News Roundup! Economic Sanctions Are Deadly Under PDJT, Turkey Blinks, ABC News Is FAKE NEWS, Project Veritas & CNN, Brad Parscale Data Mining At Rallies, The Democrats Can Kiss Ohio & North Carolina Goodbye, Trump Judicial Armada, Karma Kills, Black Americans Continue To Awaken, LeBron James & China…..

Our President understands that economic sanctions are more powerful than any type of military weapon. Turkey is going to see what life is like when you cross PDJT.

Our President decided to tell the European Union, MSM and the neoconservative that they can go pound sand. Americans will not be put in harms way.

Our President once again makes sense to everyday Americans. We need to worry about our own border. Not one that is 7,000 miles away.

From the article linked above:

  • President Donald Trump signed an executive order sanctioning Turkish officials, hiking tariffs on Turkish steel up to 50% and “immediately” halting trade negotiations with the country, Vice President Mike Pence confirmed Monday.

Wolfmoon was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about how fast things happen under PDJT!

President Erdogan of Turkey is now urgently asking for the U.S. to mediate peace negotiations with Kurdish forces.

This request happened immediately after our President Trump signed an Executive  Order triggering the sanction authority of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. President Erdogan called the White House requesting an urgent phone call with our Trump.

After our President talked to Kurdish General Mazloum Kobani Abdi, the commander of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, he then discussed the options available to President Erdogan. As a result of that conversation, Erdogan requested the U.S. mediate negotiations. Our Vice-President has announced that he will be traveling to the region with National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien to lead that effort.

You can find the Executive Order in the link below.

Meanwhile FAKE NEWS is so desperate to push us into this conflict that they are using video from a Kentucky gun range to say this is what is happening in Northern Syria.

From the article linked above:

ABC issued a correction and apology Monday for reportedly using video from a Kentucky gun range while falsely claiming it depicted a fierce battle between Syrian Kurds and Turkish forces.

The network aired the footage on Sunday night and Monday morning, framing it as battlefield video, when, in fact, it appears to be from a night gun demonstration at the Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky.

The footage first aired on Sunday’s “World News Tonight” as anchor Tom Llamas claimed it showed a Turkish attack on a group of Kurdish civilians in a Syrian border town.

The chyron beneath the video read: “CRISIS IN SYRIA. ISIS prisoners escape as death toll rises in attack.”

I thought the clip below was the worst but ABC news may have been worse.

This one is pretty hysterical as well since it just was posted and the POS Susan Rice blamed our President for her death.

ABC was ready to run this clip but have decided not to at this time.

They planned on showing this video on Thanksgiving!

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe has released part-1 of an insider video series highlighting daily instructions from CNN President Jeff Zucker to his organization.

According to the insider, every morning at 9:00am, CNN staff receives daily instructions from the president of a news organization telling them which aspects of the political effort to disparage our President should be their focus.

Here are some shorter videoclips.

I hope our President goes forward and sues the shit out of CNN!

Brad Parscale is the right person for our President’s reelection campaign. It is amazing the data they get from our President’s rallies.

I absolutely LOVE Shitty & Nancy! They are both gifts to our President and our country. Democrats can kiss the State of Ohio goodbye.

From the article linked above:

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Swing voters in this Rust Belt state are expressing a range of unease about impeaching President Trump, from fears it will hurt the economy to frustrations that House Democrats are more invested in going after Trump than in helping people.

Why it matters: If such sentiments last and play out on a larger scale across pivotal states, it spells trouble for Democrats unless they can reframe what they’re trying to accomplish.

Distraction, unease, exhaustionthese were some of the main takeaways from our Engagious/FPG focus group last week.


The big picture: 9 of the 11 participants raised their hands to say impeachment is a distraction from the issues they care most about — things like wages and unemployment, border security, bringing troops home, and health care costs and access.

Why Ohio matters: Trump won the state in 2016 by over 450,000 votes; he lost Mahoning County, where the focus group was held, by less than 4,000 votes.

What they’re saying: Participants shared their thoughts about the Democrats. “They need to focus on the real issues,” said Judy D., a 60-year-old Trump voter. “[Nancy] Pelosi hates him so bad, I just think she needs to drop it and worry about the country.”

Here is another state they can kiss goodbye to.

From the article linked above:

While Biden fared the best in a hypothetical general election matchup in the Republican-leaning swing state, Trump still led the former vice president with 38.4 percent to Biden’s 34.6 percent.

The others are as follows:

Trump: 39.1 percent
Warren: 33 percent

Trump: 38.8 percent
Sanders: 32.5 percent

Trump 39.1 percent
Harris 28.4 percent

Trump: 39 percent
Buttigieg: 27 percent

One of the most significant narratives moving into the 2020 election is the state of the economy, which Trump has touted as one of his greatest accomplishments. Of those surveyed, 13.7 percent described the condition of the economy as “excellent,” 28.7 percent described it as “good,” and 33.1 percent described it as “fair.” Only 13.3 percent described the condition of the economy as “poor.”

There is absolutely nothing they can do to stop the Trump Armada!

From the article linked above:

The impact of Trump’s nominees will be felt long after he leaves office. With life tenure on the courts, Trump’s federal court appointees will sit on the courts for decades to come, making decisions that affect the nation’s entire population.  Irrespective of Trump’s future political trajectory, he has already seen 150 of his judicial nominees confirmed to either federal district, appeals, or to the Supreme Court.

While all judicial nominations carry great importance, the ones that may have the largest effect on influencing the trajectory of the courts occur when a president appoints a judge to fill a seat previously held by a judge appointed by a president from the opposing party. This potentially allows the president to shift the median views held by judges on that court. Over one-third of Trump’s 150 appointees across the three court levels have filled seats from judges previously appointed by Democratic Presidents.

Call this karma! I do feel bad for his children.

From the article linked above:

Open borders advocate and Trump-hater Sean Buchanan was killed last week by criminal illegal alien Ramirez Valiente.

Buchanan, a father of five, was killed when Valiente, who was driving without a license, swerved into his lane and killed him.

Sean Buchanan was a critic of President Trump and his immigration policies.

Black Americans are waking up BIGLY!

From the article linked above:

A new Hill-HarrisX poll found a shocking 32% of black male voters would vote for Donald Trump over a generic Democratic opponent next fall.

But the 32% figure represents a substantial rise in support compared to the 2016 election in which Trump receiving just 13 percent of the vote of black males, according to a CNN exit poll showed

I am so happy that Americans get to see these POS advocating for the Chinese government. They get to see that money talks and BS walks.

I guess the POS didn’t realize this guy is in the league and has some things to share.

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