News Roundup! AG Barr In Italy, Carl Bernstein Is Scared, State Department Intensifies Email Probe Of HRC, Thread On the State Department Article, Don’t Forget John Huber’s Investigation, FBI Interviewing 100 People Related To Epstein, Judge Jeanine’s Opening Statement, Rudy With the Judge, PDJT Is Fighting For Us, Thread By Brian Cates, PDJT’s Remarks At Hispanic Heritage Month Event, Another Video Of Justin Wearing Black Face, Bombing the Shit Out Of ISIS…..

As I said a few days ago, AG Barr is in Italy for government reasons. Joseph Misfud resides in Rome.

Why would our AG be in Italy? Let’s go back to John Solomon’s report in August.

According to the interview above from August 18th, John Solomon reported that the lawyer for Joseph Mifsud admitted his client was a western intelligence asset who was part of a CIA intelligence “operation” against candidate Donald Trump in March 2016.

Not only was the attorney admitting Mifsud was a western asset used by the CIA against Trump, but the lawyer also told Solomon about an audio-taped deposition that Joseph Mifsud gave prior to going into hiding after Trump won the 2016 Presidential election.

An Italian paper is wondering as well.


Is Trump’s man in Italy to investigate the “Spygate”?

From the article linked above (translated):

Is US Attorney General William Barr in Italy to investigate the “Spygate” affair? Or other? According to George Papadopoulos, the former member of the advisory committee for foreign policy in the election campaign of Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election, which confirms our indiscretion via Twitter to our precise question. According to Trump’s former collaborator, the attorney general would be in Rome, at Palazzo Margherita – where the American Embassy is based.

In the past few months, William Barr has set up an investigative team led by prosecutor John Durham to investigate the origins of the 2016 FBI investigations on the Russiagate and determine whether the information gathering on Trump’s campaign was “lawful and appropriate”. “Barr has been on an official trip to Italy for the past two days. Italy holds the keys to the kingdom, “Papadopoulos writes on Twitter, also mentioning Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor of the Link University of Rome at the center of the American Russiagate, who first – according to the inquiry of the prosecutor Robert Mueller – would have revealed to Papadopoulos the existence of compromising emails on Hillary Clinton. The doubt is: why did the United States Attorney General decide – if the news was confirmed – to undertake a trip to Italy just when, in Washington, the political situation is nothing short of incandescent? The same William Barr was brought up by all the liberal media in the impeachment affair and the speaker of the Chamber Nancy Pelosi called it a “dishonest”. A rather suspicious timing: what is so important in Rome? Does Donald Trump prepare the counteroffensive?

Carl Bernstein sounds like a man that knows their days are numbered.

In a recent CNN interview, highlighted by the Washington Examiner, Bernstein outlined how his sources are telling him Attorney General Barr is preparing to deliver evidence of a deep state conspiracy.”

From the article linked above:

Veteran investigative journalist Carl Bernstein said his sources are telling him that Attorney General William Barr is preparing to push a “deep state” conspiracy to protect President Trump.

Bernstein said Barr is trying to “bring about proof that there is a deep state conspiracy that led to” special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation and suggested that this is a story other journalists are chasing. “Barr is trying to deliver — and I have this, as do other reporters from other sources — to deliver evidence that perhaps this has all been a deep state conspiracy just like Donald Trump alleges,” he said.

Democrats have expressed alarm with the DOJ inquiry, particularly after Trump granted Barr broad authority to declassify information related to the federal investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. For instance, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler called the move part of a “plot to dirty up the intelligence community, to pretend that there’s something wrong with the beginning of the Mueller investigation and to persecute and bring into line the intelligence agencies.”

We are attacking them everywhere! Look what the WAPO decided to drop tonight. Great thread!

@deqwik2 those a great job of tying this story back to statements AG Barr made on May 31st about Federal Prosecutor, John Huber.

Just because they killed Epstein doesn’t mean they are home free.

From the article linked above:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has expanded its investigation into identifying more of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking victims, some of whom could provide information on Prince Andrew’s ties to the late financier.

“The U.S. investigation is focusing on several potential victims in the hope that they can provide more details about Prince Andrew and his connection to the Epstein case,” U.S. Department of Justice officials told the Sunday Times.

“They are not going to dismiss [claims relating to Andrew] because he is a royal.” The FBI is expecting to question about 100 alleged victims, 80 of which have already been identified, over the next two months. Virginia Roberts Giuffre accused Epstein of trafficking her, and has alleged that he directed her to have sex with Prince Andrew.

The Sunday Times reports that Giuffre’s allegations are not the only claims being reviewed in relation to Prince Andrew by the FBI. Prince Andrew has repeatedly denied the allegations against him, saying they are “false” and “without foundation.”

Here is the entire opening statement by Judge Jeanine.

Rudy was on with Judge Jeanine. Well worth the watch.

Our President is absolutely right! Whatever you can do for him would be greatly appreciated. We know how powerful our prayers are.

This is what the BASTARDS are up against! Don’t ever forget.

For those that may have read the article put up yesterday over there, Brian Cates put together a fantastic thread explaining why it’s not true.

Friday night our President delivered remarks at the White House to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

[Video and Transcript Below]

Meanwhile another video has been released of Justin Tradaeu wearing black face.

From the article linked above:

A new video of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in blackface has emerged Saturday.

The video apparently depicts the same scene of Trudeau dancing and mugging for the camera that was captured in an earlier low-quality video of Trudeau. 

The Liberal Party confirmed the validity of the earlier video. In the imagery released Saturday, the individual being filmed is wearing the same t-shirt as Trudeau wore in the first video. The clearer imagery shows that he has apparently blackened not just his face but his arms and legs as well.

The shots of Trudeau are part of a longer video that includes scenes of a party white water rafting. Trudeau is apparently the only one in the group wearing blackface. One Twitter user who shared the entire video notes:

Our President promised us that he was going to bomb the shit out of ISIS! He is doing exactly that.

We aren’t just winning, we are absolutely destroying them! Don’t ever lose sight of that no matter how dire it may seem.

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