2.20.20 News Roundup! You Can Smell the FEAR In the Air With PDJT’s Acting ODNI Selection, PDJT’s Delivered Remarks On Water Accessibility, Our Prayers Have Been Answered, Florida’s Shade Of Red Is Darkening, Crazy Bernie Has A Double Digit Lead, NBC News/WSJ Poll Has PDJT’s Approval Rating At 51% Amongst INDEPENDENTS, 50% Approval Rating For Two Consecutive Days, PDJT Is Expanding His Base, Housing Numbers Were Through the Roof, Rally Recap Video Clips, PDJT Won the Democrat Debate, Money Can’t Buy You Love…..

You can smell the fear they have by our President’s selection for Acting ODNI! It will be extremely difficult for Burr and the other RINOs to put a stop to it given the fact that Richard is openly gay.

Also our President may never push him forward to be nominated. He can fulfill the role for 210 days as Acting ODNI. He is still going to retain his Ambassadorship to Germany.

From the article linked above:

Mr. Grenell, whose outspokenness throughout his career as a political operative and then as ambassador has prompted criticism, is a vocal Trump loyalist who will lead a group of national security agencies often viewed skeptically by the White House.

He would take over from Joseph Maguire, who has served as the acting director of national intelligence since the resignation last summer of Dan Coats, a former Republican senator from Indiana. Mr. Grenell, who has pushed to advance gay rights in his current post, would apparently also be the first openly gay cabinet member.

[…]  Under American law, Mr. Maguire had to give up his temporary role before March 12. He could return to his old job as director of the National Counterterrorism Center, but he might choose to step down from government.

Mr. Trump can choose any Senate-confirmed official to replace Mr. Maguire as the acting head of the nation’s 17 intelligence agencies.

[…] [Grenell’s] confirmation by the Senate is not assured, one reason the president intents to name him acting director, rather than formally nominating him for the job.

All the POS are coming out tonight against the selection. They know that all their dirty little secrets will be exposed. They know there is absolutely nothing they can do to stop it once he takes over.

The anticipation of Death is far worse than Death itself!

This news must have all the right people losing their minds.

Yesterday our President delivered remarks on water access in Bakersfield, California. Our President was in the valley earlier in the day for a fundraiser hosted by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison.

[Video Below]

Here are some shorter video clips:

Our prayers have been answered. NASCAR driver Ryan Newman walks out of the hospital with his two daughters only a few days after a horrific crash at the Daytona 500.

As I have been saying for a while, the State of Florida s darkening its shade of RED!

From the article linked above:

Heading into the March 17 presidential primaries, registration trends show more new Florida voters might be inspired to vote for President Donald Trump than to vote for any of his Democratic challengers.

Since the November 2018 general election, Republicans have added approximately 141,000 new voters in Florida, while Democrats increased their party by 130,000. That difference is more than in the 2018 U.S. Senate election in which Rick Scott beat Bill Nelson by 10,033 votes.

The latest voter registration numbers are unofficial totals compiled by Florida Politics from the state’s 67 Supervisors of Elections, mostly through Tuesday, which was the last day anyone could register to vote in the March 17 primary.

MiniMike knows damn well that as long as Amy, SleepyCreepy Joe and Mayor Pete stick around, his chances of buying the Democrat nomination will disappear because of Crazy Bernie and the number of delegates he is going to continue to pile up.

It also must of KILLED NBC News/Wall Street Journal to report the approval rating for our President amongst Independents!

From the article linked above:

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is the standout front-runner in the Democratic primary race, while former leader Joe Biden continues his downward spiral after big losses in Iowa and New Hampshire, according to new polling.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s approval rating climbed to tying his all-time high in the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll at 47 percent, signaling impeachment hasn’t hurt the commander in chief and potentially helped him politically. Trump’s approval rating also hit a record of 51 percent among independents, the polling out Tuesday found.

The survey shows Sanders leading the pack after his strong finishes in the first two early voting states at 27 percent support among Democratic primary voters – unchanged from January’s polling. But Biden, who previously led at 26 percent last month, fell to a distant second place at 15 percent.

As Biden’s support waned, former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg continued his steady rise in the national polls, fueled by his millions in TV ad spending. Bloomberg is now at 14 percent (up 5 points); Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts also gets 14 percent (down 1 point); and former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg is at 13 percent (up 6 points), the survey found. All four candidates are in a statistical tie for second place behind Sanders.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., follows the pack at 7 percent nationwide (up 2 points.)

For the second consecutive day, our President’s approval rating hits 50% according to the Rasmussen Poll.

Our President’s base continues to grow!

The Economic Train dropped some incredible data yesterday! Buying a home is the biggest investment a majority of Americans will make in their lifetime. 

While the Democrats debated about how they would destroy our country, our President held another incredible rally in Phoenix, Arizona.

Here is a video recap:

Look at the size of the overflow crowd!

I was SO HAPPY that our President retweeted this incredible moment. This is the America that I love and cherish.

What an incredible moment for all three men!

Richard Bellis sums up the Democrat Debate in his three tweets.

Money can’t buy you love!

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