News Roundup! Stephen Miller, Immigration, Race Relations Under PDJT, RNC Fundraising Compared To DNC, Wedding Crasher, Video Clips Tweeted By PDJT, Bernie Sanders Is a Hypocrite, Lifelong Democrat Giving PDJT a Chance…..

Stephen Miller absolutely destroyed the POS Chris Wallace.

@ 11:23 mark of video above:

Stephen Miller: Throughout this interview, Chris, you’re continuing to conflate Donald Trump’s criticisms of President Obama versus AOC’s deep and systemic criticisms of the country itself.

And so, let me just cut to the heart of the issue. These four congresswomen detest America as it exists, as it is currently constructed. They want to tear down the structure of our country. They want it to be a socialist, open borders country.

If you, as Donald Trump says, want to destroy America with open borders, you cannot say you love your country. If you attack border agents the way that Ocasio-Cortez has, it means you have a deep-seated hatred of the nation as it exists. That’s why you want to erase its borders, fundamentally transform the country and in the process, it doesn’t matter if American citizens lose their jobs, lose their homes, lose their livelihoods, lose their health coverage and lose their very lives.

There’s a gigantic, enormous distinction between Donald Trump saying I’m going to get on the world stage and put America first in every single thing we do, versus a view that says America should never come first and American citizens should never come first, which is their view, and that’s what we’re going to take to the ballot box.

Here are some of the best moments if you can’t stomach watching Chrissy.

Yesterday I shared this article in my news roundup.

There were some other interesting data that came from the poll of voters in the 11 southern states.

Immigration is the number one issue for voters at 24% followed by Jobs and the Economy at 22%. These two issues alone spell doom for the Democrat Party in 2020.

Another narrative is falling apart for the Democrats, MSM, RINOs, Hollywood etc. In the poll they also asked about race relations in our country. In the opinion of the voters, it is getting better under PDJT.

Here is another study that shows the U.S. is LESS racist under PDJT when compared to BHO.

From the article linked above:

According to a recent study conducted by researchers Daniel J. Hopkins and Samantha Washington at the University of Pennsylvania, racism during the Trump presidency has gone down compared to racism during the Obama presidency.

The academics report that they had been expecting to measure a rise in racist opinions, writing: ‘The normalization of prejudice or opinion leadership both lead us to expect that expressed prejudice may have increased in this period, especially among Republicans or Trump supporters’. They had been led to expect this, they say, through an extensive reading of recent literature in social sciences which, they say, supports the notion that racist attitudes lie dormant inside many people, waiting to be triggered by certain events – of which the election of Donald Trump might be one. There could, after all, hardly be anything more calculated to awaken an incipient racist than the president calling Mexicans a bunch of rapists.

Yet the study found exactly the opposite. Americans, claim Hopkins and Washington, have actually become less inclined to express racist opinions since Donald Trump was elected. Anti-black prejudice, they found, declined by a statistically-insignificant degree between 2012 and 2016, when Trump was elected. But then after 2016 it took a sharp dive that was statistically significant. Moreover, contrary to their expectations, the fall was as evident among Republican voters as it was among Democrats. There was also a general fall in anti-Hispanic prejudice, too, although this was more evident among Democrat voters.

Voter enthusiasm can be measured in the amount of money each Party is able to raise. If June is an indicator, the Democrats are in trouble.

From the article linked above:

The Democratic National Committee raised $8.5 million in June, the month of the party’s presidential debates in Miami — less than half of the $20.7 million the Republican National Committee pulled in during that time period, disclosures show.

The DNC also spent almost as much money as it raised — $7.5 million — during that time and finished the month with $9.3 million cash on hand. Meanwhile, the RNC is building a large war chest during the lead-up to 2020 and had $43.5 million cash on hand at the end of the month.

Our President crashed a wedding on Saturday and the bride and groom were so happy that he did.

From the article linked above:

President Trump made a guest appearance at a wedding at his Bedminster, NJ, golf resort on Saturday that left the bride and groom chanting “USA! USA!”

The president, who’s spending the weekend at the resort, walked into the wedding reception for Nicole Marie and PJ Mongelli, according to video of the event.

As the crowed roared and turned their phone’s cameras on the president, he motioned for the couple to come to him.

Trump, wearing a dark suit without a tie, put his arms around the two as they took part in the “USA” chants, thrusting their arms in the air.

Earlier, another video shows Trump being introduced to the couple.

“You’re a class act that you came in here,” a woman tells Trump.

Our President retweeted the following clips for us to view.

Bernie Sanders is the biggest hypocrite in the world! Absolutely amazing that the POS is doing exactly what businesses are doing when forced to pay a minimum wage of $15 an hour.

From the article linked above:

After the failed renegotiation, campaign organizers began messaging Shakir on Slack with appeals for higher pay. Many messages used Sanders’ own views on minimum wage to make their argument.

“We look forward to continuing those discussions and obviously are disappointed that some individuals decided to damage the integrity of these efforts in before they were concluded,” Shakir said. “As these discussions continue, we are limiting hours so no employee is receiving less than $15 for any hours worked.”

Lifelong Democrats are realizing their Party has moved so far left that they are willing to give our President a chance.

We we will always WIN with PDJT!

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