News Roundup! That Gun Is Whistling Dixie, Matt Whitaker Dropped A MOAB Yesterday, Crow & Sunny Delight, PDJT TRUMPED President Xi, AG Barr Drops the Hammer, Blacks Continue To Speak Out, Impeachment Dilemma, PDJT Is Expanding His Base, Latinos For Trump, 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund…..

Anytime Joe diGenova talks, I listen. He had a lot to say yesterday.

Joe diGenova is a former U.S. Attorney. In the clip above, he informs the radio audience that declassified documents will begin to be made public starting Wednesday July 31st.

He also went on to state that U.S. Attorney John Durham is not conducting a “review”, but is conducting a full criminal investigation with a grand jury empaneled and currently receiving testimony from witnesses.

Proverbs 21:15

When justice is done, it is a joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.

Chris Sperry put out this tweet.

Matt Whitaker dropped a MOAB yesterday.

He dropped the MOAB…. (@01:26 below). Whitaker outlines U.S. Attorney John Huber as reviewing “anything related to Comey’s memos and the like.”  Boom… There it is.

Comey the POS is FUCKED!

We also have these interesting tweets from Rosie Memos.

Seems someone is going to have to eat a lot of crow! We will make sure he has plenty of Sunny Delight!

Our President will not allow China to have any leverage against our country!

Countering China, Trump Seeks to Increase Domestic Production of Rare Earths

From the article linked above:

President Donald Trump recently invoked a provision of the Defense Production Act to ensure the timely delivery of rare earth materials to the nation’s industrial base. Having made the determination rare earths are “essential to national defense,” Trump authorized a wave of potential investment in the industry.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has tried to exploit China’s dominant position in the rare earths market by threatening to cut off rare earths exports to the U.S. as part of the trade war. His visit to a facility at China’s epicenter for rare earths, in conjunction with numerous Chinese state-owned media reports, suggested Xi sees rare earths as fair game in the trade war.

Under Section 303 of the Defense Production Act, the president must determine that a “domestic industrial base shortfall” exists for a particular good, meaning “United States industry cannot reasonably be expected to provide the capability” within the needed timetable. This is what Trump did in his recent presidential determination.

Trump ignited a multitude of subsequent actions that now can be taken by the Department of Defense to establish and secure the domestic capability to supply rare earths. He can order the direct purchase of rare earth materials for use by the defense industry and supply equipment for both government and private companies to increase their capability to produce rare earths. Should the project exceed a $50 million threshold, Congress would have to approve.

AG Barr continues to drop the hammer on Asylum rules that are completely in his per view as AG.

From the article linked above (theblaze):

The Trump administration is planning to revive a decade-old proposal that will cement Attorney General William Barr’s say over what goes on in America’s federal immigration courts.

In short, the rule, which was put forward by the Department of Justice’s Executive Office for Immigration Review and published in the federal register Tuesday, codifies the power of the attorney general to decide which immigration court cases will create binding precedent for future immigration decisions, according to information from the DOJ.

It is fascinating how many Black Americans are taking to Twitter to voice their opinion and support for our President. Many of them have 50K to 100K followers. Many are also young.

The Democrats, MSM, Never Trumpers etc. have an impeachment problem!

Had to rain on Nate Silver’s parade.

They also have a major problem because our President is expanding his base BIGLY!

From the article linked above:

The data also proves that this movement includes all Americans. Earlier this year, President Trump held a rally in El Paso, Texas at which over a quarter of those who registered had not voted in more than eight years and 27% were Millennials or younger. In Orlando, one-third of the registrants were not regular voters, and over 15% were 32 years of age or younger. In El Paso, over 70% of the registrants were Latino and 35% of them were registered Democrats. The president’s “America First” message clearly has broad appeal for Americans of every demographic.

Since 2016, the Republican Party has trained more than 50,000 new volunteers and registered nearly 7 million new Republican voters. The RNC and the Trump campaign are hard at work all over the country, recruiting, training, and energizing the next generation of Republicans to win big in 2020.

Those efforts mean that in 2020, President Trump will not just be relying on his 2016 “base” – he will expand the map and engage with an entirely new, and previously untapped, pool of voters. 

Here is one of those that are part of our President’s Army.

From the article linked above:

For millions of Latinos like myself, immigration policy is personal. I came to America in 1998 from Colombia, hoping to capture this nation’s most coveted good. Unlike the trillions of dollars’ worth of commerce that flows through this country and to our trading partners, the American dream cannot be exported. I was lucky enough to grasp the American dream, like millions before me and, hopefully, millions after me.

This week, I attended Trump Victory Leadership Initiative Training alongside “Latinos for Trump.” As a member of the Latinos for Trump advisory board, it’s a distinct honor to advocate on behalf of President Trump’s policies that have fostered a booming economy for millions of lawful immigrants. Four more years means continued prosperity for those who wish to follow a lawful process.

Our President yesterday signed the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund into law. Here are some pictures and clips from the signing ceremony.

A local in California decided to take some pictures and videos from the WALL.

America is an incredible country! Here is proof of it.

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