News Roundup! FLOTUS Shines Once Again, White House Responds To Jerry Nadler, 21 Killed In Mexico Near Our Southern Border, Don’t Dare Travel To the U.K., SleepyCreepy Joe Needs to WalkAway, Supreme Court To Hear 2nd Amendment Case That Has the Left Losing Their Minds, They Are Now Censoring Our President’s Ads, The One Man Band Is Surrounded By 65+ Million Americans That Love & Adore Him…..

It is that time of the year when our beautiful FLOTUS transforms the White House for Christmas. What an amazing job!

Here are some amazing pictures.

The White House responds to Jerry Nadler BS deadline which was set for 5:00 PM yesterday. Keep in mind our President will be traveling to London for the NATO Summit on Tuesday (December 3rd) and Wednesday (December 4th) this week.

This is for a hearing with unspecified witnesses; and for a hearing with unspecified purposes; and for a hearing with unspecified rules.

The White House responds accordingly:

The full five-page letter is below:

If there was ever a reason for the WALL and labeling the Mexican Cartel a terrorist organization, we got all we could ask for this past weekend. 

21 people were killed in a gun battle near our southern border.

From the article linked above:

More than a dozen armored trucks filled with Los Zetas cartel gunmen rolled into a small rural town in the border state of Coahuila. The gunmen spread terror as they attacked the city hall building. The incursion turned into a fierce shootout and several chases where at least 14 cartel gunmen, three civilians, and four police officers died. Preliminary reports point to six additional people sustaining gunshot injuries.

The violence began on Saturday morning. More than a dozen armored trucks, some with machine guns mounted on top, left the border city of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas driving towards the state of Coahuila. The gunmen are members of a faction of Los Zetas called Cartel Del Noreste.

Once in the town, the gunmen drove to the plaza square where they fired several machine guns at the city hall building in a brazen attack that spread terror among local residents. During their attack, several municipal police officers from Villa Union tried to fight off the attackers, however, the gunmen pushed them back and torched several police vehicles.

Authorities called for help leading to a massive deployment of state police officers from various units, and municipal police officers from Piedras Negras, Allende, and several other municipalities who rushed to the scene and clashed with the dozens of Los Zetas gunmen. The cartel gunmen wore body armor and tactical vest emblazoned with the CDN-Los Zetas logo. The armored vehicles that the cartel gunmen used also had similar decals identifying them as members of CDN-Los Zetas.

You have to be crazy to travel to the U.K. They have set the traps for the religion of peace to go hunting anytime they want.

You know it is bad for SleepyCreepy Joe when the Governor of Texas is tweeting about him.

I really don’t know how much longer they can have him out and about. He is losing his mind right in front of our eyes.

Justice Clarence Thomas finally got what he has been asking for. I can’t wait for this ruling to drop on the heads of the Democrats, MSM, Leftists etc.

From the article linked above:

The United States Supreme Court is set to hear its first Second Amendment case in nearly a decade on Monday which has caused panic among left-wing activists who worry that the case could undo their freedom-restricting agenda.

The case centers around New York City’s handgun “premises” licenses which, according to NBC News, allow residents with the proper permit to “take a handgun outside the home to a city shooting range, provided it was unloaded and in a locked container” but prohibit the gun from being taken “beyond the city limits.”

Gun control advocates, who promote an anti-freedom agenda that seeks to restrict constitutionally guaranteed rights, have started to panic about the upcoming case over the possibility that the court could rule in a manner that gives those who want to protect the United States Constitution the legal backing needed to fight against many of the hundreds of anti-gun laws enacted across the country in recent years.

They are going to do everything they can to stop our President from getting re-elected. The problem for them is that it isn’t going to work!

From the article linked above:

60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl asked Wojcicki, “Have you taken down any of President Trump’s ads at all?” YouTube’s CEO responded, “There are ads of President Trump that were not approved to run on Google or YouTube.” When pressed for an example, Wojcicki added, “Well, they’re available in our transparency report.”

In response to concerns raised after the 2016 election cycle, Google and YouTube, like Facebook, keep a searchable archive of political ads that have run on the site.

60 Minutes reviewed the archive to learn more about President Trump’s problematic political ads. We found that over 300 video ads were taken down by Google and YouTube, mostly over the summer, for violating company policy. But the archive doesn’t detail what policy was violated. Was it copyright violation? A lie or extreme inaccuracy? Faulty grammar? Bad punctuation? It’s unclear. The ads determined to be offending are not available to be screened. We found very little transparency in the transparency report.

He set the trap and they can’t help themselves from falling into it. The one man band is surrounded by 65+ million Americans that love and adore him for what he is doing for our country.

From the article linked above:

There is a “Trump can’t win” compilation on YouTube that showcases political, media and celebrity elites mocking Trump as they “guarantee” that he will, first, “not run for president” and then, second, “lose quickly in the primary” and, finally, “get embarrassed by Hillary Clinton in the general election.”

I have no contact with this president or his team, but I have to imagine that every once in a while — in the privacy of that residence — Donald Trump pulls up that video of prima donna predictors and simply laughs himself silly.

An “outsider,” a “joke,” a “nobody” beat them all at their own game — and it has caused many of them to become unhinged.

Rather than focus on the issues that concern their constituents or voters, those who openly acknowledge hating Trump, or being part of the Resistance movement against him, appear to have fallen into the trap he set for them.

No one should be surprised. This “one-man band who can’t be controlled and will never win” set similar traps for his primary opponents and then Clinton. All of them stumbled into the traps because of their own hubris, their egos and tone-deafness to the voices of millions of Americans.

It’s likely that Trump doesn’t mind that those who hate him waste their time and energy screaming about Russia, Ukraine, his golf courses, and the possibility of impeachment — while he pays attention to issues of concern to millions of citizens, such as health care, education, immigration, job security, crime and energy costs. These things matter to those who still believe in the president in spite of the endless attacks upon him.

Yes, Trump has reinvented the presidency. He plays by his own rules. He has changed the tenor and tone of the Oval Office, made it his own — as every president does to a degree.

You don’t like that? There is a solution. Stop whining and wasting your time trying to steal back the White House and simply gear up to try to beat him at the ballot box.

In the meantime, the one-man band plays on.

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