News Roundup! New Wall Construction Begins In Texas, Kanye West Speaks the Truth About the Democrat Party, PDJT Tweets About Sidney Powell & General Flynn, Energy Dominance In Less Than Three Years, Our President Will Never Infringe On Our 2nd Amendment Rights, Wisconsin Is Leaving the Democrats Behind, Kamala Is Mad, Economy Continues To Set Records, PDJT Making A Major Announcement At 9:00 AM…..

There is absolutely nothing the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. can do to stop our Wall from being built.

From the article linked above:

Construction on a new border wall in Texas where none previously existed has begun along the Rio Grande river, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) confirmed to Fox News on Friday.

While 75 miles of wall has already been built under the Trump administration, until now all of those structures replaced existing ones such as vehicle barriers or dilapidated fences, which were ineffective before being replaced, according to the agency.

The brand-new wall is under construction southeast of McAllen in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley sector, which sees the most illegal crossings of any border sector, with more than 325,000 people apprehended there through August this year, according to CBP.

“Rio Grande Valley is by far our busiest sector, so getting this new wall system capability down there for [the agents] is truly a game-changer,” a CBP spokesman said. “Just last week, the agents on the frontlines told us the wall is something they need.”

Customs and Border Patrol said that about 100 miles of wall are ultimately expected to go up in the Rio Grande Valley sector.

Candace Owens and Kanye West are truly spearheading BLEXIT! They are not afraid or intimidated to speak out about the fact that the Democrats have done absolutely nothing for Black Americans.

These tweets from our President gave me goosebumps! He is showing the entire world the coup that was attempted by the Deep State, Democrats, MSM, Globalists etc.

When you take a step back and look at what our President and his administration have done in the energy sector, it truly is amazing. Energy Dominance in every sense of the word thanks to PDJT!

From the link above:

ESTABLISHING ENERGY DOMINANCE: President Donald J. Trump has implemented policies that increase energy production and advance energy independence.

  • President Trump’s agenda is promoting a boom in energy production and manufacturing, advancing energy independence, and establishing American energy dominance.
  • By unleashing America’s energy potential, the President is revitalizing local economies and creating jobs for American workers.
  • President Trump’s policies are ensuring domestic energy prices remain low and improving the quality of life for all Americans.

ADVANCING AMERICAN ENERGY: The Trump Administration is unleashing an unprecedented energy production boom and improving energy infrastructure.

  • The United States is now the world leader in oil and natural gas production.
    • Crude oil production reached a record high last year and is projected to reach another record high this year.
    • Natural gas production is on pace to set a record high in 2019, which would be the third straight year of record production.
  • This energy production boom is leading to increasingly more energy exports.
    • In 2018, coal exports reached their highest level in 5 years.
    • Crude oil exports reached a record average of 2 million barrels per day last year, and have averaged a record 2.8 million barrels per day so far this year.
  • The Trump Administration has taken action to improve America’s energy infrastructure.
    • The Trump Administration has approved permits for nationally important infrastructure such as the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines.
    • President Trump has taken action to improve and expedite the Federal permitting process for energy and other infrastructure projects.

Our 2nd Amendment rights will never be infringed upon under PDJT!

From the article linked above:

The Trump White House is quietly reaching out to Second Amendment organizations and high-level supporters to let them know that the president is no longer backing any form of “red flag” firearms legislation or changes to the current background check laws, according to sources familiar with the conversations.

According to one individual who spoke to Bearing Arms on the condition of anonymity, the White House is instead looking to focus efforts on mental health, and is “looking at something along the lines of Cornyn’s bill”, a reference to Sen. John Cornyn’s RESPONSE Act unveiled this week. The source was careful to point out, however, that the White House has not endorsed the Cornyn proposal, and may not be on board with all of the provisions.

The Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers are realizing each and every passing day that the State of Wisconsin is in the process of leaving them behind. Wisconsin is heading in the direction of where Ohio was in 2016.

From the article linked above:

NOTE: Always Pay Close Attention To the INDEPENDENTS %

Wisconsin voters seem a little less inclined right now to see President Trump impeached compared to national poll.

A new Marquette Law School poll shows 51% oppose impeachment and removal from office while 44% support impeachment.

As you can imagine partisan politics plays heavily in how voters think about the issue. 92% of Republicans don’t support impeachment, 88% of Democrats do.

But a key number is from independent voters, 55% oppose impeachment vs. 33% who support it.

“We are also seeing the folks towards the middle the independents who pay a little less attention politics are less in favor of hearings or a trial and removal, where as the partisans are paying a bit more attention,” said Professor Charles Franklin with Marquette University’s Law School.

This photo and the fact that our President received the Bipartisan Justice Award made Kamala Harris angry. So much so that she decided not to attend the forum on Saturday.

Our President had a little fun on tweeter at her expense.

The Economic Train is NOT slowing down!

From the article linked above:

For U.S. investors, 2019 is going from good to great.

The S&P 500 reclaimed its record closing high on Friday, albeit briefly, as November draws closer, kicking off what is historically the best three-month span for equities.

And there is more good news: Investors who own bonds, gold and oil are also winning big, according to LPL Senior Market Strategist Ryan Detrick, who describes the performance as “awesome.”

“As bad as last year was for investors, 2019 is a mirror image, with stocks, bonds, gold, and crude oil all potentially finishing the year up double digits for the first time in history,” he wrote.

Our President put this tweet out at approximately 9:45 PM.

Our President will be making a major announcement at 9:00 AM.

Speculation is that Al Baghdadi is either dead or has been captured.

Can’t wait to find out! God bless PDJT and God bless our country.

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