News Roundup! Economic Train Is Smiling, PDJT Is Failing As a Racist, Black Approval Continues To Rise For PDJT, Larry Kudlow, Steve Bannon, Dumping Aluminum, Where’s the Beef (Deal With EU), PDJT’s Press Interview, Democrats Have An Enthusiasm Problem, China Is Losing BIGLY, Local Press, Energy Dominance, PDJT Is Saving Lives…..

As the MSM, Democrats, RINOs, Never Trumpers continue to say that the economy is heading towards a recession, the Economic Train smiles knowing that they are completely out of their minds.

Lets take a closer look at the July Jobs Report.

The U6 unemployment number dropped to a low that hasn’t been seen since 2000.

It must’ve killed these two POS to have to have this reported on their show.

Another graph that is a dagger for the previous administration.

Even Bloomberg had to share it with their viewers.

This article tells you everything you need to know about the experts. What they were use to were Presidents that didn’t care about our country.

From the article linked above:

  • The Economic Policy Uncertainty Index, which measures policy-related uncertainty around the world, is hovering at an all-time-high.
  • The EPU Index tracks the amount of times newspaper articles use buzzwords related to economic and political uncertainty. Tracking began in the 1990s.
  • “Uncertainty is the enemy of the business cycle,” Morgan Stanley’s Chetan Ahya says in a note to clients, and “uncertainty still reigns.”

What will happen next with the global economy and how governments will respond is troubling Wall Street as investors and economists chase a moving target of trade wars and monetary policy shifts.

Black Americans are benefiting BIGLY under PDJT’s economy.

From the article linked above:

Date Black Approval 2019 Black approval 2018
Monday, July 29, 2019 25% NA
Tuesday, July 30, 2019 34% 28%
Wednesday, July 31, 2019 34% 28%
Thursday, August 1, 2019 33% 25%
Friday, August 2, 2019 29% 29%
Full Week Numbers 32% 26%

Our President really sucks at being a racist!

From the article linked above:

“I don’t think the president’s racist. I think he’s honest,” said Mr. Woodson, a MacArthur Foundation “genius grant” recipient who heads the Woodson Center in Washington, D.C. “As I tweeted out, he’s rude, crude and true.”

Derrick Wilburn, executive director of Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, said that “what President Trump said is true,” but that Democrats representing inner-city areas want to avoid that conversation.

“If you were a Democrat helping to run inner-city Chicago, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, St. Louis, take your pick, and you did not do everything in your power to deflect attention away from the results your policies have produced, you’re a fool,” Mr. Wilburn said.

Blacks continue to speak out on behalf of our President.

Larry Kudlow is absolutely right!

You can find the rest of the interview below.

Steve Bannon is absolutely right about what our President is doing with China.

Our President is proven right once again! Thanks to Nick O’Teen for bringing this to my attention.

From the article linked above:

Billionaire aluminum maker Liu Zhongtian has been charged in a 24-count indictment regarding allegations he evaded $1.8 billion in tariffs on aluminum imports.

China Zhongwang Holdings is accused of selling the purported pallets to related entities to “fraudulently inflate the company’s revenues and deceive investors around the world,” before melting them down.

Finally, because there was “no such demand for the pallets,” the indictment alleges that “defendants Liu and China Zhongwang would direct that aluminum melting facilities be built and acquired to be used to reconfigure the aluminum imported as pallets into a form with commercial value.”

Our President today was able to strike a deal with the European Union for the duty-free export of U.S. beef.

From the transcript linked above:

The President: The agreement we sign today will lower trade barriers in Europe and expand access for American farmers and ranchers. In year one, duty-free American beef exports to the EU will increase by 46 percent. Over seven years, they will increase by another 90 percent. In total, the duty-free exports will rise from $150 million to $420 million, an increase of over 180 percent.

Agricultural products and exports have increased by more than $10 billion, and beef exports have increased by more than 31 percent. In another major win, we fully opened the Japanese market to U.S. beef. We also opened markets in Tunisia, Morocco, and Australia.

Yesterday, before PDJT was departing the White House for Bedminister, NJ, he stopped to talk to the assembled press pool about a variety of topics.

From the transcript linked above:

Q What does China need to do to avoid those tariffs going into force on September 1st?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I think China — number one, you have to understand, we are so far behind. We have been treated so badly. And I don’t blame China; I blame our past leaders, our past Presidents, our past trade representatives. They’ve done a terrible job.

China — we can’t just go and make an even deal with China. We have to make a much better deal with China. Because, right now, they have a very unfair playing field, and I’m turning it around. So we’re getting 25 percent of $250 billion, and now we’ll be getting 10 percent of probably close to $350 billion. It’s a lot of money.

China has to do a lot of things to turn it around. But you’ll be seeing. They’ve got to do a lot of things. It goes on on September 1st. And, frankly, if they don’t do them, I can always increase it very substantially. In other words, I could increase it — if I wanted to, I could increase it to a very much higher number.

Democrats have an enthusiasm problem!

From the article linked above:

Wednesday’s Democratic primary debate in Detroit drew more than 10.7 million viewers — an uptick in ratings from the first night, but still a big drop from the number of people who tuned in to the party’s first debates in June.

When you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. China is going to be destroyed by the EAGLE!

Levi Strauss & Co. has been “deliberate and diligent” in moving production out of China because of uncertainty hanging over tariffs on goods imported from China, Chief Executive Officer Chip Bergh said in an interview with Reuters.

Just 1 percent or 2 percent of Levi’s products sold in the United States are manufactured in China, Bergh said, compared to 16 percent two years ago. Bergh was speaking one day before President Donald Trump said he would impose tariffs on another $300 billion of Chinese goods, including apparel.

Trump has used tariffs as a tool to negotiate better trade terms, saying bad deals cost millions of U.S. jobs. 

Tim Cook changed his mind rather quickly!

Bad news for the Democrats when local papers in the Rust Belt run with the following information for their readers.

From the article linked above:

Members of the campaign’s Women For Trump coalition participated in an Economic Empowerment round table this week in downtown Detroit. Over a dozen women business owners like myself participated in the discussion focused on how the president’s policies have not only empowered but advanced women in today’s modern economy. 

As a result of historic tax cuts and deregulation, more than 5.5 million jobs have been created. In my own business, I have experienced growth and success thanks to deregulation and tax cuts. Just as important, my employees have felt the economic growth too.

Strong economic indicators are always felt in the real estate market. During my career my small business has seen every wave in the industry. However, nothing compares to the unprecedented boom we’ve witnessed in Trump’s time in office. If you turn on the television, it’s very likely that you’ll hear the strong economy has only benefited a select few. This couldn’t be further from the truth — Trump’s economy is working for all Americans. Home ownership is on the rise, primarily among traditional underrepresented groups and more Michiganians are within reach of the American Dream.

Energy Dominance is a thing of beauty to watch.

From the article linked above:

A new grade of American light crude is making its way to oil-starved buyers in Asia, giving relief to some of the region’s biggest plastics makers as they seek alternatives to feedstock from Iran.

South Korean refiners and petrochemical makers are purchasing West Texas Light crude, a new American grade that’s produced in the Permian Basin of west Texas and New Mexico. Hyundai Oilbank Co. and S-Oil Corp. most recently bought the grade for delivery in September and October. The oil, which is light and sweet in nature, yields a high proportion of naphtha and other distillates when processed, with low levels of impurities such as sulfur.

When I read stories like this one, I have no doubt that God Intervened on our behalf in 2016.

From the article linked above:

When FBI agents and police officers fanned out across the country last month in a weeklong effort to rescue child sex trafficking victims, they pulled minors as young as 11 from hotel rooms, truck stops and homes.

Among the 168 juveniles recovered was a population that child welfare advocates say especially concerns them: children who were never reported missing in the first place.

We are winning and will never stop winning under PDJT!

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