News Roundup! Additional Bilateral Meetings Yesterday, Trade Deal With Japan, Economic Winning, Fundraising Bonanza, Honduras Signs Safe 3rd Country Agreement, China Feels Pompeo’s Wrath, PM Netanyahu Can Form A Government, Judicial Armada, Liberal Polling Is BAD for the Democrats (Impeachment), John Solomon’s Surprise, Durham Investigating Ukraine, FAKE NEWS Exposed, Whistleblower Complaint Released, Acting DNI Testimony Link…..

Yesterday our President hosted a meeting of seven nations: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and the United States to support a unified message toward the crisis in Venezuela.

[Video and Transcript Below]

Yesterday our President and Prime Minister Abe met and announced that they reached a trade agreement. Our President praised the U.S-Japan announcement as big deal, adding it “took a lot of work to get it done.“

PM Abe shared that Japan – on his request – has been building their plants in the US. In Michigan, in Ohio.  Prime Minister Abe also said: “Once again, I’d like to share with you my enthusiasm“ about this agreement.

[Video and Transcript Below]

Our President and PM Abe had a signing ceremony.

[Video and Transcript Below]

From the article linked above:

President Donald J. Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe put ink on phase one of a trade deal that will open markets to U.S. goods in exchange for rolling back tariffs. The two men, who announced an agreement in principle at the G7, signed the deal sitting side-by-side at the United Nations on Wednesday.

The new arrangement, which Prime Minister Abe called a “win-win,” is worth approximately $7 billion in U.S. agriculture products, including but not limited to beef, pork, cheese, wheat, corn and wine.

Japan agreed to decrease tariffs on U.S. beef from 38.5% to 9% in exchange for a rolling back of U.S. tariffs on Japanese automobiles sometime in the future.

A separate deal also was reached that includes commitments on digital trade. The White House said the new deal will “expand trade and substantially reduce our trade deficit.”

More incredible economic news was also released yesterday.

From the article linked above:

The U.S. Census Bureau and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) reported new home sales rose by a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 713,000, easily beating the forecast.

That’s a 7.1% (±20.3%) gain above the upwardly revised 666,000 figure for July, which was initially reported at 635,000. It’s 18.0% (±19.9%) above the August 2018 estimate of 604,000.

Even more winning!

From the article linked above:

The share of lower-income Americans leaving their jobs for new ones leapt earlier this year, pointing to rising confidence in the U.S. labor market among workers who were left behind earlier in the expansion.

A New York Fed survey released Monday showed the share of lower-income heads of household, defined as earning a household income of $60,000 a year or less, who moved to new jobs in April, May, June or July was 12%, up from 8% in the same period a year earlier and the highest rate for records dating back to 2014.

The lower-income workers had more opportunities: About 4% of lower-income Americans received three job offers in the four months ended in July, up from 1.4% over the same period in 2018, according to the data in the New York Fed Survey of Consumer Expectations.

“This is just another sign of how a stronger tighter labor market helps lower-income workers,” said Nick Bunker,  a labor economist at job site Indeed.

The Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. unleashed a fund raising MONSTER with their BS gambit.

While the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. are fixated on impeachment, our President and his team are continuing to secure the border.

From the article linked above:

No biggie, just the last link in a fence that might end up mooting much of the asylum debate in Congress. While most of the attention today has focused on Ukraine, the White House announced a new agreement with Honduras to take any refugees seeking asylum first rather than the US. That makes three nations with safe-third-country agreements in Central America that effectively blocks the land route for asylum seekers from south of Mexico:

The Trump administration reached a deal with the government of Honduras to enhance the Central American nation’s asylum capacity.

The agreement, signed Wednesday, is similar to agreements previously reached with the governments of El Salvador and Guatemala, a senior Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official told reporters on a phone call.

The official said migrants who had an opportunity to seek protection in Honduras, El Salvador or Guatemala will be returned from the U.S. border to seek asylum or protection in one of those countries under the recent agreements, including the new Honduras accord.

The U.S. and international organizations will work to help build upon Honduras’s current systems and processes to expand its asylum capacity, the official said.

China is realizing that the games they play are leading to them winning stupid prizes!

PM Netanyahu has been given the green light by the President of Israel to form a government.

From the article linked above:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been asked to form the country’s next government by President Reuven Rivlin.

Mr Netanyahu now has up to six weeks to try and put together a government.

Mr Rivlin has said he will do everything he can to avoid a third general election this year.

“Netanyahu has more of a chance to form a government,” the president said in a speech while standing alongside alongside Mr Netanyahu.

Our President is absolutely killing it with his Judicial Armada!

I absolutely agree that Democrats got out over their skis.

Americans DO NOT support impeachment!


Despite the House Democrats’ most recent shenanigans, the American people have no new “appetite for impeachment.”

A new Morning Consult/Politico poll conducted over the weekend shows that “a plurality of registered voters still opposed impeachment, with little sign of movement toward supporting such steps.”

  • Only 36% of Americans want impeachment.
  • Only 33% of Independents want impeachment.

And a new Reuters poll conducted this week echoed that sentiment: “Americans overall are less supportive of impeaching Trump than they were months ago…”

  • Only 37% of Americans want impeachment.
  • Only 32% of Independents want impeachment.

The American people not interested in impeachment, and even House Democrats admit Pelosi’s statement didn’t offer any “structural changes” to their impeachment fixation.

Democrats are in a hole…and they keep digging! Democrats’ own polling shows that the American people are “more aware of Democratic investigations than the bills they’ve passed.” This incessant impeachment talk certainly won’t fix that.

VP Pence is absolutely right about the Democrats!

Polling throughout this week are showing percentages never reached before in favor of our President.

SleepyCreepy Joe Biden and his son Hunter better be prepared for what John Solomon is about to release!

From the article linked above:

Investigative Reporter John Solomon claims he has documents, 400 pages of them, that will place Joe Biden in the middle of the Ukrainian scandal. He will be releasing them on Thursday. Solomon says he has documents that prove that Joe Biden lied about why he got the Ukrainian prosecutor fired that was investigating his son, Hunter. He says the documents prove that Biden had the prosecutor fired in order to protect his son – and himself. If he has what he says he has, this will blow the entire Ukraine hoax and Democrat impeachment investigation wide open.

US Attorney Durham IS looking into the role that Ukraine played in the 2016 election.

From the article linked above:

U.S. Attorney John Durham is investigating Ukraine’s role in potential 2016 election interference, the Justice Department confirmed Wednesday, the same day transcripts showed that President Trump’s famous call to the Ukrainian president centered around that country’s possible aid in a probe of a missing Democratic email server.

FAKE NEWS is in overdrive! Kayleigh Mcenany destroys their agenda in the video tweet below that our President retweeted.

Look what we have here!

For those interested in watching the Acting DNI, Joseph Maguire, testify about the whistleblower in front of the House Intelligence Committee at 9:00 AM, you can use the link below.


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