News Roundup! They Are SCARED, Hannity Was All About the Release Of Ohr’s 302s, Joe Biden Is A RACIST, PDJT’s Approval Ratings, IMMIGRATION = TRUMPISM For 50+ Years, Wall Update, Return To Mexico Policy Is Working Beautifully, Economic Train, The Mask Has Been Removed…..

They were hoping beyond hope that our President would name Sue Gordon the Acting DNI. Every single one of them tweeted that she would be an incredible pick. Don Jr. tweeted the following. I was so happy to see it because it put my mind at ease.

Our President yesterday evening decided to ruin their dinner!

She can now join the rest of the POSs worrying when the nuclear bomb will drop.

By removing her from the picture, our President can place an Acting DNI to start next week once the two POS above walk out the door for the last time.

Our President went ahead and named his person.

Former Navy Admiral, Joseph Maguire. We all know that the Greatest White Hat of them all was also a former Navy Admiral. Seems like he had some input in our President’s decision. God Bless You Admiral Rogers!

Here is a YouTube video with Admiral Maguire. Well worth the watch.

Here’s a terrific and informative interview with Admiral McGuire at a Yankees game.

He is a former US Navy Seal, commanded Seals, then was President of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation which helps veterans and their families.

It should be noted that Admiral McGuire is from New York City.

Here’s some background on our new DNI, Admiral McGuire (ret.)

From the article linked above:

President Donald Trump is nominating a Navy special operations veteran to be the nation’s top counterterrorism official.

Trump announced Friday that he’s picked Joseph Maguire to lead the National Counterterrorism Center.

Since 2013, Maguire has been president and chief executive officer of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. His last government assignment was deputy director for strategic operational planning at the counterterrorism center where he was a member of the National Security Council’s counterterrorism security group.

Maguire, who is from New York City, retired from the Navy in 2010 as a vice admiral after 36 years in uniform. He has commanded every level of the Naval Special Warfare Command, the Navy component of the U.S. Special Operations Command.

You can smell the fear in their tweets!

There night got worse! God bless Judicial Watch and Tom Fitton.

I LOVE that our President’s people are going after the REAL RACIST! Joe Biden showed his true colors again today.

Meanwhile they call our President a racist. They are full of shit!

It absolutely kills them that they can’t rattle our President’s approval rating (you can add +10 to each of them).

As I referenced yesterday, IMMIGRATION is the key to TRUMPISM for the next 50+ years! Check out this nugget I found.

From the article linked above:

When looking at the data closer, we see a similar trend with the black and hispanic communities. About 63% of African Americans and about 61% of Hispanic Americans said they would most likely vote for a candidate in 2020 who does not support illegal immigration.

Since he announced his presidency back in 2015, President Donald Trump has been a strong enforcer of the United States’ immigration policy. While the President fights hard to enforce the law, Democrats are pushing back, announcing their support for open borders.

New Wall contracts just issued! There is absolutely nothing the Leftists, Democrats, MSM, Never Trumpers, CoC, Koch Brothers etc. can do to stop it.

From the article linked above:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), has awarded a contract to construct approximately 11 miles of new levee wall system in three non-contiguous segments located within U.S. Border Patrol’s (USBP) Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Sector in Hidalgo County, Texas. 

Additionally, on July 31, 2019, CBP, in partnership with USACE, awarded a contract to construct border wall gates in USBP’s RGV Sector. This contract includes the construction of 25 gates and is funded by CBP’s FY 2017 appropriation.  Gate construction includes the installation of automated border wall gates, associated equipment, and site improvements at current openings in the existing barrier in the USBP RGV Sector.  The gates will be located off the IBWC levee at the end of or along existing levee ramps. Once installed, the gates will serve as a persistent impediment to smuggling organizations while still allowing access for property owners, USBP, other local/state/federal officials, and local emergency responders. Construction is estimated to begin as early as September 30, 2019, pending the availability of real estate. 

The return to Mexico policy is absolutely working!

From the article linked above:

Based on Mexican government figures and reporting by The Associated Press, at least 40,000 migrants who have reached the U.S. border with Mexico are on a waiting list for an initial attempt to seek asylum or waiting for a court hearing in the U.S. after being sent back.

The figure represents a dramatic increase from earlier in the year. It is unknown how many have entered the U.S. illegally, decided to settle in Mexico or gone back to Central America.

The long waits are testing the patience of some asylum seekers and residents in border cities.

Turning Mexico into a waiting room for U.S. asylum seekers may be the Trump administration’s most forceful response yet to a surge of migrants seeking humanitarian protection, many of them Central American families.

William Mendoza, 45, fled Guatemala’s western highlands with his 17-year-old son, thinking he would be freed in the U.S. with a notice to appear in court. Families have generally been released in the U.S. due to lack of family detention space and a federal court order that children can’t be held more than 20 days.

After crossing the border illegally in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley, Mendoza and his son were told after three days that there wasn’t enough room to hold them and they would be flown to San Diego.

In San Diego, U.S. authorities told about 130 passengers on his flight that they would have to wait in Mexico for their court dates. Mendoza got a notice to report to the border crossing on Sept. 13 for court, about two months out.

“The news hit everyone hard — women, men and children,” said Mendoza, who paused while digging a ditch for new communal sink at the Ambassadors of Jesus shelter, which sits at the bottom of a canyon where the sound of roosters and smell of pigs permeate the air.

The Economic Train continues to crisscross our country picking up passengers and running over her enemies.

From the article linked above:

The Labor Department said initial jobless claims fell again to a seasonally adjusted 209,000 for the week ending August 3, a decline of 8,000 that beat the forecasts. The 4-week moving average rose slightly by 250 to 212,250.

The Stock Market dropped big on Monday because of China devaluing their currency. The MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers, Democrats were salivating. After today, they are back to crying.

The greatest gift our President has given us is that he can get all the POSs to eventually drop their masks.

It is amazing to see a large U.S. labor union now standing in support of illegal workers in the U.S.  I can’t believe his members are happy with his fat ass!

I decided to have some fun with him.

We will never lose under the watch of PDJT!

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