News Roundup! WINNING, USMCA Approved In the Senate, Peter Navarro Interview, Wilbur Ross Interview, All 3 Indexes Set New Records, Manufacturing Surveys Show Growth Returning, White House Event: Protecting Every Students Right To Pray In School, The MSM Is Finally Discussing the Splinter Effect, PDJT’s Approval Rating Over 50% In the Rasmussen Poll…..


What an absolutely incredible two days for our President and our country!

Yesterday the Senate ratified the USMCA trade agreement with an 89-10 vote. The agreement now moves to the White House where our President will sign it.

The USMCA gives American producers better access to Canadian dairy markets and also creates a cornerstone for the U.S. manufacturing base. The deal has strict rules of origination for the auto-sector with 75% of parts and materials must be made in north America. The deal also requires that 40% of those industrial parts must come from plants where workers make a minimum of $16/hr, the U.S. auto-industry will gain significant benefits because labor will no longer be cheap in Mexico.

USMCA closes the loophole where imported manufactured goods were delivered into Mexico and Canada, assembled, and then shipped into the U.S. market. The agreement requires the creation of the goods in North America in order to avoid tariffs.

The initial estimates highlight GDP gains around .35% with an additional 176,000 jobs for American manufacturing workers.

Ratification in Canada is all that is left before the deal goes into effect. That should happen before the end of the month.

From the article linked above:

  • The Senate passes a new North American trade deal, sending it to President Donald Trump’s desk.
  • The chamber overwhelmingly voted to pass the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement after most Democrats got on board.

The Senate passed a new North American trade deal Thursday, sending one of President Donald Trump’s top priorities to his desk for ratification.

The GOP-held chamber approved the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement in an overwhelming 89-10 vote. After Trump signs the three-nation pact, it needs only Canada’s approval to take effect.

USMCA will head to the president more than 14 months after the North American nations agreed to the deal. The Trump administration worked with Democrats to resolve concerns about enforcement of labor and environmental standards — changes that led most but not all of the party’s lawmakers to support the agreement.

The Senate’s passage of USMCA came a day after Trump signed a partial trade deal with China. The agreement with Beijing does not require congressional approval.

The Assassin, Peter Navarro, appeared on Fox Business with Charles Payne to discuss the ramification of China ‘phase-one’ and the USMCA for the middle-class blue-collar economy.

Our Wilburine appeared lasy night for a discussion on economics and trade with Lou Dobbs. Secretary Ross discussed the current status of the economy and how the two trade agreements have established the foundation for a completely restructured U.S. trade relationship for years to come.

Wilburine now has his eyes fixed on the European Union!

This graph shows how incredible PDJT has been to our economy!

The Economic Train was so excited that she decided to provide our President and our country with some incredible winning.

All three major indexes set new records on the Stock Exchange!

From the article linked above:

The U.S. manufacturing sector appears to be regaining its footing, suggesting the beaten-down sector may once again be expanding.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s survey-based index of manufacturing activity soared to 17 in January, up from the weak 0.3 reading in December and well-above forecasts for a reading of 3.0.

That followed a better than expected reading from the New York Fed’s Empire State index, which rose to 4.8 from 3.5. Economists had forecast it remaining close to unchanged.

The gauges tracking capital expenditures, hiring, and new orders all improved from the prior month. The expectations for the future hit the highest level since 2018.

“Over 62 percent of the firms anticipate increasing production in the first quarter,” the Philly Fed said. “Among the firms expecting an increase in production, 25 percent indicated that this would be accomplished with additional workers. 

Yesterday our President held an Oval Office event focused on protecting every student’s constitutional right to pray in school. The President is updating Federal guidance regarding protected prayer and religious expression in public schools (not updated since 2003). The new guidance makes clear that students can read religious texts or pray during recess and other non-instructional periods, organize prayer groups, and express their religious beliefs in their assignments.  

The President also answered questions from the attending press pool.

[Video and Transcript Below]

Here are some shorter video clips:

This little guy is so grateful for what our President did!

This is exactly what will happen to the Democrat Party. I have said in past news roundups that we will see the Democrat Party splinter into two different parties. You will see the Progressive/Socialist Democrat Party and the Establishment Democrat Party. 

When it occurs after the 2020 Election, Republicans will have every opportunity going forward for the next two decades to remain the majority in the House, Senate and Oval Office.

This is how TRUMPISM remains in place long after our President’s incredible 8 years in office.

Governor DeSantis understands that he can carry it forward for 8 years if he plays his cards right.

From the article linked above:

Many don’t remember the deep resentment and consternation among Bernie Sanders’ supporters in 2016. I saw it with my own eyes in Philadelphia the night Mrs. Clinton formally accepted her party’s nomination. Bernie supporters were in the upper deck of the Wells Fargo Center holding “HILLARY” signs with letters blackened out to read “**LIAR*.”  They knew their party rejected him from the beginning and rigged it for her. They would not forget. They won’t take it quietly the next time.   

They’re back and this time they have a very destructive plan.  

Right on cue, it appears the Democratic establishment does indeed have the same playbook in store for Bernie 2020. Come hell or high water, Democratic party elders don’t believe the man with actual enthusiasm behind him deserves their party’s nomination. They correctly calculate the enthusiasm for him isn’t widespread enough, nor is what he’s selling palatable to Americans outside of Manhattan, Boston, Detroit, and LA.  

So they’re shoving Joe Biden down their socialist base’s throat with some assists along the way from familiar faces inside the party who want to take Bernie out at the knees before he wins critical early primaries like Iowa.

While that’s disturbing, it’s the least of the Democrats’ worries over Bernie. He’s obviously not going to run a third time. He’s not a young man anymore. But he does have some rabid, young support in his millennial pals in the House known as “The Squad.” 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has already demonstrated she won’t be cowed by Democratic establishment figures like her boss Speaker Pelosi. She’s long challenged the traditional rules of political norms in Washington. AOC’s behavior in the new year has been particularly interesting, and I believe a foreshadowing of what might be in store for disenfranchised Bernie boosters.

Democrats beware. You’re playing with fire. This time they’re going to make you feel the “Bern.”  

Our President’s approval rating is back to 51% according to the Rasmussen Poll!

We have the Greatest Winner in the world in the White House!

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