Late Breaking News! WE ARE WINNING….. Supreme Court Lifted the Injunction On the DOD Paying For the WALL, Guatemala Agrees To the Safe Third Country Agreement, Guatemala Agrees To Have Their Citizens (Including Children) Sent Back Immediately…..

I can’t begin to tell you how giddy I am right now as I write this. This is beyond HUGE!

Similar to the travel ban, the Supreme Court has lifted the injunction on using the DOD funds to build the WALL.

Duchess01 asked me if I had any information about the budget deal approved in the House this week and will be approved in the Senate next week for our President to sign. There has been hardly any information other than the deal equaling $2.7 trillion dollars over two years starting on October 1, 2019 and concluding on September 30, 2021.

I believe there is a reason for it. Here is why I believe we aren’t hearing anything. The Democrats would have gotten their asses handed to them by their voters for agreeing to this.

From the article linked above:

The deal also means Democrats will not try to block Trump from transferring federal funding to help build the wall on the Southern border.

There is absolutely NOTHING that can now stop the entire WALL plus double WALLING from occurring (i.e. San Diego). Our President will leave a few hundred miles to be able to campaign on because the Democrat nominee will campaign on NEVER finishing the Wall.

Our President made Guatemala an offer they couldn’t refuse! They have decided to reverse course and will sign the Safe Third Country Agreement killing the lower court’s injunction on Wednesday about asylum seekers having to return to the first country they cross.

Plus our President took care of Guatemalans. They will immediately be sent back with their CHILDREN!

That means only Mexicans can claim asylum in the U.S. Everyone else from around the world are FUCKED!

From the article linked above:

A quiet deal with Guatemala is allowing U.S. border agencies to send Guatemalan migrants home without any delays to get travel documents, Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan told Breitbart News.

“On Friday, we will be repatriating single adults and family units, about 135, that did not have to wait for travel documents from the Guatemalan consul,” he said July 25. “We expect to make this a routine practice that will limit time in custody, accelerate repatriations, and create a deterrent impact. It will save two to four days, on average.”

What we have is commitments from Guatemala to take singe adults and family units without travel documents back in an expedited fashion, to get them out of our custody and repatriate them more quickly from the border. We’re going to have our first flight on Friday.

We got a commitment for Guatemala to address adults crossing into their border with children to ensure they are actually traveling with their own kids and that they are properly documented.

We got them to commit to having unaccompanied children, 17 and under, to ensure they have the proper paperwork and permission from their parents to travel instead of letting them transit Guatemala. All of these things were implemented in the weeks after the visit.

My heart is racing with all this WINNING!

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