News Roundup! Black AmericansAre Waking Up, Governor Sununu Protects the 2A, Gun Sales Rise, #WalkAway, Biden Gave Me Goosebumps, Wall, Koch Foods Job Fair, Democrats Don’t Talk About the Economy, Canada’s Economy Is In Trouble, Major Fundraising For PDJT, Fort Trump, The Hunt, Legally, Epstein, Sempre Fe…..

Black Americans are continuing to wake up and speak out. I absolutely loved that they destroyed the POS fake reverend.




What Malcolm X described 50 years ago is still true today.



Governor Sununu of New Hampshire stood his ground and vetoed three Democrat sponsored anti-second amendment bills.



I am not surprised at all by this.


From the article linked above:

Gun sales are surging after the weekend mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, fueled by first-time buyers seeking pistols they can carry with them for protection.

What’s more, the trend in the “National Instant Criminal Background Check System,” or NICS, is on a path to make 2018 the second biggest year since 2016, when gun owners and prospective gun owners filled stores before the presidential election that was expected to elect gun control advocate Hillary Rodham Clinton.

According to the latest NICS numbers just released, this year there have been nearly 16 million background checks, which are done for gun sales, applications for concealed carry permits and other gun-related legal issues.

As with past mass shootings, applications for concealed carry permits and interest in smaller pistols has increased. But the twin shooting has sparked even more interest.

“While we have seen a measured rise in sale of certain tactical rifles and accessories this week, most customers are looking for concealed carry handguns,” Anderson said.


Speaking of #WalkAway, this young man has done so and explains why.


Listening to this gave me goosebumps! Over 80% of Americans want the current total of immigrants allowed reduced.


This MORON is running on doubling that number.


The Wall is continuing to be built!


680 jobs are now available for Americans!


From the article linked above:

Koch Foods is holding a job fair on August 12 in Mississippi to help replace the migrant workers who were detained on August 7.


Americans are absolutely WINNING under PDJT! That is why Democrats can’t talk about the Economy.


From the article linked above:

In 2019, the economy is great. The U.S. labor market has added more than 6.3 million new jobs since President Donald J. Trump was elected. In fact, there continue to be more jobs open in America than there are people looking for work. Unemployment is the lowest it has been since the end of 1969. And the unemployment rate for African-Americans, Hispanics, people with disabilities and military veterans is the lowest ever recorded for each category.

At the same time, wages are up. The Bu­reau of Eco­nomic Analy­sis recently pub­lished its an­nual re­vi­sions to per­sonal in­come data showing that em­ployee compensa­tion rose 4.5 percent in 2017 and 5 percent in 2018. The trend continued in 2019 as compensation rose 3.4 percent during the first six months.

Indicator after indicator point to a strong economy. Which explains why Democrats do not want to talk about the economy. They want the media and — in turn — the electorate to focus on other issues.

Meanwhile, Canada is in some serious trouble! Their economy is cratering.


From the article linked above:

Canada’s economy lost 24,000 jobs in July, and the unemployment rate moved up 0.2 percentage points to 5.7 per cent.

The data agency said 11,000 people joined the workforce last month, but the total number of jobs shrank by more than twice that, the reason the jobless rate moved up two ticks to 5.7 per cent.

Canada’s economy lost almost 12,000 full-time jobs in July, and slightly more part-time jobs were lost on top of that, too.

The private sector lost almost 70,000 jobs.

“Were it not for a modest gain in self-employment [which was up by 27,700], the headline would have been worse,” TD Bank economist Brian DePratto said.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


From the article linked above:

Rep. Joaquin Castro’s plan to shame a group of donors to President Trump is having the opposite effect.

One of the individuals named by the Texas Democrat estimates that the lawmaker’s actions have spurred donors to give more than $1 million toward Trump’s reelection effort in recent days.

R. H. Bowman told the Washington Examiner his fellow members of “Texas 44,” as the San Antonio-based donors refer to themselves, have been on a fundraising frenzy since Castro tweeted about them on Monday, “Their contributions are fueling a campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as ‘invaders.'”

I think when our President visits Poland later this year, we will see an agreement reached that will begin the movement of our troops from Germany into Poland. Fort Trump will become a reality.


From the article linked above:

An envoy of U.S. President Donald Trump suggested on Friday that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s unwillingness to boost defense spending might give the United States no choice but to move American troops stationed in Germany to Poland.

The comments by Richard Grenell, the U.S. ambassador to Germany, signal Trump’s impatience with Merkel’s failure to raise defense spending to 2% of economic output as mandated by the NATO military alliance.

“It is offensive to assume that the U.S. taxpayers continue to pay for more than 50,000 Americans in Germany but the Germans get to spend their (budget) surplus on domestic programs,” Grenell told the dpa news agency.

I am absolutely amazed that NBC/Comcast/Universal produced a movie called “The Hunt”.  The synopsis is a twisted storyline of wealthy thrill-seeking liberals taking a private jet to a five-star resort where they embark on a “deeply rewarding” expedition that involves hunting down and killing designated humans, “deplorables”.

Our President was so right to send the tweets he did about Hollywood being the racist.

They even put out a trailer. (WARNING: It’s Disturbing)



Please keep in mind that it doesn’t make any difference if it shows the ‘Elites’ as bad guys at the end, that’s just to cover their asses. They want to get the idea out there to their crazies that it’s okay to hunt down Trump supporters. It’s much like printing a ridiculous and terrible headline story but then later retracting it on page 27c in a half inch post. The damage is already done. The ending is their retraction, imo.

I am am so happy for both of them because they did it the right way and will not take our country for granted.


More information coming out from the unsealed deposition.


Nick O’Teen, Daughn’s husband, shared this with me. It is a very long read but also very informative.


This is the America I love!


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