News Roundup! Hanukkah Reception & EO Signing At the White House, Governor DeSantis Absolutely Gets It, Retired Admiral Ronny Jackson Running For Congress, 50th Circuit Judge Confirmed, ICE Deports Over A Quarter Million Illegals, 31 House Democrats Face Extinction, PDJT Has Been Talking About NAFTA For Decades, Kimberley Strassel Is Absolutely Right, Don Jr. Tweet Hits It Out Of the Park, PDJT Got Everything In the NDAA Bill…..


Yesterday our President and FLOTUS hosted a Hanukkah Reception at the White House.  The event included a historic signing ceremony for an executive order combating anti-semitism.

[Video and Transcript Below]

Below you will find the Executive order that our President signed.

Here is a video clip of the signing.

Governor DeSantis absolutely get it!

From the article linked above:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wants your students to learn civics.

The governor made a stop at the North Collier County Regional Park in Naples on Tuesday, where he announced students will now be required to learn civics education in school.

He says it will teach them the system of governments and principals that underlay our Constitution.

High school seniors will now be required to pass a civics exam similar to the citizenship exam taken by naturalized citizens.

I was so happy to read about this. Admiral Jackson was railroaded by the Democrats and MSM when he was our President’s personal physician.

From the article linked above:

Driven by service to our nation and to Texas, Dr. Ronny Jackson traded his cowboy boots for combat boots when he joined the United States Navy in 1995. And now, he is coming back to Texas to fight for our Texas Values in Congress.

“I was born and raised in Texas and I know the meaning of hard work and service. I’ve spent the last 24 years wearing the Uniform of our Country and fighting for the same Texas values that were instilled in me by my parents and my community.

In Congress, I will continue to fight for those Texas values.” 

Dr. Ronny Jackson is a retired Rear Admiral in the United States Navy. After 24 years of active duty service in the military, he is working to continue his public service as a Member of Congress representing the people of the 13th congressional district.

Yesterday was another historic day for our President and Cocaine Mitch! The Trump Judicial Armada added its 50th Circuit Judge. Ten out of the 13 Circuit Judges appointed by a Republican President were now done by PDJT.

From the article linked above:

The Republican-controlled Senate on Wednesday afternoon confirmed Lawrence VanDyke to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, marking President Trump’s 50th successful appellate court appointment in just three years in office, and his second to the historically liberal 9th Circuit in as many days.

By contrast, President Barack Obama nominated a total of 55 circuit judges who were confirmed over eight years — and Obama’s nominees were, on average, approximately ten years older. The White House has dramatically transformed the 9th Circuit, a powerful court with jurisdiction over nine states and Guam that has long been a thorn in the president’s side.

Of the 30 active seats on the 9th Circuit, 10 have now been appointed by Trump, and 14 by Republican presidents. Only nine of the court’s 19 semi-retired “senior status” judges were appointed by Democrats, with 10 by Republicans. That’s a major change from early last year, when only six of the active judges on the 9th Circuit were chosen by Republicans.

Trump singled out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., for a standing ovation, saying his impact in methodically confirming judges in the Senate was “truly amazing.” Trump went on to joke that it was “so easy” to get Supreme Court justices confirmed, in a nod to the contentious Brett Kavanaugh hearings last year.

“Generations from now, Americans will know that Mitch McConnell helped save the constitutional rule of law in America — it’s true,” Trump said.

As Democrats, MSM, Leftistes etc. want to see ICE abolished, they are continuing to do their work each and every day.

From the article linked above:

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency deported more than a quarter of a million illegal aliens from the United States in Fiscal Year 2019, including roughly 5,500 gang members.

Between September 2018 and October 2019, ICE agents deported about 267,258 illegal aliens from the U.S. — a more than four percent increase compared to 2018 and a nearly 20 percent increase compared to 2017 deportation levels.

This year, about 85,958 of those illegal aliens were deported from the interior of the U.S., while the other more than 181,000 illegal aliens were deported after arriving at the southern border.

The overwhelming majority of illegal aliens deported from the U.S. interior, roughly 65,000, were convicted criminals, while another 13,500 illegal aliens had pending criminal charges against them. There are anywhere between 11 and 22 million illegal aliens living in the interior of the country at any given time, straining ICE’s resources.

Those 31 Democrats that won their seat in the House are feeling the anger of their voters when they return back home!

I LOVE the fact that Brad Parscale has been releasing their internal polling data on those 31 House Democrats.

We will find out next week how many of them are that stupid!

From the article linked above:

Impeaching President Trump will be an easy “yes” vote for many liberal Democrats. But vulnerable moderates face the difficult choice: oppose voters in their districts or their own caucus.

“I’m leaning no,” Rep. Collin Peterson, a Minnesota Democrat, told the Washington Examiner. “I want to look at everything.”

Several Democrats from swing districts interviewed by the Washington Examiner said they had not decided whether to support the two articles of impeachment announced Tuesday by Democratic leaders. The articles charge Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The House could vote on the articles next week.

Peterson predicted only “four or five” Democrats will likely vote against the articles, which would represent a very small defection out of 233 House Democrats and would leave plenty of room to pass the articles with a robust margin leaders can showcase.

Peterson, however, is among 31 swing-district Democrats who must answer to constituents who voted for President Trump and who largely oppose the House Democratic impeachment effort.

Only 216 votes will be required to pass impeachment articles. That gives Democratic leaders plenty of cushioning, up to 17 votes, if they want to spare some of the most vulnerable Democrats such as Peterson, Van Drew, and Slotkin.

But their list of “toss-up” Democratic incumbents is a long one. The nonpartisan Cook Political Report lists 18 Democratically held seats as toss-up races and another 18 Democratically held seats as highly competitive.

And in an ominous sign for Democrats, a Quinnipiac poll released Tuesday showed slightly more than half of voters oppose impeaching Trump.

Our President has been talking about how terrible NAFTA has been for our country for decades.

Kimberley Strassel absolutely gets it! This is exactly with U.S. Attorney John Durham is looking into. This will bring down the whole house of cards. It will show that everything the FBI, CIA and Obama administration were doing by initiating Crossfire Hurricane and the FISA’s on Carter Page were needed to cover up the fact that they were attempting a coup against candidate and now President Donald J. Trump.

Don Jr. hit the nail on its head!

Democrats got completely destroyed in the NDAA Bill!


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