News Roundup! PDJT’s Presser, PDJT Attends FEMA Briefing, 3,000 Power Crews Are Ready For Hurricane Dorian In Florida, Major Victories For AfD Party In Germany, Businesses Are Exiting From China, Revenue Totals From Tariffs For U.S. Treasury, Texas Makes It Easier For the Good Guys With Guns, PDJT Is Building An Army For 2020…..

As PDJT arrived back at the White House from Camp David, and just prior to a visit to FEMA Headquarters, he paused on the south lawn to answer media questions.

From the transcript link above:

THE PRESIDENT: I will say that, for the most part, sadly, if you look at the last four or five — going back, even five or six or seven years, for the most part, as strong as you make your background checks, they would not have stopped any of it. So it’s a big problem. It’s a mental problem. It’s a big problem.

PDJT traveled to FEMA Headquarters for a briefing on the current state of storm preparedness in advance of Hurricane Dorian having impact on the U.S. coastline.

From the transcript link above:

President Donald J. Trump received a briefing today from senior members of his Administration and Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia, Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina, and Governor Henry McMaster of South Carolina on the Federal and State efforts underway to prepare for and respond to Hurricane Dorian at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Governor DeSantis of Florida is showing why he will be a future President.

So far over 3,000 power crews have arrived at the Daytona Intl Speedway staging area, with more en route.  That’s an army of over 16,000 lineman and electrical utility personnel staged and prepared to jump into action depending on the impact zone of Hurricane Dorian.

From the article linked above:

(FP&L) Company President Eric Silagy welcomed crews to Florida.

“So we’re here at Daytona Beach today at the raceway where we’re onboarding crews are coming in from across the country,” Silagy said. “Today we’re processing about 750 crews. Close to 3,000 will be processed here within the next 24 hours.”

He said FPL has nearly 16,000 personnel committed to power restoration around the state.  The company is also planning to have 24 staging sites.

”We’re preparing for the worst, we’re hoping for the best, but we’re going to be ready,” Silagy said.

The people of Germany are tired of globalist Merkel. The AfD Party nearly doubled their vote totals from 2014.

From the article linked above:

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s centre-right Christian Democrats (CDU) appear to remain the largest party in Saxony but with a smaller vote share.

The AfD benefited from discontent over Germany’s refugee policies and the planned closure of coal mines in the former communist states.

“We’re satisfied in Brandenburg as well as in Saxony,” AfD co-leader Alexander Gauland said, adding that his party had “punished” Mrs Merkel’s conservatives.

The mass exodus continues in China!

From the article linked above:

  • President Trump rattled Wall Street last week when he ordered U.S. firms to move production out of China.
  • But, in conference calls with investors just this past month, dozens of chief executives have signaled plans to further diversify their supply chains away amid the intensifying trade war.
  • Toymaker Hasbro, personal care company L Brands, and fashion designer Steven Madden have all outlined plans to substantially reduce their reliance on Chinese manufacturing in the next few years.

President Trump said last week he would raise existing duties on $250 billion in Chinese products from 25% to 30% on Oct. 1. Additionally, tariffs on another $112 billion of Chinese goods, which took effect on Sunday, are now 15% instead of 10%. Weighed down by a protracted trade dispute over the past year, China has relinquished its top spot as America’s largest trading partner and now sits in third place.

Lets take a closer look at how much money the U.S. Treasury is taking in from the tariffs on China now and in the foreseeable future.

As of September 1st:

  • 25% tariffs on $250 billion dollars worth of imports = $62.5 billion dollars
  • 15% tariffs on $112 billion dollars worth of imports = $16.8 billion dollars
  • TOTAL = $79.3 billion dollars

As of October 1st:

  • 30% tariffs on $250 billion dollars worth of imports = $75 billion dollars
  • 15% tariffs on $112 billion dollars worth of imports = $16.8 billion dollars
  • TOTAL = $91.8 billion dollars

As of December 15th:

  • 30% tariffs on $250 billion dollars worth of imports = $75 billion dollars
  • 15% tariffs on $300 billion dollars worth of imports = $45 billion dollars
  • TOTAL = $115 billion dollars

The State of Texas understands that certain laws make it easier for crazies to kill a lot of people. They rightfully changed some of their laws to make sure the good guys can defend themselves and others in the future.

From the article linked above:

A series of new firearm laws go into effect in Texas on Sunday, just hours after a shooting left seven people dead in the western part of the state.

The new measures were all passed during the 2019 legislative session, which ended in June.

House Bill 1143 says a school district cannot prohibit licensed gun owners, including school employees, from storing a firearm or ammunition in a locked vehicle on a school parking lot — provided they are not in plain view.

House Bill 1387 loosens restrictions on how many armed school marshals a school district can appoint.

Senate Bill 535 clarifies the possession of firearms at churches, synagogues or other places of worship. It allows licensed handgun owners to legally carry their weapons in places of worship — and comes nearly two years after a gunman killed 26 people at Sutherland Springs church.

“We have learned many times over that there is no such thing as a gun free zone. Those with evil intentions will violate the law and carry out their heinous acts no matter what,” state Sen. Donna Campbell, co-sponsor of the bill, said in a statement. “It makes no sense to disarm the good guys and leave law-abiding citizens defenseless where violent offenders break the law to do great harm.”

Do you think the people in Hong Kong would love to live under the 2nd Amendment.

More and more Americans are showing their love for PDJT!

Our President is building an Army ahead of 2020.

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