3.2.20 News Roundup! Steve Bannon’s Interview, China’s PMI Fell To 35.7% In February, Our Economy Continues To Grow While the World Contracts, Senator Rubio’s Interview, Mayor Pete Suspends His Campaign In Order To Hurt Crazy Bernie On Super Tuesday, Blacks Turn Their Back On MiniMike, Black Americans Continue To Awaken, Democrats Are Mortified By the % Of Hispanics Supporting PDJT, Cuban Americans Show Their Love For PDJT, Coronavirus Polling, VP Pence’s Multiple Interviews, Patient With the Coronavirus Tells What It Is Like…..

Steve Bannon discussed the Chinese Coronavirus as an economic contagion and how our President’s economic security doctrine applies to the current downstream impacts.

The necessary response within China to control the spread of the Coronavirus was to shut down most commerce. Factories, schools &  businesses throughout China were impacted as various containment measures took hold.

The Chinese response led to them contracting even further than forecasted.

From the article linked above:

China’s manufacturing plunged in February by an even wider margin than expected after efforts to contain a virus outbreak shut down much of the world’s second-largest economy, an official surveyed showed Saturday.

The survey, coming as global stock markets fall on fears the virus will spread abroad, adds to mounting evidence of the vast cost of the disease that emerged in central China in December and its economic impact worldwide.

The monthly purchasing managers’ index issued by the Chinese statistics agency and an industry group fell to 35.7from January’s 50 on a 100-point scale on which numbers below 50 indicate activity contracting.

The PMI decline was widely anticipated after the government extended the Lunar New Year holiday to keep factories and offices closed but the figure was even more severe than many forecasters expected. Many analysts expected a result in the low 40s, which already would have been the lowest since the PMI first was issued in 2002.

Meanwhile we are not dependent on exports to sustain our economy and we are not dependent on any imports at the macro level. Unlike the rest of the world, the U.S. generates and sustains a tremendous amount of our own economic prosperity. The January data:

The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) revealed data last week showing January wage growth .5%, personal income increases .6%, consumer spending at .2%; overall U.S. savings at $1.33 trillion, and low inflation at 1.7 percent year-over-year. Solid and stable.

The Commerce Department said the goods trade deficit contracted 4.6% to $65.5 billion in January. Goods imports tumbled 2.2% last month and exports dropped 1.0%.

Look at what the Atlanta Federal Reserve is currently forecasting for the 1st Quarter real GDP rate:

In this interview with Maria Bartiromo, Senator Marco Rubio discusses the risks that China now represents on a myriad of levels.

PDJT’s entire economic philosophy is putting AMERICA FIRST! He has and is continuing to do exactly that.

The Establishment Democrats, DNC, Never Trumpers and MSM realize that Super Tuesday could destroy their dream of stopping Crazy Bernie from reaching the magic number of 1,991 delegates.

With that being said, they convinced Mayor Pete to suspend his campaign on Sunday.

Our President understands exactly what they are doing:

He is absolutely right! Mayor Pete was not going to get any delegates on Super Tuesday. However, his percentage of the votes in California was going to prevent SleepyCreepy Joe and MiniMike from reaching the 15% threshold needed to earn state delegates.

As you can see from this poll, Crazy Bernie was projected to reach 14% of the vote in California. Mayor Pete was projected for 7%. That 7% will be dispersed to Crazy Bernie (he doesn’t need it), SleepyCreepy Joe (will get him over 15%), MiniMike (will solidify him being over 15%) and Pocahontas (gives her every chance of reaching 15%).

Pocahontas and Amy Klobuchar will stay-in to block Crazy Bernie’s delegate count in Massachusetts and Minnesota respectively (both states vote on Super Tuesday).

I would have agreed to the delegate distribution in the tweet below before seeing Mayor Pete dropping out. The good news is that California and Texas have had early voting happening for the past 3 weeks. Those that voted for Mayor Pete are stuck with their vote.

Amy will drop-out after Tuesday. Warren most likely will because of the embarrassment of losing her home state to Crazy Bernie.

That will leave MiniMike, SleepyCreepy Joe and Crazy Bernie. MiniMike has a Black voter problem that will only get worse over time.

Our President once again is absolutely right!

I love the fact that he is going after and destroying MiniMike!

Meanwhile more and more Blacks are waking up and supporting our President.

Look at the incredible LOVE for our President from the Cuban community in Miami.

From the article linked above:

Caravans of Cuban-Americans rallied in support of President Donald Trump on Saturday after Sen. Bernie Sanders defended Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s policies.

Photos and videos emerged on social media in Miami featuring long lines of cars and trucks flying Cuban and American flags and honking their horns. Others wore MAGA hats and waved Trump 2020 flags to show their support of the president.

The Democrats are mortified by the Hispanic support for our President! They are in for a rude awakening on November 3rd.

This Patriot and his wife will never have to worry about their restaurant! Our President and many other Americans will make sure of it.

Americans can see right through the FAKE NEWS narrative when it comes to our President’s handling of the Coronavirus.

Vice President Mike Pence appeared on several Sunday talk shows to discuss the ongoing efforts of the Coronavirus task force.

Fox News with Maria Bartiromo:

Chuck Todd with Meet the Press:

Excellent thread on how Chuck Todd is misleading the American people when it comes to the Coronavirus.

Jake Tapper and State of the Union:

Our President slaps around SleepyCreepy Joe and the BS he is spewing.

This Coronavirus patient kills the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. narrative.

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