News Roundup! BHO Versus Crazy Bernie, Senator Josh Hawley & Other Senate Republicans Are Stepping Up Bigly To Support PDJT, Cocaine Mitch Delivers Remarks About Air Strikes That Killed Soleimani, Judicial Armada, Chinese Startups Are Going Belly Up, Winning BIGLY At Our Southern Border, Virginia Is Waking Up A Sleeping Giant, Energy Dominance……

With each passing day, it looks more and more likely that Crazy Bernie will be the Democrat nominee. BHO has promised to actively run against Bernie if it looks like Bernie will win.

This is the splinter I have written about in the past that will happen to the Democrat Party before the end of 2020. Once BHO and his cast of morons go out to campaign against Bernie, you will see AOC, Ilhan and Talib go after BHO. It is going to get very ugly.

If Bernie is the nominee, he and the crazy Progressives run the Democrat Party. Establishment Democrats will no longer have a Party to call their own. They will have to splinter away and create an Establishment Democrat Party.

If they steal it away from him, the Progressives will splinter away from the Democrat Party.

From the article linked above:

Former President Barack Obama’s top lieutenants are eager to poke every conceivable hole in Bernie Sanders’ resurgent bid for the Democratic nomination. But ask about a coordinated effort to stop his ascending campaign and you’ll get crickets.

Less than a month before voting begins, Obama has declined to offer a preferred pick to take on President Trump in 2020, only occasionally waxing philosophical about the perils of moving too far left and reminding voters to be “rooted in reality” when exploring nominee options. But as Sanders gained new flashes of traction in recent weeks, the former president’s lack of official guidance to halt his momentum, and the scattering of his inner circle to rival campaigns, have hampered any meaningful NeverBernie movement.

[…] The fact that Sanders has enough money and apparent support to compete well beyond the first few early contests and through Super Tuesday, the marquee, delegate-rich event in March, has caused other former Obama hands to take note.

[…] “Bernie Sanders’ chances of winning the nomination are being underestimated and under-discussed. He might be the candidate with the best chance to sweep IA, NH, NV before we ever get to South Carolina,” Dan Pfeiffer, one of Obama’s former senior advisers, wrote last month.

Love to see the new Republican Senators (Sens. Josh Hawley of Missouri; Rick Scott of Florida; Mike Braun of Indiana and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee) joining together with other Republican Senators (Ted Cruz of Texas; Steve Daines of Montana; John Barrasso of Wyoming; Tom Cotton of Arkansas; Joni Ernst of Iowa; David Perdue of Georgia and Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma) to protect our President.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley appeared on ‘Fox & Friends’ yesterday morning to outline a proposal for Senate action to throw out the impeachment case if Democrats don’t prosecute it.

From the article linked above:

Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri joined with a host of fellow Republicans Monday to introduce a resolution allowing the chamber to dismiss articles of impeachment against President Trump for lack of prosecution, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delays sending the case for trial.

The resolution specifically would update Senate rules to allow the chamber to bring a motion dismissing the articles.

“In the real world, when a prosecutor brings a case but refuses to try it, the court has the ability and the defendant has the right – the constitutional right, I might add — to have those articles, those indictments, those charges dismissed,”Hawley said in a speech on the Senate floor. “That is precisely the action that I am proposing today.”

Hawley’s resolution would allow the Senate to dismiss the articles of impeachment for lack of prosecution, once the House has withheld articles for 25 calendar days or more. Under the proposed rule, any senator would be able to move to dismiss the articles once the time period has elapsed. That motion would then be voted upon by the full Senate.

Cocaine Mitch delivered remarks about the U.S. strike in Iraq that killed terrorist Qassem Soleimani.

[Video and Transcript Below]

Remember Mitch’s motto of leaving no vacancy behind.

Chinese startups saw a whole lot of losing in 2019.

From the article linked above:

Hundreds of Chinese tech start-ups — including several unicorns — failed in 2019, with many more limping into the new year, as companies burned through cash in the face of growing financial headwinds. 

According to new data from business information provider ITjuzi, 336 start-ups in the country were forced to cease operations over the course of last year, having collectively raised Rmb17.4bn ($2.5bn) from investors. Among them were companies valued individually at more than $1bn.

Of the 20 costliest failures of “new economy” start-ups — those that have sprung up alongside the internet and private industry over the past two decades — about half occurred in 2019.

The closures come as tech companies in China face an advancing “capital winter”, a funding shortage that began last year as investors grappled with a slowing economy and the end of a venture capital boom. Meanwhile, tech start-ups’ penchant for employing expensive and risky strategies such as large subsidies intended to woo new customers has added to their problems.

With everything that is going on, no one is paying attention to our President’s expanding policies at the Southern Border.

From the article linked above:

Last week, 18 people crossed the border illegally into Arizona hoping they could exploit a loophole in U.S. asylum policy to stay in the country. Instead, they found themselves shipped back to Mexico while their asylum claims are reviewed.

In the midst of impeachment mania and the killing of an Iranian general, this event captured little attention. But it’s part of a broader campaign that the Trump administration has quietly embarked upon to crack down on illegal border crossings. And – even without the wall – these policies are having a huge impact.

The 18 migrants were sent back to Mexico thanks to a policy President Donald Trump implemented that goes by the official name of “Migrant Protection Protocols” (MPP), but more colloquially known as “Remain in Mexico.” First adopted a year ago, the administration has been working with Mexico to steadily expand it. The Nogales port of entry south of Tucson, Arizona, where the 18 were sent, is the site seventh to be included.

Before this policy went into effect, illegal immigrant families knew that if they crossed the border and claimed asylum, they’d effectively get a free pass. Immigration officials would release them into the U.S. within 20 days, on the promise that they would show up for their court date months in the future. Few bother to return. This policy was dubbed “Catch and Release” for a reason.

Now, they must wait in Mexico while immigration judges review their cases.

The Democrats thought they struck gold in the State of Virginia after the last election.  Their craziness might cost them the state in the 2020 Election.

We are so Energy Dominant that Saudi Arabia will be importing our oil!

Not Muh Shu but I thought you might still enjoy.

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