News Roundup! Boy Are They Afraid Of Rudy, Mark Levine Destroys Ed Henry, PDJT Goes After Shitty Head, Stephen Miller, Jim Jordan, They Fear Our President Showing That Crowdstrike’s Report Was A Sham, SleepyCreepy Joe Gets Destroyed By RNC, China Is Petrified, Bloomberg Is A Moron, Pocahontas Wants Amnesty For All Illegals, Why They Hate Fracking, No One Is Above the Law…..

Rudy Giuliani appeared on three different Sunday shows. Rudy is a one-man wrecking machine to the constructed Ukraine narrative.

PDJT’s attorney Rudy Giuliani appeared on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the Ukraine issues, corruption and Joe Biden.

He than appeared  on Face The Nation with host Margaret Brennan. Rudy absolutely destroyed the POS because the truth is on his side.

He finished off his day with George Stephanopoulos.

Following these interviews, Team Biden recognize that Rudy Giuliani has the facts to expose their corruption and begin demanding that media executives stop allowing Giuliani to tell the truth.

From the article linked above:

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign made an extraordinary request to executives of top news channels on Sunday, asking them to no longer book Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, on their programs. 

In a letter addressed to the heads of the major news and cable networks, as well as top news anchors, two top Biden campaign advisers make the case that by peddling routine falsehoods about the work of Biden and his son Hunter in Ukraine, Giuliani’s presence on the airwaves is editorially untenable. 

Rudy knows he is absolutely over the target!

Charlie Kirk is absolutely right!

Mark Levine absolutely destroyed Ed Henry! Ed Henry tried to promote the false narrative, containing Democrat talking points, about our President’s call with the President of  Ukraine phone. PDJT also tweeted this full broadcast from this morning.

Our President went after Nancy Pelosi and especially Shitty Head!

Stephen Miller is absolutely awesome!

Representative Jim Jordan is a Patriot!

The Democrats, MSM, Never Trumpers etc. are petrified about the fact that our President inquired about Crowdstrike. It will expose all of it to be fake!

Joe Biden is getting destroyed by our President and the RNC!

The Chinese and Multinationals are scared out of their minds!

From the article linked above:

  • Reports on Friday said the White House is considering investment restrictions on China, such as delisting Chinese stocks in the U.S. and limiting government pension funds’ investments in the Chinese market.
  • If the U.S. does go through with such investment curbs, Ning Zhu, professor of finance at Tsinghua University in Beijing, told CNBC it would be difficult to implement, and negatively affect U.S. capital markets.
  • “While there may be other political reasons for restricting US capital flows to China, Washington should understand that the implications for the trade imbalance are the opposite of what they want,” Michael Pettis, finance professor at the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University, said in an email.

The comments come on the back of reports that the White House is considering investment curbs on China, such as delisting Chinese stocks in the United States and limiting government pension funds’ investments in the Chinese market.

The Chinese wish and pray that either SleepyCreepy Joe or this MORON win in 2020.

I hope and pray that Pocahontas is the Democrat nominee! This woman is out of her mind if she thinks this will sell in flyover country.

From the article linked above:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), a top candidate for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination, says amnesty for every illegal alien living in the United States is “good for” American workers who will be forced to compete against newly legalized low-skilled foreign workers.

During a town hall with the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union in Madison Heights, Michigan, Warren said she will give amnesty to all 12 to 22 million illegal aliens living in the country, a move that would immediately drive up foreign competition in the labor market for America’s working and blue-collar class.

Warren said:

We need a pathway to citizenship for the people who are here and here to stay. They are our neighbors; they are our brothers and sisters. They are here. We need a path — not just for DREAMers — but also a path for grandmas, and for little kids, and for people who came here to work on farms, and for students who overstayed their visas. We need a path that is fair and achievable. Bring people out of the shadows. It is good for all workers, and we need to get them into our unions. 

Good luck selling this BS in states that are booming because of fracking (i.e. Pennsylvania)

From the article linked above:

Eight of the remaining Democratic presidential candidates say they want to ban fracking. Eleven others would limit the process or “regulate it better,” says the Washington Post. Could these politicians possibly be that ignorant of how ruinous their prohibition lust would be in the real world?

First, let’s get it straight why the political left hates hydraulic fracturing. It’s not because it’s an environmental threat. They know it’s clean process and has been both an ecological and economic boom, in no small part due to the increased production of natural gas, a cleaner alternative to coal for producing electricity.

No, the left loathes fracking because it is so efficient in taking fossil fuel out of the ground.

Crude production in the U.S. has spiked since 2008, rising from roughly 5 millions barrels a day to almost 11 million barrels in 2018, 17% higher than 2017, says the government’s Energy Information Administration. In December of last year, the country produced 11.96 million barrels per day, an all-time record.

Democrats and Nancy Pelosi are going to eat their words!

From the article linked above:

“No one is above the law,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as she announced the Democratic effort to impeach President Trump over the Ukraine matter. The phrase has become a Democratic mantra in the new impeachment push. But it could, in the end, serve to highlight the weakness of the Democratic strategy.

The reason is, by stressing that Trump is not “above the law,” Democrats are basing their case against the president on the argument that he broke the law and must be held accountable. But it’s not at all clear that Trump broke any laws in the Ukraine matter. In the face of a vigorous Republican defense, any argument on that question is likely to end inconclusively.

So far, Democrats have not helped their cause by accusing Trump of criminal behavior. “No man is above the law” sounds good, but it requires the impeachers to make a case that the president did, indeed, break the law.


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