News Roundup! 2 Out Of 3 Indexes Set New Record Highs, Low Wage Workers Are Getting the Biggest Raises, Germans Think PDJT Is the Biggest Risk To World Peace, The Democrats Have A Bernie Problem That Will Destroy Them On November 3rd, No Voter Is Getting Left Behind, Virginia Can Be Won By PDJT, Wall Update, Our President Made the PM Of Denmark An Offer She Couldn’t Refuse, PDJT Saved Her Life, Great Video Clip From Florida…..

Two out of the three major indexes (DJIA and S&P 500) set new record highs yesterday.

Our President shared the great news on Twitter.

It has to be killing the MSM to report on the fact that the Forgotten Men and Women are no longer forgotten under PDJT’s economy.

From the article linked above:

Wages for rank-and-file workers are rising at the quickest pace in more than a decade, even faster than for bosses, a sign that the labor market has tightened sufficiently to convey bigger increases to lower-paid employees.

Gains for those workers have accelerated much of this year, a time when the unemployment rate fell to a half-century low. A short supply of workers, increased poaching and minimum-wage increases have helped those nearer to the bottom of the pay scale.

I laughed my ass off after reading this article. They realize that PDJT has singlehandedly destroyed globalism and will soon destroy the European Union. They also know that there is nothing they can do to stop him.

He is also destroying their economy and the governments ability to provide handouts.

From the article linked above:

A new YouGov survey found Germans consider President Trump more dangerous to world peace than North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un or Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to the German broadcaster DW.

Asked to rank the greatest threat to world peace between Trump, Kim, Putin, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Chinese President Xi Jinping, 41 percent named Trump, compared to Kim at 17 percent, Khamenei and Putin at 8 percent and Xi at 7 percent.

Pollsters surveyed 2,000 Germans for the poll between Dec. 16 and 18.

My brother has convinced me that Bernie Sanders will have the most delegates after all the primaries take place. He thinks that Sanders will not reach the magic number required to be the Democrat nominee.

He thinks that there will be a contested convention. He thinks they will give the nominee to HRC or Mike Bloomberg (who can self fund).

The problem for the Democrats, BHO, HRC, Bloomberg, MSM, Never Trumpers etc. is that Bernie’s people will go absolutely NUTS. This would be the second time that Bernie got screwed.

The data below will be even worse for the Democrat nominee. They will revolt by either voting for our President (I could see the percentage reaching 25%+) or staying home and not voting at all.

Problem for Establishment Democrats, BHO, MSM etc. was that Pocahontas was suppose to be the firewall to hold Bernie back. She is starting to sink like Kamala Harris.

I believe this will lead to Bernie reaching the required number of delegates to become the Democrat nominee.

From the article linked above:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) presidential campaign emailed an urgent fundraising plea to supporters on Friday, conceding it experienced a 30 percent drop in contributions in the fourth quarter.

The campaign revealed to supporters it has raised $17 million in the fourth quarter, a sizeable drop from its $24.6 million haul in the third quarter, as first noted by CNBC.

The drop comes as Warren, once nearly tied with former Vice President Joe Biden for the Democrat primary frontrunner, has seen a steady decline in support, according to state and national polling averages.

In either scenario above, our President will roll to victory! They screw Bernie and he wins. If it is Bernie, he wins!

Fake News had to report on how many registered Democrats are attending our President’s rallies.

They are beginning to realize that our President and his campaign manager are going after every single voter regardless of skin color, party affiliation etc.

From the article linked above:

The Trump campaign announced Friday that it will be launching “Evangelicals for Trump” at a Hispanic megachurch Jan. 3.

The Florida event, which serves as an outreach to a significant part of President Donald Trump’s evangelical base, will take place at El Rey Jesus, or King Jesus International Ministry. El Rey Jesus ministers to up to 15,000 parishioners a week, the majority of whom are Hispanic, according to The Washington Times.

The Democrats believed Virginia was solidly blue. They may live to regret it. Even though they are trying to backtrack on the gun issue, they have already shown their hand. I would never have recommended our President spending anytime or resources in Virginia. However, I now believe that the effort should be made. The entire focus should be on protecting the 2nd Amendment.

From the article linked above:

It’s glorious how the normal people of Virginia are rising up to reject Governor Blackface … or is it Governor KKK-klothes? He can’t seem to remember which one he was in the photo, meaning he had probably donned both creepy get-ups at some point. Yay, our Democrat betters! In any case, the people are telling him, “No, we’re not letting you goose-stepping Bloomberg bots take our guns,” and it is especially glorious that the means to make this righteous commitment is a new, and not garbage, sanctuary movement.

See, the left decided that Virginia, whose northern reaches are now full of government workers and other garbage people, needed to turn blue. With tons of lib donor money and the aid of a typically inept state GOP (I know those feel here in California), they managed to just barely grab control of both houses of the legislature. With Governor Byrd-Jolson in charge, they immediately promised to do away with the Second Amendment. They announced that they were going to confiscate the citizens’ scary guns and do all sorts of other things to show those disobedient, probably Jesus-loving rubes who was boss.

Except, as Chairman Mao – who you think these dorks would appreciate more – pointed out, power grows from the barrel of a gun, not out of a mean tweet.

Instantly, everyone outside the garbage counties locked and loaded their freedom and so the Second Amendment sanctuary movement began. County after county, and many cities, all committed to resisting if the state tried enforcing unconstitutional gun laws against normal citizens. And it was beautiful. The Dems wet themselves.

As much fun as it is to humiliate their garbage governor, the people of Virginia are doing something more important. They are getting woke. This urban lib attack on regular folks – an attack totally unprovoked and being executed solely for the sheer lefty joy of making normal people bend to their will – has roused a sleeping giant. Many of those uncool people, most of whom don’t eat kale or have unusual pronouns, did not bother to vote in recent elections. Then they found that the Democrats were planning to send people with weapons to their homes to steal the tools that keep them safe and free.

The people got woke. 

And the Second Amendment sanctuary movement is only the start. Next election, those people will be out and angry and armed with their ballots. The Dems have backtracked a bit, but it’s too late. They lit the fuse and it will blow up in their smug, goateed faces.

Our Wall is continuing to be built!

Fake News is shocked to find Hispanics that support our President and the Wall.

It seems our President made his point loud and clear when he spoke to the PM of Denmark during the NATO Summit.

From the article linked above:

Denmark has approved the establishment of a U.S. consulate in Greenland, an autonomous part of Denmark, four months after rebuffing U.S. President Donald Trump’s idea of buying the island which stunned Copenhagen and caused a diplomatic spat.

A new consulate is part of a broader move by Washington to expand its diplomatic and commercial presence in Greenland and the Arctic.

“We continue, together with Greenland, the dialogue with the United States about development in the Arctic and the close cooperation on U.S. engagement in Greenland,” foreign minister Jeppe Kofod said in a statement.

At a December NATO summit, the Danish prime minister, after bilateral talks with Trump, announced plans for greater strategic cooperation with the U.S. in the Arctic, while also promising to increase surveillance in the region.

The United States last had a consulate in Greenland between 1940 and 1953.

This was incredible to watch! This young lady would have died if it wasn’t for our President. What she had to say was powerful!

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