News Roundup! AG Barr Was Incredible In His Interview With NBC & WSJ, Wilbur Ross Interview, USMCA Will Get Approved, PDJT Loves To Troll Them, PDJT’s Presser, Judicial Armada Grew With Many Vacancies Still On the Horizon, PDJT’s Polling Continues To Rise, French Protests Continue, Steps Taken By Russia & Ukraine For Peace, Space Force Is Becoming A Reality, Rally Recap Video Clips & Pictures…..

Comey, Page, Baker, McCabe and Brennan took a victory lap on Monday. They and the MSM were asking for our President’s apology. It is amazing how their attitudes have changed in the last 24 hours.

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr has sent them all into an apoplectic fit after his interview with NBC was released. He discussed the findings of IG Horowitz’s review of a corrupted FISA process.

He also talked about how the FBI weaponized their official duty in an effort to carry out what seems to have been a political agenda. AG Barr goes into detail with his thoughts on the current criminal review being conducted by U.S. Attorney John Durham. He also discussed the alliance of media assets to achieve political goals.

Here are some shorter video clips.

From the article linked above:

Attorney General William Barr on Tuesday offered stern criticism of the FBI over its investigation into the Trump campaign in 2016, disputing a Justice Department inspector general’s report one day earlier and saying it is possible the bureau acted in “bad faith.”

Barr in an interview with NBC News also elaborated on his disagreement with a key conclusion of Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report that the investigation was justified, saying he doesn’t believe the evidence backed up the steps that were taken.

“Here, I felt this was very flimsy,” Barr said. “I think when you step back here and you say, ‘What was this all based on,’ it’s not sufficient.”

“There was and never has been any evidence of collusion and yet this campaign and the president’s administration has been dominated by this investigation into what turns out to be completely baseless,” Barr continued.

AG Barr also gave an interview to the WSJ. He discussed the information released within the IG report on FBI 2016 election surveillance against candidate Trump and the FISA exploitation for use therein.

This information that Barr shared about the POS Comey gave me goosebumps!

Our Wilburine did a fantastic interview with Maria Bartiromo yesterday.

He highlighted the fact that Pelosi was very strategic about when to announce support for the USMCA. She needed to do it now in order to obfuscate the highly partisan political impeachment effort. He also shared that the changes that were asked for by the Democrats were very minimal.

He also discussed the specifics of China, the EU and Brexit. I came away from the interview realizing that our President and his Killers want to break the entire European Union. Brexit is the key to that happening. The trade deal with the U.K. will happen quickly. Than and only than will they (including the U.K.) turn their attention to the EU.

The EU will have to decide at that point whether to get taken to the cleaners by us or holdout and watch all their corporations move to the U.K. & our country in order to stay away from the tariffs our President is going to impose. This will ultimately lead to countries saying that they are leaving the EU in order to negotiate directly with our country.

Our President absolutely loves to troll the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. This tweet did it!

Our President spoke with the press before leaving for his rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

[Video and Transcript Below]

The Trump Judicial Armada added its 49th Circuit Judge and moved the 50th Circuit Judge one step closer to being confirmed!

The exciting news is that there are still plenty of vacancies that will be filled by our President and Cocaine Mitch.

  • U.S. Court of Appeals – 1 vacancy (1 nominee pending)
  • U.S. District Courts – 79 vacancies (42 nominees pending)
  • U.S. Court of International Trade – 2 vacancies (1 nominee pending)
  • U.S. Court of Federal Claims – 8 vacancies (7 nominees pending)
  • TOTAL – 90 vacancies (51 nominees pending)

Our President’s polling has only gotten stronger since the impeachment circus started!

The French citizens have not stopped their protests.

What will the Democrats and MSM talk about if there peace between Russia and Ukraine.

From the article linked above:

Ukraine and Russia have agreed to implement a “full and comprehensive” ceasefire in eastern Ukraine by the end of 2019, after top-level talks.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky met face to face at a Paris summit on Monday.

In a written statement, the countries agreed to the release and exchange of all “conflict-related detainees” by the end of the year.

The two sides also pledged to disengage military forces in three additional regions of Ukraine by the end of March 2020, without specifying which regions would be affected.

Additional talks will be held in four months to take stock of the ceasefire’s progress.

Space Force is one step closer to becoming a reality!

From the article linked above:

Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday celebrated congressional action to create the U.S. Space Force in its annual defense policy bill, crediting President Donald Trump with a major victory in advancing American dominance in space.

“One administration after another have observed the lack of a coherent and unified command, and President Trump’s direction from early on was to establish the Space Force to bring together all those disparate interests,” Pence told POLITICO in a phone interview.

House and Senate negotiators unveiled a compromise version of the National Defense Authorization Act late Monday that will establish the U.S. Space Force within the Air Force.

The final bill, which now will be voted on by both chambers, would redesignate the Air Force Space Command as the U.S. Space Force. It would also give the Air Force secretary the authority to transfer space personnel in the military into the new service, though it would not allow for hiring new people.

Regrettably I couldn’t attend the rally because my new boss decided to have her first meeting today 🤬

What an incredible rally it was! Here are some video clips and pictures from it.

The POS Katy Tur may get fired for saying the truth!

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