News Roundup! Flores Agreement, Space Force, MSM Wants To Hide the Antisemitics, PDJT Meets With President of Romania, Comments About China During Presser In the Oval Office, PM Conte Of Italy Resigns, PDJT Spoke With the President Of the NRA, Energy Dominance, Jon McNaughton’s Latest Painting, No Trip To Denmark, Congratulations Are In Order…..

Our President is taking a sledgehammer to the Democrats, MSM, Never Trumpers, Koch Brothers, CoC etc. holy grail.

From the article linked above:

The Trump administration is seeking to terminate the Flores settlement, an immigration-related court order that prevents most migrant family units from being held in detention centers for more than 20 days, the Daily Caller has learned.

Eliminating the Flores settlement would allow the U.S. government to hold migrant children and their families indefinitely while they await court proceedings. The 1997 Flores v. Reno decision by the Supreme Court laid out specific conditions under which unaccompanied migrant children could be held in detention, and was later expanded to place time restrictions on the detention of migrant children accompanied by family members.

The new rule is expected to be rolled out during a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) press conference on Wednesday morning.

“The Administration is closing one of the legal loopholes that has allowed human traffickers and smugglers to exploit our vulnerabilities at the southern border,” a senior administration official told the Daily Caller. “President Trump has made it clear that he’s going to secure America’s border at all cost and this rule plays a vital role in the strategy to restore the integrity to our immigration system and our national security.”

They will immediately get a Leftist Judge to put an injunction on it. The problem for them is that the 9th Circuit currently has the following breakdown:

  • 16 Democrat Appointed Judges
  • 12 Republican Appointed Judges

Our President is going to fill the last seat to make it 16 Democrat versus 13 Republican Judges. The odds that the 3 Judge Appellate panel has 2 Republican Judges is about 35% to 40%.

On August 29th, we will be one step closer to Space Force becoming a reality.

From the article linked above:

The Trump administration will officially launch a new combatant command dedicated to space next week.

Vice President Pence and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford announced at Tuesday’s National Space Council meeting in Virginia that U.S. Space Command will officially be up and running Aug. 29.

Space Command, which will be responsible for planning and executing space operations, will have 87 units at launch next week, Dunford said.

Their capabilities will include missile warning, satellite operations, space control and space support, Dunford said.

“This step will put us on a path to maintain a competitive advantage in, as Vice President Pence described this and as the president has described it, in this critical warfighting domain,” he said. “The direction is clear, we understand it and we’re moving out.”

In June, the Senate confirmed Gen. John Raymond to be the commander of Space Command.

The two Antisemitics are a gift to our country and our President. The MSM knows how devastating they are for the Democrat Party.

The problem for them is that our President puts them on blast every chance he gets. Causing Americans to tune in.

Here are examples from yesterday involving our President going after members of the Squad.

Our President hosted the President of Romania in the White House yesterday. During the Oval Office media availability by both leaders PDJT took multiple questions from the media.

The Q & A was on many different topics but this portion was a standout for me because our President has been preparing for the last 30 years for this confrontation.

The question was: ” Mr. President, you keep insisting that your trade war with China — the trade war with China is not affecting the U.S. economy. But a lot of economists disagree with that. And they worry that if China goes into a recession, they’ll pull us down with it.”

Everyone is focusing on the U.K. and Brexit. The reality is that the U.K. leaving the European Union isn’t going to destroy the EU. It will absolutely hurt it but it won’t destroy it.

What will take the European Union down is if Italy were too leave. With yesterday’s announcement, we are one step closer to that reality.

Italy is one of the key economies within the EU. In the past several years, because of economic and unfettered immigration challenges, the populist revolt has gained tremendous ground in Italy. With the populist rise, one man has won the hearts on many Italian voters, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. Matteo Salvini is a proud Italian Populist.

From the article linked above:

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced his resignation in a speech to the Senate on Tuesday, blaming far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini for causing a political crisis as Italy looks to draw up a challenging budget to keep its parlous finances on track.

[…] Leaders of 5 Star are exploring the only plausible alternative to snap elections the League would likely win: a new coalition government with their longstanding foes, the mainstream center-left Democratic Party. Talks in coming days could show whether such a coalition is possible or early elections are needed.

[…] The political upheaval has gone further in Italy than in most other EU countries. In March 2018 elections, Italy’s mainstream parties suffered a heavy defeat. In a country tired of economic stagnation and ineffectual political incumbents, one in three Italians backed 5 Star, while the League won 17% of the vote. Since then, however, 5 Star has struggled in government and its support has halved, while Mr. Salvini’s tough stance on immigration has helped double support for the League.

If Italy holds early elections, Mr. Salvini could become the first leader of a major EU nation who comes from a self-described populist party to the right of Europe’s mainstream conservatives. Mr. Salvini, an avowed admirer of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has challenged the EU’s rules on fiscal discipline, accusing Germany and France of hypocritically breaking the rules while imposing austerity on Italy. Some League officials have advocated Italy’s exit from the euro.

Our President did another head fake on the MSM, Democrats, Never Trumpers, Leftists etc. when it comes to the 2nd Amendment.

From the article linked above:

President Trump called National Rifle Association (NRA) CEO Wayne LaPierre on Tuesday to tell him that universal background checks for gun purchases are off the table, The Atlantic reported.

The decision to oppose an initiative that has strong support in public polling signals an apparent backtracking by the president from initial comments he made following two mass shootings earlier this month in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, that left 31 dead.

“He was cementing his stance that we already have background checks and that he’s not waffling on this anymore,” a source told The Atlantic with regard to Trump’s phone call with LaPierre on Tuesday. “He doesn’t want to pursue it.”

Trump told LaPierre that he instead wanted to focus on “increasing funding” for mental health care and directing attorneys general across the country to start prosecuting “gun crime” through federal firearms charges from the Justice Department, according to The Atlantic.

Energy Dominance displayed in some beautiful graphs!

Another incredible painting by Jon McNaughton.

From the artist: “What does the future hold for America? President Trump’s last few years in office have been remarkable. He has changed the direction of this county economically, devastated ISIS, negotiated with countries on the world stage, and been a powerful voice for American ideals.

It hasn’t been easy, as he has been blocked by both Republicans and Democrats, trashed by the media, and hunted by the deep state in an attempt to undermine his presidency. But, the “painting” is not finished!”

“I believe that Trump will yet reveal in the future a greater degree of prosperity, justice, and American influence that has never been seen before. His greatest achievements are yet to be revealed. How will history remember the presidency of Donald J. Trump? I believe it will be considered a “Masterpiece.””

Here is a link to his site.

Our President is a busy man. Greenland is not for sale according to the PM of Denmark. Our President won’t waste his time visiting.

Congratulations to Eric and Lara Trump on the addition to their family, Carolina Dorothy Trump.

We are so blessed as a country for the entire Trump family!

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