News Roundup! A Tale Of 2 Countries, Must Watch Video, Larry Kudlow’s Interview, PDJT Hosted Small Business Roundtable, America Will Never Be Invaded, More Immigration Judges Assigned To the Southern Border, Our Wall Is Working, Ninth Circuit Rules In PDJT’s Favor, FLOTUS Reads To Children, France Continues To Burn, RBG Sides With PDJT, PDJT Will Hold Off On Labeling the Mexican Cartel A Terrorist Organization, Shooting At NAS Pensacola, Goosebumps After Watching Video Clip…..

Life can be cruel for some and glorious for others. The POS PM from Canada had a good laugh the other day at our President’s expense with his globalist friends. A few days later, our President and our country got to laugh our asses off at the expense of the POS PM and the citizens that re-elected him in October.

On the same day the U.S. economy reports incredibly successful jobs growth of 266,000 jobs and a drop in the unemployment rate to 3.5%; the Canadian state economic minister reports surprisingly terrible jobs losses of 72,200 jobs and a jump in unemployment from 5.5% to 5.9%.

From the article linked above:

The Canadian job market lost a surprise 71,200 net positions in November while the unemployment rate rose to 5.9%, the highest in more than a year, data showed on Friday, as analysts said a repeat of the weak numbers could force the Bank of Canada to rethink its monetary policy.

Analysts in a Reuters poll had forecast a gain of 10,000 jobs and had predicted the unemployment rate would hold steady at 5.5%. […] November’s numbers followed a weak report in October, when the labor market unexpectedly shed jobs despite a likely boost from hiring related to the federal election.

[…] Canada’s goods-producing industries saw a decline of 26,600 net jobs, largely on manufacturing. The services sector lost 44,400 net jobs.

November’s unemployment rate was the highest seen since the 6.0% reported in August 2018. 38,400 full-time jobs and 32,800 part-time jobs were lost in November.

I LOVE Brad Parscale for tweeting the following:

This video is worth watching I promise! Jim Cramer speaks the truth in so many different ways. Would not shock me if he were fired at the end of the day.

Larry Kudlow is absolutely right that Americans Are Working Again!

Yesterday our President hosted a small business roundtable at the White House with various business owners to discuss the economy and the removal of regulatory hurdles.

[Video and Transcript Below]

America will never be invaded! Another country won’t have to worry just about our military but the citizens that will be ready, willing and able to defend their country.

From the article linked above:

Rates of firearm ownership and gun sales are on the rise despite calls for gun control, according to a report released Wednesday by the Firearms Industry Trade Association (FITA).

Using the most recent data from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (ATF’s) Annual Firearms Manufacturing and Export Reports (AFMER) to draw its conclusions, FITA’s report stated there are 422.9 million firearms in civilian possession from 1986 to 2018, along with an estimated 8.1 billion rounds of various firearms calibers and gauges.

The report also noted that in a 25 year period between 1993 and 2017, the violent crime rate has dropped by 48.6 percent while firearms-related accidents have decreased by 68 percent.

I love the fact that our President’s administration are pushing these fake asylum seekers out as quickly as possible.

From the article linked above:

More immigration judges will begin conducting hearings over video conferencing at tent courts along the US-Mexico border, raising concerns among lawyers about transparency in the immigration process.

Earlier this year, the Trump administration erected facilities in Laredo and Brownsville, Texas, to serve as makeshift courts for migrants seeking asylum in the United States who have been returned to Mexico until their court date. The judges in these cases are not at the tent facility but preside by teleconference from other immigration courts several miles away.

As of mid-September, there were 19 judges from three separate immigration courts in Texas hearing cases. But the latest expansion includes the use of immigration judges assigned to a center in Fort Worth, Texas, that is closed to the public, leaving little opportunity for people to observe hearings.

Our WALL is absolutely working!

The Trump Judicial Armada is paying dividends in the 9th Circuit!

From the article linked above:

A federal appeals court on Thursday lifted several injunctions that were blocking the Trump administration’s rule restricting immigration eligibility for individuals deemed likely to become public charges.

“Public charge” denotes immigrants who are likely to require government assistance, such as food stamps or Medicaid. The Trump administration had moved to restrict the number of new immigrants who would require such assistance, but several courts blocked the rule in October before it could take effect.

In its 2-1 decision, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals stayed preliminary injunctions against the administration’s rule from federal courts in Washington and California.

Our beautiful FLOTUS shows her love for the children in our country!

France is continuing to burn!

From the article linked above:

More than 200 miles of roads in and around Paris were reported to be clogged with traffic jams Friday as a general strike aimed at President Emmanuel Macron’s plans to overhaul the country’s pension system continues to wreak havoc on commuters and tourists.

For a second straight day, subway stations surrounding the Eiffel Tower and other attractions remained shut down, leaving visitors scrambling for ways to get around one of the world’s most popular travel destinations.

I couldn’t think of anything that would have made the crazies more upset than yesterday’s Jobs Report. Boy was I ever wrong!

Shortly after 6pm last night, Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, put a prior 2nd Circuit ruling on hold until next Friday, December 13, at 5 p.m.

Full PDF Available Below:

Click to access 19A640-Trump-v.-Deutsche-Bank-AG.pdf

Following a visit to Mexico by Attorney General Bill Barr, our President announced he was putting a “temporary hold” on the designation of Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations.

Our President has once again created an enormous amount of leverage over Mexican President AMLO to continue working with his administration on a variety of security (border and immigration) and economic (USMCA) aspects.

Six Saudi nationals have been arrested for a possible terrorist shooting yesterday morning at Pensacola Naval Air Station. Three of them were reported to have been filming the shooting. The shooter was armed with a handgun and was killed by sheriff’s deputies responding to the incident at NAS Pensacola.

From the article linked above:

Six Saudi nationals have been arrested after an Air Force trainee – also from Saudi Arabia – opened fire at a naval base in Florida, killing three people and injuring eight.

The men were detained near the scene of the shooting, which took place at Naval Air Station in Pensacola early Friday morning. It is currently unclear why they have been taken into custody.

Three of the six Saudis were seen filming the entire incident as it unfolded, a source told The New York Times on Friday evening.

No officials have yet stated whether any of them were students inside the classroom where the shooting occurred.

Authorities are probing whether the incident is terror-related.

The shooter, who was shot dead by police, was first identified by NBC News, citing unnamed sources, as Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani.

US officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation, said the suspect was a second lieutenant attending the aviation school at the base.

Military from around the globe attend the Naval Air Station in Pensacola for flight training.

Our President tweeted the following after speaking to King Salman of Saudi Arabia:

Congressman Matt Gaetz is the Florida panhandle representative for the district that encompasses NAS Pensacola:

This video gave me goosebumps up and down my arms!

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