News Roundup! A House Democrat Is Leaving the Insane Asylum, Democrat House Member Meets With PDJT, Our President Receives An Incredible Welcome At the Army-Navy Football Game, 4,000 Service Members In Afghanistan Are About To Get An Early Christmas Present, Fake News Can’t Hide All the Winning From This Past Week, Judge Jeanine’s Opening Statement, Shitty Heckled, Three House Republicans Likely To Join Our President’s Impeachment Team In the Senate…..


Nervous Nancy and Shitty are losing their minds this weekend ahead of their floor vote to impeach our President on Wednesday.

Jeff Van Drew is a Democrat Congressman from New Jersey CD-02. According to multiple media reports he is likely to switch to the Republican Party next week due to the impeachment hoax. Van Drew was one of two Democrats who did not support the vote for the impeachment inquiry.

From the article linked above:

[…] Van Drew’s congressional and campaign staff were informed he was planning to switch parties on Saturday, according to Democratic sources. The question was now when, not if, Van Drew was joining the Republican Party, according to several Democrats with knowledge of the ongoing conversations.

As of Saturday afternoon, it was still unclear if Van Drew would make the announcement before the House votes on impeachment, which is expected Wednesday.

“It was supposed to be bipartisan, it was supposed to be incontrovertible. It was supposed to be something that was always on the rarest of circumstances,” Van Drew told reporters about impeachment earlier this week. “Well it’s not bipartisan.”

What kills them even more is the fact that he met with our President to discuss what he is going to do.

From the article linked above:

Rep. Jeff Van Drew, D-N.J., met with President Trump on Friday to discuss going across party lines and joining the Republican Party — this after he has spent months criticizing fellow Democrats for their push to impeach Trump.

A source confirmed to Fox News on Saturday that Van Drew met with Trump to discuss switching parties.

Another source told Fox News that Van Drew may be seeking a Rose Garden ceremony if he were to switch. Van Drew is one of two Democrats who opposed the resolution codifying the impeachment probe. In addition, Van Drew indicated last week he would not support impeachment and thought impeachment would backfire on Democrats.

I thoroughly enjoyed the welcome that our President received yesterday at the 120th Army-Navy college football game.

Our President visited both locker rooms before kickoff.

Here are some shorter video clips.

I LOVE the fact that they played the Rocky theme while our President was on the field.

Secretary Pompeo joined our President at the game.

4,000 service members are about to come home from Afghanistan. They maybe home for Christmas!

From the article linked above:

The Trump administration intends to announce the drawdown of more than 4,000 troops from Afghanistan as early next week, according to three current and former U.S. officials. The withdrawal will leave between 8,000 and 9,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan, the officials said.

The announcement comes just days after Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad rejoined diplomatic talks with the Taliban, which had broken down in September. On Thursday Amb. Khalilzad said the U.S. was “taking a brief pause” in talks after a Wednesday attack near Bagram Airfield killed two Afghan civilians and wounded 70 more.

You know this past week has been bad for the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. when Fake News CNN had to talk about it.

From the article linked above:

While the media and his critics focused on the bitterly divided House impeachment hearings, President Trump this week collected the most agenda wins yet, policy victories, including some backed by Democrats, that bolster arguments he’s making for reelection, according to advisers and analysts.

From adding judges to foreign policy, trade, immigration, defense spending, and China, Trump added several more achievements he will tout when he hosts his next campaign rally, standing in front of a 2020 “Promises Kept” sign.

“It was one of his best weeks yet,” said a key White House adviser.

One of his pollsters, John McLaughlin, joked that if public anger at impeachment continues to grow, worried Democrats might get in line to pass more of his agenda to give them protection in their reelections next year.

“Democrats in states and districts the president won are at serious risk if they vote for impeachment. So they are rushing to vote for the president’s popular positions,” he said, adding, “If [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi and [Senate Minority Leader Chuck] Schumer keep pressing impeachment, it’s likely the president will get his entire agenda passed and reelected in a landslide.”

Added to the list of accomplishments this week:

  • An agreement on a new U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal.
  • A new budget including more than $1.3 billion for a border wall and blocks a government shutdown.
  • House approval of the U.S. Space Force, a brand-new branch of the military.
  • Government family leave that will be a model for a proposal for the public.
  • Tentative agreement on trade with China.
  • Approval of Trump’s 50th federal appeals judge.
  • Confirmation of a new Food and Drug Administration chief.
  • The signing of a pro-Israel anti-Semitism executive order.

Plus, advisers noted, Wall Street hit another record, and Pelosi conceded that on impeachment, “It’s been going on 22 months — two and a half years, actually.”

I love that this happened to the POS!

Judge Jeanine’s opening statement.

I am so happy that our President wants to have three to four House members join his team when the impeachment hoax makes its way to the Senate.

From the article linked above:

A number of House GOP lawmakers are quietly expressing interest in being selected to join President Trump’s impeachment defense team as Republicans brace for proceedings to move to the upper chamber. 

The president wants a combination of lawyers and three to four vocal defenders in the House GOP to be on his legal team, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) recently said on the House Freedom Caucus’s podcast. 

The GOP members most often mentioned as potential candidates include Reps. John Ratcliffe (Texas), Jim Jordan (Ohio) and Doug Collins (Ga.).

“I don’t know the extent of the lobby from Capitol Hill. I think there’s a general consensus that there’s a small group of members that would be, certainly, in the first tier, and another group would be in the second tier,” one GOP lawmaker told The Hill. “Those people in the first tier, obviously, have been the ones who have been more engaged in this process from the beginning. Certainly, Jim Jordan is one of those.” 

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