News Roundup! Economic Train Is Smiling, Farmers Are Prospering Under PDJT, Larry Kudlow, Money Talks & BS Walks, Black Americans Are Continuing To Awaken, Mexico Has Become Our Wall, ThinkProgress Is Dead, CreepySleepyForgetful Joe Biden Is A Walking Disaster, BHO’s People Are Going After Biden, They Hate To Be Ridiculed…..

Another day that the Economic Train was able to show the world that she is not ever going to stop roaring under PDJT.

From the link above:

  • The civilian labor force increased by 571,000 workers in August.
  • The number of employed Americans jumped up by 590,000 in August.
  • The number of people not in the labor force dropped by 364,000 in August.
  • The workforce participation rate increased 0.2 to 63.2 percent in August.

With a tight labor market we are seeing the natural upward pressure on wages. In the past four months wage rates have increased 4.2%.

Year-over-year the number of employed Americans has grown by 2,274,000 people.

From the article linked above:

Black unemployment fell to a record low in August, helped by a jump in the number of black women on the job.

The unemployment rate for black workers fell to 5.5% from 6%, according to the Labor Department data. The previous record low of 5.9% was set in May 2018.

The unemployment rate for black women fell to a record 4.4% from 5.2% in July. The unemployment rate for black men crept up to 5.9% from 5.8%. But the previous month’s rate was a record, so the rate is still near its historic low.

Unemployment among workers who identify themselves as Hispanic or Latino also fell in August to 4.2%, which matched a record low set earlier this year.

From the article linked above:

  • The S&P 500 is about 2% from an intraday record reached on July 26 after notching back-to-back weekly gains.
  • Wall Street’s move toward all-time highs comes as recent U.S. economic data suggests a recession may not be in the cards while the Federal Reserve is expected to cut interest rates later this month.
  • Easing fears around the U.S.-China trade war are also lifting investor sentiment.
  • “For now, it’s a bull run,” says trader Steve Grasso.

From the article linked above:

The proportion of prime-age women in the U.S. workforce jumped in August to its highest level in more than 17 years, reversing a surprising decline since the start of the year.

Labor force participation for women 25 to 54 years old advanced to 76.3%, up a full percentage point from July and the highest since February 2002, the Labor Department’s employment report showed Friday. 

From the article linked above:

Anti-Trumpers agree: The president’s trade battle with China is hurting our economy and, in particular, America’s farmers. We are told that the tariff tiffs have caused a collapse in U.S. agricultural exports to China, and consequent heartbreak in our heartland.

It isn’t true.

As with most criticisms lodged against the Trump White House, this oft-repeated narrative is way overblown. Turns out, far from suffering what CNBC recently described as “a devastating year for farmers” the farmers of America overall are doing quite well.

The Department of Agriculture recently forecast that net farm income will rise nearly 5 percent this year, to $88 billion. That growth comes on top of increases in both 2017 and 2018 and is, just for the record, faster than the overall growth of the economy.

Larry Kudlow knows that Main Street USA is thriving and the U.S. economy is very strong.

Once again money talks and BS walks! Black Americans are seeing it with their own eyes.

The Mexican government is dropping the hammer on illegals! Absolutely amazing that the threat of tariffs can get these kind of results.

From the article linked above:

In a way, Mexico has built a “wall” against illegal immigrants heading to the United States.

According to Latin American officials, Mexico has joined the U.S. battle against migrating Central Americans by stopping them at its southern border and elsewhere and deporting tens of thousands back home.

A new analysis of immigration numbers said that Mexico has boosted deportations by 63% so far this year.

La Prensa, the main newspaper in Honduras, quoted the Guatemalan Migration Institute which said that 102,314 Central American migrants from the countries of Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua have been deported from Mexico to Guatemala. In the same period last year, the number was 62,746.

From the article linked above:

Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard said he believes Mexico’s strategy of cracking down on illegal migration with a National Guard deployment, investment in Central America and allowing the U.S. to make more asylum seekers wait in Mexico is enough to avert President Donald Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on all Mexican imports.

Ebrard is scheduled to meet with U.S. officials Tuesday at the White House to review the progress.

Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador, a leftist who took office Dec. 1 promising better treatment of migrants, instead has embraced the fight against migrant smuggling.

In recent weeks, he has seldom mentioned the U.S. pressure and depicts the crackdown on migrants as a struggle to defend Mexican laws. His administration has taken a tough line against hundreds of African migrants waiting in the southern city of Tapachula for transit visas that Mexico no longer hands out.

“We will not budge,” he said after the Africans protested, “because the recent events in Tapachula aim to make Mexico yield and oblige us to give out certificates so migrants can get into the United States. We cannot do that. It isn’t our job.”

He said migrant caravans once tolerated by Mexico were the work of human traffickers, and effectively ended them.

“All of these people who traffic with migrants’ needs for jobs, safety and welfare, they are committing a crime and they will be punished,” López Obrador said last week. “We are already doing this in Mexico, without violating human rights. We are ensuring there isn’t anarchy, disorder.”

Migrant-rights activists say López Obrador is simply dressing up the fact that he yielded to Trump’s pressure tactics.

[…] Mexico has raided freight trains that migrants ride north, and pulled thousands off buses and out of the freight compartments of trucks. The government has warned bus and taxi drivers they could lose their permits if they transport migrants.

Meanwhile FAKE NEWS is beginning to evaporate as more and more Americans are awakening.

From the article linked above:

ThinkProgress, the influential news site that rose to prominence in the shadow of the Bush administration and helped define progressivism during the Obama years, is shutting down. 

The outlet, which served as an editorially independent project of the Democratic Party think tank Center for American Progress (CAP), will stop current operations on Friday and be converted into a site where CAP scholars can post.

SleepyCreepy Joe is back to his old ways. This time a woman had the courage to stand up for herself.

I love the fact that the perceived moderate amongst the crazies continues to push eliminating fossil fuels.

Once again he forgets where he is.

Even BHO’s people are speaking out to get Biden to realize the time has come to step aside.

The Left, Democrats, MSM etc. hate to be ridiculed. Our President is a master at making them look like fools. Here is the latest example.

Even NOAA got in on the fun.

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