News Roundup! Best Tactical Move To Date, Democrats Hate the Squad, She Married Her Brother, Woodshed Shellacking, ICE Polls Higher Than Each Squad Member, Rally Recap Videos & Pictures, PDJT Is Saving Lives, Voters Back PDJT’s Immigration Policies, SDNY Closes Case Against PDJT, Impeachment Goes Nowhere…..

For all those that questioned our President for sending out those tweets over the weekend, in my opinion, it was the GREATEST tactical move that our President has made to date.

Rasmussen started the week with our President at 46% approval. He is now at 50%! It shows that Americans are behind him and will support him going after the 4 MORONS and the Democrat Party.

These 8 women get it!

A majority of Democrats in the House are sick and tired of the 4 MORONS. We saw Nancy beginning to go after them and isolate them. She and the others know that if these four are the face of the Democrat Party, 2020 will be the beginning of the end of their Party.

Jake the Fake put out a thread that proves that our President was brilliant going after the Squad.

This thread was written before the rally where our President once again took the 4 MORONS to the back of the woodshed for a shellacking.

He also dropped a nuclear bomb on the head of Ilhan Omar when speaking to the press before leaving for North Carolina.

This poll tells you how bad it is for the Democrats!

From the article linked above:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is viewed more favorably than any member of the so-called “squad” of freshman Democratic congresswomen, according to a new poll.

The Economist and YouGov survey of 1500 Americans found that 42% have a somewhat or very favorable view of ICE, which is a higher combined favorability rating than Democratic Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley.

Just 33% of Americans have a favorable rating of Ocasio-Cortez, and the numbers are even lower for her “squad” counterparts.

Omar has a 25% combined favorability rating, Tlaib has a 24% rating, and Pressley, who is also the least well-known, has a 22% rating.

What an absolutely incredible rally! Here are some short videos and pictures from last night.

Hispanics absolutely want a strong border and support our President when it comes to the issue of immigration.

Women LOVE our President!

The Republican Agenda:

  • Pro-Worker
  • Pro-Jobs
  • Pro-Family
  • Pro-Growth

He is absolutely right! Democrats care more about illegals than Americans!

The choice could not be any clearer.

Common sense statement from our President.

Medicare for All would be a disaster!

He is absolutely right! I love the fact that Europe hates our President.

If you want to watch it again, you will find the video in our President’s tweet below.

This woman absolutely gets it. She knows what our President is doing for Blacks.

Generation Z loves our President and will carry TRUMPISM forward for the next 50+ years.

Our President’s administration is truly saving lives.

From the article linked above:

U.S. overdose deaths dropped last year for the first time in nearly two decades, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Wednesday, in a sign that a nationwide epidemic of drug-related deaths is abating.

About 68,500 Americans died of a drug overdose in 2018, compared with about 72,000 the year prior, a 5% decrease, according to the CDC’s provisional data.

The drop marks the first time that the number of overdose-related deaths has fallen since 1999.

Immigration really means everything in the Rust Belt! This article tells you everything you need to know.

From the article linked above:

Why it matters: By all accounts, immigration is and will be one of the most important issues of the 2020 presidential election — and it could help Trump win over even some voters who haven’t always supported Republicans.

  • That was the main takeaway from the latest Engagious/FPG focus group I watched here last week, which included nine people who voted for Barack Obama in 2012 and Trump in ’16, and three who flipped from Mitt Romney to Hillary Clinton.

Immigration came up many times when these swing voters were asked to discuss their top issue heading into the presidential election. Their responses sounded a lot like the “America First” message President Trump has been championing.

  • And the room got really animated when discussing their opposition to 2020 Democrats proposing to give health care to undocumented immigrants. “Why would you want to give it to another person from a different country for free?” Larry S. asked.
  • “Give them free benefits, this that and the other thing. That is ridiculous,” said Rhonda H. “They’ll come from anywhere and get a house and a car, too.”

What they’re saying: “We need to focus on Americans and not the immigrants,” said Paul T.

  • “We shouldn’t give away our birthright like candy,” said Shawn M. “Meaning that all they have to do is cross the border illegally, pop out a kid, and they’re a U.S. citizen. Two illegals do not a citizen make,” she added.
  • “I don’t want to be a jerk,” said Rhonda H. “I feel terrible for these people, but there are people in this country who are struggling to survive. We need to focus on the United States.”
  • Others mentioned veterans or homeless people in the U.S. who they thought she be prioritized over immigrants. “Veterans … need more help. So that kind of, that doesn’t make me happy that they really haven’t done more” for them, said Kathleen R.
  • A few others bemoaned the “endless supply” of migrants who make their way to the U.S. “There’s no end in sight,” said Patricia B., a Romney-Clinton voter. “It’s just a frustrating, endless amount of people.”
  • Larry S., an Obama-Trump voter, said he’s noticed an increase in “foreigners” among Michigan’s population. “We’re helping everybody else, so they’re coming here for free and we’re babying them,” he said. “It’s time that we stop. We gotta think about us first.”
  • Even those who disagree with the president’s way of handling it found agreement. “His stance on immigration is a little too far for me, but I tend to agree with it,” said Anthony O. “His grandparents came from Italy ‘the right way,’ so to see people not following the rules … I have a problem with that.”

Another dream for the crazies has gone up in flames!

From the article linked above:

A federal judge Wednesday confirmed federal prosecutors in New York City ended their investigation into Trump campaign finance violations, which focused on former Trump attorney Michael Cohen and the Trump Organization.

Judge William Pauley confirmed the end of the probe in an order to release the remaining files in the case against Michael Cohen, the former Trump attorney who is serving a three-year prison term for several crimes.

When I hear a slim margin I think of a 51% to 49% poll or election result. Look what Politico thinks is a slim margin.

From the article linked above:

A slim majority of voters supports the mass deportation raids previewed by President Donald Trump last week, a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll shows.

The survey found that 51 percent of voters supported the sweeping raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, compared with 35 percent of voters who oppose those efforts.

Once again pay attention to the Independents Percentage. In the poll it was 46% support ICE Raids while 35% oppose it.

Many Leftists checked themselves into a mental ward this evening after the outcome of the impeachment vote on the House Floor and our President’s tweets about it.


We are WINNING and we will never lose with PDJT!

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  1. Flep, great round up as usual. I love your news in the morning. I have a favor to ask….You had a round up with the man who washes the bodies of aborted babies for proper burial. Would you post the link to that article again please? Since Q posted the picture of that man, too many people are trying to tie him to the evil practices of planned parenthood and my attempts at an image search are pulling up no matches. Thank you for all your hard work.

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