News Roundup! Elijah Cummings, Wages Increasing, PDJT Tackles Prescription Drug Pricing, Governor DeSantis Got the Green Light, Democrats Are Pushing Against Americans When It Comes To Healthcare, China Is Playing Russian Roulette, Judicial Armada, Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, Debate Thread, Rally Day…..

Our President tweeted this clip of Elijah Cummings admitting that Baltimore is a drug-infested area. This is so delicious!

Meanwhile the same POS said NO to Secretary Carson when invited by him to tour a HUD facility in Baltimore.

From the article linked above:

Maryland Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings declined an offer to tour a Baltimore Housing and Urban Development (HUD) facility with HUD secretary Ben Carson on Wednesday.

HUD invited Cummings to tour the facility with Carson on Tuesday, however Cummings rejected the invitation, the Daily Caller has learned.

When asked about Cummings’ absence at a press conference, Carson said that he did not know why Cummings did not attend the tour but guessed there may have been a scheduling issue.

Black Americans continue to speak out.

American wages continue to climb under PDJT.

From the article linked above:

NOTE: If you ever have to destroy the myth our President was handed the Economy by BHO, just send them the information I bolded and underlined. IT WILL HAVE THE SAME EFFECT AS POURING HOLY WATER ON A VAMPIRE!

Recall how liberals blamed “secular stagnation” as the reason worker incomes weren’t growing faster during the latter years of Barack Obama’s Presidency. Yet employee compensation has increased by $150 billion more in the first six months of 2019 than all of 2016.

Compensation increased 42% more during the first two years of the Trump Presidency than in 2015 and 2016. This refutes the claim by liberals that the economy has merely continued on the same trajectory since 2017 as it was before.

The economy barely skirted recession in the final Obama years, and economic policy changed in 2017. Deregulation has unleashed repressed animal spirits, especially in energy. Tax reform has also spurred business investment in new facilities and equipment, which over time should translate into higher worker productivity and wages.

Those reforms are continuing to pay economic dividends despite the damage from Mr. Trump’s trade policies. While Democrats and even some conservatives complain that workers haven’t benefited from tax reform, the evidence suggests otherwise.

Yesterday, the BEA revised its data. In its revision we find employee compensation rose 4.5% in 2017 and 5% in 2018.  That same growth trend continued into 2019, with compensation increasing 3.4 percent in the first six months alone.  Year-over-year wages and salaries were revised upward to 5.3% for May, and 5.5% in June.

This can can only happen when a President is only interested in Main Street and the people that live there. It has been two decades since we have seen anything like this happening for everyday Americans.

Both nights of the Democrat Debate was in Michigan. This is what the Clown Show is trying to overcome.

What our President did today through HHS Secretary Azar, will allow a state like Florida to take the ball and absolutely run with it since all they needed was the Federal Government to give it the green light.

From the link above:

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced today that HHS and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are publishing a Safe Importation Action Plan* that outlines two potential pathways that would lay the foundation for the safe importation of certain drugs originally intended for foreign markets.

President Trump has been clear: for too long American patients have been paying exorbitantly high prices for prescription drugs that are made available to other countries at lower prices.  “Today’s announcement outlines the pathways the Administration intends to explore to allow safe importation of certain prescription drugs to lower prices and reduce out of pocket costs for American patients. This is the next important step in the Administration’s work to end foreign freeloading and put American patients first.” 

The Action Plan outlines the government’s intention to pursue two pathways to allow safe drug importation from foreign markets:

  1. Through a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM), HHS and FDA would propose to rely on the authority under current federal law (Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (“FD&C Act”) Section 804) that would, when the rule is finalized, authorize pilot (or demonstration) projects developed by states, wholesalers or pharmacists and submitted for HHS review, outlining how they would import certain drugs from Canada that are versions of FDA-approved drugs that are manufactured consistent with the FDA approval. The NPRM would include conditions to ensure the importation poses no additional risk to the public’s health and safety and that the demonstration projects would achieve significant cost savings to the American consumer.
  2. Through guidance, FDA would provide recommendations to manufacturers of FDA-approved drugs who seek to import into the U.S. versions of those drugs they sell in foreign countries. Under this pathway, manufacturers would use a new National Drug Code (NDC) for those products, potentially allowing them to offer a lower price than what their current distribution contracts require. To use this pathway, the manufacturer or entity authorized by the manufacturer would establish with the FDA that the foreign version is the same as the U.S. version and appropriately label the drug for sale in the U.S. This pathway could be particularly helpful to patients with significantly high cost prescription drugs. This would potentially include medications like insulin used to treat diabetes, as well as those used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disorders, and cancer.

Here is what Governor DeSantis had to say.

While our President is tackling issues that effect Americans, Democrats are pushing Healthcare policies that go against what 80% of Americans like.

China has has decided to play Russian Roulette with a gun that has only six chambers and a bullet in each chamber.

From the article linked above:

Plodding progress in trade negotiations between the U.S. and China this week is partly the result of a new tactic from Beijing, which increasingly thinks waiting may produce a more-favorable agreement.

U.S. and Chinese trade negotiators held four hours of talks Wednesday, after a dinner the night before, and then wrapped up their first face-to-face meeting since negotiations foundered more than two months ago. Both sides described the talks as constructive and said the next round will be held in September.

[…] “China can take it easy and wait patiently,” said Mei Xinyu, a researcher at a think tank under China’s Commerce Ministry. China’s economy is recovering, he said, while the U.S.’s is likely to slow: “The impact of the trade war falls in the early stage on China’s economy but in a later stage for the U.S. economy.”

The EAGLE and his KILLERS are going to enjoy eating the Dragon!

I am so happy our President is getting involved!

Those prosecutors should be shamed for what they tried to do to against Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher.

From the article linked above:

Following reports that the military prosecutors of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher are receiving Navy Achievement Medals — despite failing to secure a conviction for Gallagher on murder charges — President Donald Trump is stepping into the fray.

On Tuesday afternoon, Trump took to Twitter, calling the medal awards “ridiculous” and demanding that they be rescinded.

A Navy official confirmed that Trump does have the authority to order the revocation of the awards, and that Spencer, accordingly, planned to rescind them.

The Judicial Armada continues to grow unabated as the Clown Show leaves Michigan.

Our President is totally committed to stopping human trafficking in our country. Here is another example of that commitment.

From the article linked above:

Local, state, and federal law enforcement officers have raided more than a dozen massage parlors throughout Northeast Ohio in connection with a human trafficking investigation, the U.S. Secret Service confirmed to WKYC.

In addition, two apartments and one home in Brunswick were searched and seven people have been arrested. The investigation has apparently been going on for two years.

“We will not turn a blind eye to criminal enterprises, such as this one,” Major Gary Allen, Ohio Investigative Unit commander, said in a statement. “We will continue to work with our partners to hold those accountable for their roles in commercial sex businesses.”

For those like myself that didn’t watch the debate yesterday, unseen1 live tweeted it. You can find the thread below.

Today is RALLY DAY!

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