News Roundup! Fake News, Eric Trump Promises Legal Action, PM Boris Johnson, Americans Support Tariffs On China, Peter Navarro, Judicial Armada, More Immigration Changes, Hispanics For Trump, Black & Hispanic Polling, Farm Groups Praising the Japan Deal, UAW President’s Home Raided, Democrats Sound the Fire Alarm, John McLaughlin (Pollster)…..

When I saw the tweet put out by Lawrence O’Donnell last night, I knew it was complete BS.

Our President had his lawyer send a letter to NBC demanding that they retract the statements put out to O’Donnell.

From the article linked above:

An attorney for President Trump on Wednesday demanded a retraction and apology following an MSNBC report alleging the president obtained loans from Deutsche Bank with Russian oligarchs as co-signers.

Charles Harder sent a letter to NBCUniversal saying the remarks made Tuesday night on MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” were false and defamatory, according to a copy of the letter made public by Washington Post reporter Paul Farhi.

O’Donnell walked back his reporting on Wednesday after Harder’s letter was circulated.

Eric Trump dropped a MOAB on his head!

Our President is absolutely right and it will be part of his incredible legacy!

PM Boris Johnson is driving the European Union crazy! The Globalists, MSM, Democrats, Leftists etc. do not want the U.K. to leave the European Union.

British opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, was developing a plan to stop the U.K from leaving the European Union through legislation aimed at blocking a No Deal Brexit. His legislation would only allow Brexit to occur if there was a pre-existing deal. Additionally, Corbyn was proposing calling a vote of ‘no confidence’ in a scheme aimed at weakening Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s no-deal brexit.

This would give the European Union complete leverage in any type of negotiations. Johnson thwarted their plans.

Our President decided to rain on Corbyn’s parade.

From the article linked above:

Queen Elizabeth II has formally approved Boris Johnson’s request to temporarily suspend Parliament, a move that will largely prevent lawmakers from pushing through new legislation and ultimately sabotaging the prospect of a no-deal Brexit.

In a letter to lawmakers released Wednesday, the prime minister said he “spoke to Her Majesty The Queen to request an end to the current parliamentary session.”

He said an integral feature to the legislative program will be the introduction of a bill to leave the European Union and “to secure its passage” before Oct. 31.

Hours later, the queen approved the request, suspending Parliament from mid-September to Oct. 14.

Americans support our President when it comes to China.

From the article linked above:

Fifty-six percent (56%) of voters favor having the United States impose new tariffs on goods imported from China. A national survey found that 42% oppose such tariffs. These totals include 20% who Strongly Favor the tariffs and 18% who are Strongly Opposed.

Support for tariffs is little changed from earlier in the summer when 58% supported the policy.

Interestingly, the support for higher tariffs exists despite the fact that just 33% think they will be good for the United States. A plurality of voters–37%- believe the impact from tariffs will be bad for the U.S. Six percent  (5%) believe they will have no impact while 24% are not sure.

This gap between support for tariffs and the belief that they will be good suggests that many voters see these negotiations as a matter of fairness rather than transactional economics. Sixty-one percent (61%) of voters believe that China has used trade to take advantage of the United States. Just 14% disagree and 25% are not sure.

This fits into a larger belief about trade policies. Seventy-seven percent (77%) believe other unnamed countries have used trade to take advantage of the United States.

Peter Navarro is absolutely right!

The Trump Judicial Armada will grow in the very near future! Including our President’s NINTH 9th Circuit Judge (the split will be 16 Democrat Appointed Judges versus 13 Republican Appointed Judges) and a 2nd Circuit Judge which will flip the Circuit from Democrat control to Republican control.

Our President and his administration continue to take a sledgehammer towards immigration.

Acting Director of USCIS, Ken Cuccinelli, had to issue a statement since Fake News was presenting the policy change incorrectly.

God bless this man for doing everything in his power to awaken others.

His work and the work of Candace Owens and others is paying off! Remember only 8% of Blacks and 29% of Hispanics voted for our President in 2016.

Different farm groups are praising the deal between our country country and Japan.

Federal agents raided the home of the United Auto Workers Union President.

From the article linked above:

  • IRS and FBI agents raid UAW President Gary Jones’ home.
  • They also raid the California home of former President Dennis Williams as well as the union’s training center, called Black Lake, according to the Detroit News.
  • The more than two-year probe has already led to the convictions of five people affiliated with the UAW and three Fiat Chrysler executives.

Federal agents raided the home of United Auto Workers President Gary Jones on Wednesday as the Justice Department expands its probe of corruption in the union’s top ranks while Detroit automakers renegotiate labor contracts for 158,000 employees.

Kevin Telepo, a neighbor, said he noticed FBI and IRS agents searching the property at about 8:30 a.m. The agents removed “a bunch of boxes” from the house and “were going through a bunch of cash in the garage,” he said in an interview.

The federal agents were still searching Jones’ home in suburban Detroit and removing items in the early afternoon.

Democrats sounded the fire alarm!

From the article linked above:

Several Democratic National Committee members have a message to their organization’s top leadership: President Trump is crushing us. 

After pledging to compete everywhere ahead of the next election, multiple DNC members told The Daily Beast they have privately sounded alarms about the organization’s strategy heading into 2020, emphasizing what they view as Chairman Tom Perez’s inability to reach swing voters in Midwestern battleground states who voted for the president.

“I am frustrated beyond belief at the sheer neglect of the constituencies I represent,” he added. 

Zogby’s chief concern—raised by several other current DNC members who spoke with The Daily Beast—is that the Trump campaign is already reaching swing voters while the Democratic Party is overwhelmingly focused on expanding their existing base.

“There’s a general unease right now among operatives and others who believe the DNC is not doing enough to build out the infrastructure before the next election,” one DNC member said, who requested to speak anonymously about internal party conversations. 

“There’s a deep concern that while we’re turned inwards, the Trump campaign is already out there talking to general election voters.”

According to Pollster, John McLaughlin, Democrats have every reason to be scared out of their minds!

I absolutely agree with this tweet!

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