News Roundup! Steve Bannon’s Interview, Kevin McCarthy’s Interview, Steve Mnuchin’s Interview, PDJ’s Iran Strategy Is Working, The Iranian People Can Feel It, PDJ Continues To Tweet His Support, Iranian Protesters Refuse To Walk On the US or Israeli Flags, Crazy Nancy Knows She Can’t Stop What Is About To Happen In Iran, Rouhani Wants To De-escalate To Buy Time, The Walls Are Closing In, Wall Video Update…..

Our President tweeted the interview with Steve Bannon and Maria Bartiromo. Steve discussed the rising support for democracy around the world (Iran, Hong Kong, Taiwan) and connected the movement to the impeachment effort against our President.

Steve considers the Senate impeachment trial as the “trial of the century”, where the professional political class gets brought into the trial and the framework becomes an expose’ on how our President is willing to take down the system.

Steve also thinks that our President should not deliver his State of the Union until the impeachment trial is over.

The interview was excellent and worth listening to.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy appeared with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the current status of Crazy Nancy’s BS impeachment effort. Kevin emphasized his belief that Pelosi’s intention is to block Bernie Sanders from achieving the democrat party presidential nomination.

Bernie winning the nominee would be the worst nightmare for BHO and the Establishment Democrats. They would forever lose control of the Democrat Party.

AOC is a Bernie disciple. I am not surprised by this at all.

Our President knows that Bernie would be their worse nightmare and a gift to his reelection campaign.

Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin also appeared with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the latest round of sanctions against Iran. He notes the economic engagement by China with Iran may open up Beijing to countermeasures for violating sanctions. PDJT is not playing games and China will learn the hard way.

He also outlined some aspects of the U.S-China ‘phase-one’ trade agreement and affirmed the key point of enforcement mechanisms built into the agreement by Robert Lighthizer. The official signing is this coming Wednesday.

I really believe that we are on the cusp of a revolution happening in Iran. Our President and his administration understand it.

The people of Iran are ready, willing and able to overthrow the Mullahs once and fore all.

From the article linked above:

Iran killed an American contractor, then killed 176 innocents on an airplane. But the really horrifying thing is they killed more than 1,500 of their own citizens over the past months for the crime of protesting against the regime.

Despite that crackdown, they are out in force protesting again, showing the bravery of the Iranian people and offering proof they are not going to accept the ongoing corruption and oppression of the mullahs. They have seen the damage these fanatics have done to the world and to their own country and they’ve had enough.

The protesters got a tremendous boost when President Trump sent a tweet in Farsi supporting their cause, which rapidly became the most liked tweet in Farsi in the history of Twitter.

From the article linked above:

Stunning images and photos emerged on Sunday from the protests inside Iran showing demonstrators attacking images of former Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani while also refusing to walk on American and Israeli flags.

BBC reporter Ali Hamedani tweeted a video that showed student protesters refusing to walk on a giant American and Israeli flag that were painted on the ground, writing, “At the height of the Iranian establishment anti Americanism, Tehran Beheshti university’s students refused walking over the US and Israel flag while participating in #IranProtests. They all grew up to hate the two countries but seems like the revolutionary ideology is failed.”

Crazy Nancy can say whatever BS that she wants but she knows that PDJT and his actions have brought us to this historic moment. 

I am not at all surprised to hear Rouhani say what he said. He realizes they are on borrowed time and he and the Mullahs are hoping to buy time before they are thrown out of the country.

From the article linked above:

Iran signalled Sunday it favours “de-escalation” after 10 days of heightened tensions with the United States that saw both sides fire missiles and led Tehran to accidentally shoot down a passenger aircraft.

Tehran said it was interested in easing tensions in the region amid a standoff with arch-enemy Washington, which on January 3 killed a revered Iranian general, Quds Force chief Qasem Soleimani, in a Baghdad drone strike.

In a meeting between Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani and the emir of Qatar, both sides agreed de-escalation is the “only solution” to the regional crisis, the emirate’s ruler said afterwards.

Qatar hosts the largest US military base in the region but also enjoys strong ties with Iran, with which it shares the world’s largest gas field.

“This visit comes at a critical time in the region,” Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani said on what was believed to be his first official visit to the Islamic republic.

“We agreed… that the only solution to these crises is de-escalation from everyone and dialogue.”

For his part, Rouhani said: “Given the importance of security of the region… we’ve decided to have more consultations and cooperation for the security of the entire region.”

From the article linked above:

The Iranian regime is threatened under President Trump for the first time ever, according to one Muslim scholar.

“They’ve had a disastrous outcome to their attempt of intimidating the United States,” Council on Foreign Relations member Qanta Ahmed said Sunday on Fox & Friends. “Their attempts on the embassy in Baghdad failed, they’ve had Qassem Soleimani [figuratively] decapitated, they had to admit that they shot down their own commercial airliner, killing hundreds of people, 83 Iranians, many Iranians have lost multiple family members.”

She added, “I think the Iranians have to ask themselves what else have they concealed.”

[…] “They would have to deny this regime. I do think this regime, for the first time ever, is seriously threatened. People are saying, ‘The United States is not our enemy. The regime is our enemy,'” she said. “That kind of explicit speech I’ve never encountered.” 

Here is an update video of our Wall!

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