as “the second most important court” after the U.S. Supreme Court — where a disproportionate number of D.C. Circuit judges eventually land.

The Judicial Armada will be expanding soon!

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the Town Hall with our President from Scranton, Pennsylvania, you can find the video below.

Here are some shorter video clips:

Another incredible ad that started playing in South Carolina on Wednesday.

Our President is the greatest winner on the face of the Earth!

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