News Roundup! The Beginning Of the End Of the EU, Jeremy Corbyn Resigns, Merkel Faces A Revolt From Her Own Party, Record Highs On the Stock Market, Phase 1 Deal Agreed Upon, Michael Pillsbury’s Interview With Lou Dobbs, Cocaine Mitch’s Interview With Sean Hannity, PDJT’s Remarks On Child Care & Paid Leave From the WH Summit, PDJT & FLOTUS Host Congressional Ball, Polling Data Is Going Downhill For Democrats, Buy American Products, AG Barr Put Me To Bed With A Huge Smile On My Face…..

The Labour Party in the U.K. got their asses handed to them yesterday. I wrote the other day that our President and his Killers have a plan to destroy the European Union and Globalism. Our Wilburine said that they were waiting on the U.K. Election and Brexit taking place to do a bilateral trade deal with the U.K.

He said that once that gets done the U.K. and our country would negotiate together with the EU. The European Union will have to make a choice. They can either kept the EU in place and get destroyed in the trade deal or they can refuse to negotiate and watch the EU dissolve. They can’t have both.

Our President has cleared the table so that he can put his entire focus on the European Union. The USMCA is going to be ratified sometime in February. The China Phase 1 deal is complete. China and the U.S. agreed that they won’t discuss Phase 2 until after the 2020 Election.

What an absolutely amazing night for Boris Johnson and the Tories.

The POS Jeremy Corbyn has seen his reign of terror come to a screeching halt.

From the article linked above:

Far-left British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn announced that he plans to resign as leader of the party after it was blown out by the Conservative Party in the U.K. General Election.

Corbyn’s decision to step down comes after Conservatives dominated the election winning 368 seats, giving them an 86 seat majority, while the Labour Party only won 191 seats.

“I want to also make it clear that I will not lead the party in any future general election campaign,” Corbyn said. “I will discuss with our party to ensure there is a process now of reflection on this result and on the policies that the party will take going forward and I will lead the party during that period to ensure that the discussion takes place as we move on into the future.”

Nigel Farage loves his country with all his heart. He put his country over his Brexit Party to assure that socialism was defeated.

Piers Morgan is also a very happy man!

The rejection of Globalism is playing itself out in Germany. Angela Merkel is being rebuked by her own Party when it comes to Huawei.

From the article linked above:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing a potential revolt in parliament by lawmakers seeking to override her China policy and effectively ban equipment supplier Huawei Technologies from the country’s fifth-generation wireless network.

A bill drafted by lawmakers in Merkel’s ruling coalition stipulates that German authorities should be able to exclude “untrustworthy” 5G equipment vendors from “core as well as peripheral networks”. That goes beyond previous calls that sought to ban the Chinese firm from the more sensitive core network alone.

The effort in the Bundestag, Germany’s lower house of parliament, is a major challenge to Merkel’s attempts at balancing security considerations over 5G with Germany’s delicate economic ties with China.

Hawks in her government, including German intelligence agencies and the Interior Ministry, have warned that Huawei’s ties to the government in Beijing pose a security risk.
Back home in our country, the Stock Market had another record breaking day. Both the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite Index set new records.

From the article linked above:

Stocks climbed Thursday after President Trump said on Twitter that the U.S. and China are nearing a trade deal.

Major indexes jumped after Mr. Trump tweeted, “Getting VERY close to a BIG DEAL with China. They want it, and so do we!”

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 220.75 points, or 0.8%, to 28132.05. The S&P 500 gained 26.94 points, or 0.9%, to 3168.57, while the Nasdaq Composite advanced 63.27 points, or 0.7%, to 8717.32.

Both the S&P and the Nasdaq closed at records, while the Dow ended the day within 0.1% of its previous closing high, set last month.

Speaking of the Phase 1 trade deal that our President agreed to, you know it is bad for China because they have refused to have a signing ceremony. Some details have been speculated on. I am not sure if what the MSM zips saying is true.

Notice in the article below they only present what China is supposedly getting out of the deal.

From the article linked above:

U.S. negotiators have offered to reduce tariffs on about $375 billion in Chinese goods by 50% across the board, two people familiar with the negotiations said, and suspend tariffs on $160 billion in goods scheduled to go into effect on Sunday.

Michael Pillsbury is in direct communication with our President. He shares a lot more details in this interview with Lou Dobbs.

Cocaine Mitch decided to rain on the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. parade with the announcement he made on Hannity last night. He stated he will be working closely with White House counsel and the President’s lawyers. The Senate Leader also said “there’s no chance the President is removed from office”.

Our President had a really busy day yesterday.

President Trump outlined principles for common sense, innovative child care policy reforms and practices that increase access to quality care, choice, and flexibility for America’s working parents.

[Video and Transcript Below]

President Trump delivered short remarks at the Congressional Ball. He started by saying “we’re having a very exciting month in Washington DC”, and later remarks “we’re going to have a fantastic year.” 

Does that sound like a ,an that is worried? If I were the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. I would be shaking in my booths!

Nervous Nancy knows that the longer impeachment goes on in the House, the worse it becomes for her Party.

From the article linked above:

New national, state, and combined average polls from recent days not only suggest that public support for impeachment has stalled but that impeachment is beginning to backfire on the Democrat Party as they move forward with their attempt to remove the president from office.

“According to the Monmouth poll – which was released Wednesday – 50 percent said the president should not be impeached and removed from office, with 45 percent calling for impeachment and removal from the White House,” Fox News reported. “It’s a similar story in the Quinnipiac survey, which was released on Tuesday. By a 51-45 percent margin, Americans opposed impeaching and removing the president, little changed from the school’s late November poll.”

However, a new Real Clear Politics average poll, which was featured by Fox News’ Chris Wallace and Bret Baier on Thursday, noted that support for impeachment is now the lowest it has ever been and the opposition to it is at the highest it’s ever been.

NOTE: The polling data is far worse in the battleground states 

A new Marquette Law Poll found that in the swing state of Wisconsin, for example, the majority of people opposed impeachment.

CBS 58 reported, “Forty percent of respondents favored impeaching and removing president Donald Trump from office, versus 52 percent who do not.”

Another nugget from the Marquette Law School Poll is our President’s approval rating.

From the article linked above:

What’s more, they said his approval rating in the key battleground state is above average at 47%.

Richard Baris has a warning for Democrats!

As you begin to do your Christmas shopping, here is a list of 100+ brands that make all their products in our country.

From the article linked above:

In a time when so many of our goods are made overseas, it’s nice to be reminded of brands and retailers that sell merchandise 100% made in the USA.

When you buy American, you help to keep local businesses strong and support domestic job growth at the same time.

100+ Brands and Stores 100% Made in the USA

These 100+ brands and stores are 100% made in the USA. If you’re in the patriotic spirit, or just want to support an American small business, here’s a list of companies to consider!

What an incredible day! This made me smile as I went to bed. Pain is coming for every POS involved in the coup against our President.

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