2.17.20 News Roundup! That’s A Sight For the Ages, They Are Starting To Eat Their Own, MiniMike Thinks He Can Teach Any Average Joe To Farmers, Salena Zito’s Article About Why Farmers Have & Will Vote For Our President, Bernie I Am Your Biggest Fan, MiniMike Ready To Kill the Elderly, Steve Bannon’s Interview, Trey Gowdy’s Interview, Congratulations To Stephen Miller & His Bride…..

What an absolutely incredible day yesterday was. Growing up all my life in NYC, I never got into NASCAR racing. It wasn’t until I was stationed in Mayport, Florida did I finally understand how much I missed.

I couldn’t get enough of our President and FLOTUS at the Daytona 500. From Air Force One flying over the race track to our President being the pacer car to start the race was priceless.

We are truly blessed to be alive during our President’s incredible time in the White House. Generations from now would die to have been alive during the Presidency of the Greatest President this country has ever had since George Washington. At the rate our President is going, he could very easily be the GREATEST EVER!

Here are video clips and pictures capturing the historic day:

Loved this video our President tweeted:

From the article linked above:

President Trump thrilled the crowd at Sunday’s Daytona 500 NASCAR race and those in attendance will be talking for years about his epic entry. 

The leader of the free world was picked to serve as grand marshal at this year’s event and rumors that he would take a lap around the track in his beefed-up presidential limo known as “The Beast” have had fans buzzing for days. 

In addition to being a true patriot who bleeds red, white and blue, Trump is also a master showman and his arrival in Daytona Beach was one for the ages. 

With the overflow crowd at Daytona International Speedway cheering and changing USA! USA! USA! the president had Air Force One fly directly over the track at 800 feet on the way to landing.

Then when Trump arrived at the venue, “The Beast” was rolled out to the delight of the adoring crowd; a fan base that is as patriotic as the POTUS and can be counted on to enthusiastically support him come November in the key swing state. 

Meanwhile the Democrat candidates continue to show how out of touch they are with everyday Americans.

Meanwhile Salena Zito just recently wrote a great article about why farmers have and will continue to vote for our President.

From the article linked above:

Spend any time with people who supported President Trump in 2016, and you quickly find out the reasons they voted for Trump had very little to do with him.

It is likely one of the most misunderstood threads among this new conservative populist coalition. To get the real reasons for their support for Trump, you have to be there where they are, have no preconceived ideas about who they are, and have no prejudice for what you think their motivations are.

Both collectively and individually, they all said their vote for Trump wasn’t for him but rather for their communities.

It was an abstract and complicated decision that rarely makes sense to people who don’t walk in their shoes, live in their ZIP code, or understand how long establishments within both parties have let them down, their parents down, their grandparents down, and their children down.

“People who don’t know farmers or lived near or in a farm community have little idea of why we feel so connected to our place,” said Leum. “But they do seem to have strong opinions about who we are, and when they find out we supported Trump, they look at us as that dumb farmer who doesn’t know any better.”

All five farmers like Trump’s policies. His demeanor? Not so much. But they knew Trump would come through with better trade deals, which he did with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

“That opens up more opportunities for us [dairy farmers] in steadying our trade with Mexico and exporting more with our neighbors in Canada,” Schaub said of the overall industry.

Ultimately, their story is still missed because the focus is still on Trump and not on why his supporters back him. Despite moans from the chattering class saying there have been too many stories on Trump voters, farmers such as these have a story to tell about lives focused on faith, family, and farming. Few who actually know them could argue they’re not creating a profound benefit for the entire country.

They also continue to eat their own.

When you let the crazies out of the insane asylum, don’t be surprised when they show up unannounced and off their meds.

From the article linked above:

A topless protester disrupted Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign rally in Nevada on Sunday — moments after Mayor Bill de Blasio introduced the Democratic presidential candidate to the stage.

De Blasio had just introduced Sanders to the crowd in Carson City as the “next president of the United States,” when Sanders entered the stage with his wife as the song “Power to the People” played.

That’s when a fully clothed woman jumped up and tried to wrest the microphone out of the Vermont senator’s hand, before grabbing another one from the lectern, and started speaking about the candidate’s support for dairy farmers.

“Bernie, I’m your biggest supporter, and I’m here to ask you to stop pumping up the dairy industry and to stop pumping up animal agriculture,” she said. “I believe in you…” she continued, before the mic suddenly went dead and security moved toward her.

Are we at all shocked by this! If it is okay to kill and dismantle the unborn, it will be just fine to kill the old. They will justify it by saying that they are saving the planet, healthcare costs, social security, pension costs etc.

Steve Bannon appeared on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the recent story about MiniMike considering Hillary Clinton as vice-president on a 2020 ticket.

Former congressman Trey Gowdy appeared with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the issues surrounding the non-indictment of the POS Andrew McCabe.

Gowdy notes U.S. Attorney John Durham is looking at specific issues related to former CIA Director John Brennan and activity within the intelligence community that took place prior to the official opening of Crossfire Hurricane on July 31st, 2016.

Congratulations to Stephen Miller and his bride.

From the article linked above:

President Trump on Sunday attended the wedding of senior adviser Stephen Miller at the president’s hotel in Washington, D.C., according to the White House. “The President is at Trump International Hotel for the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Miller,” a statement sent to reporters read.

According to reportsMiller is getting married to Katie Waldman, who formerly served as spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security before Vice President Pence hired her as his press secretary last September.

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  1. Thank you Flep for a great summary of the Daytona 500 and POTUS. I am like you I could not get enough. This was a great reminder and archive! I captured stills of images to send to our son. Also, Bernie got him an eye full of that female protester. He was not looking in her face as she voiced her concerns.


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