News Roundup! PDJT’s Approval Rises Amongst Republicans, 4 MORONS, RNC Video, KAC, Pledge Of Allegiance Is Reinstated, Big Court Ruling, Bad Day For Planned Parenthood, Made In America, Cabinet Meeting Video & Transcript, MS-13, Rally, Judicial Watch, Women For Trump…..

As Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats were voting to condemn our President’s tweets on the House Floor, recent polling data reveals that our President’s popularity amongst Republicans grows even greater after the actions of the last few days.

From the article linked above:

Support for U.S. President Donald Trump increased slightly among Republicans after he lashed out on Twitter over the weekend in a racially charged attack on four minority Democratic congresswomen, a Reuters/Ipsos public opinion poll shows.

“To Republicans, Trump is simply saying: ‘Hey, if you don’t like America, you can leave,” Hutchings said. “That is not at all controversial. If you already support Trump, then it’s very easy to interpret his comments that way.”

By criticizing liberal members of the House, Trump is “doing exactly what Republicans want him to do,” Hutchings said. “He’s taking on groups that they oppose.”

The 4 MORONS can’t keep away from being in the spotlight spewing their BS. Those approval ratings will only continue to rise.

I absolutely LOVE this video released by the RNC! They are learning how to fight because of PDJT.

Keep banging the hammer on their heads Mr. President.

KAC is a fighter and I love her for it!

The residents of St. Louis Park, Minnesota decided to fight for their flag and their country when it was announced a few weeks ago that the Pledge of Allegiance would be cut the from the start of each session.

They won and celebrated that victory in the video clip below.

Big court ruling today: An appeals panel overruled unanimously (3-0) a decision that struck down PDJT’s Executive Orders weakening federal unions and making it easier to fire workers.

The ruling came out of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. Two of the three Judges were appointed by GWB and one by BHO.

Link to the decision below:$file/18-5289-1797318.pdf

Planned Parenthood had a really bad day yesterday!

From the article linked above:

The Planned Parenthood abortion business said today it will not comply with President Donald Trump’s new pro-life rules that require any recipient of federal taxpayer dollars for family planning to separate out any abortion business it does.

Because the nation’s largest abortion company is so wedded to its abortion business and refuses to separate it from its family planning operations, Planned Parenthood will lose as much as $60 million dollars in taxpayer funds. Officials with the abortion company told media outlets today that it would not comply with the new rules requiring separation.

I absolutely LOVE KAC tweet and the sarcasm in it.

From the article linked above:

The president of Planned Parenthood was forced out of her job Tuesday in a dispute over her management style and the direction of the nation’s largest women’s reproductive rights organization amid growing political and legal challenges to abortion.

Planned Parenthood’s board met in emergency session for hours Tuesday and approved Leana Wen’s immediate departure just eight months after she took over the post. The terms had been negotiated over several weeks, said a Planned Parenthood spokeswoman.

The ouster occurred at one of the most difficult moments in the group’s history. The organization faces growing financial peril from a Trump administration rule that took effect Monday barring federally funded family planning clinics from providing referrals for abortions. It is also under attack by antiabortion lawmakers at the state and federal level and is threatened by the prospect that the 1973 ruling that legalized abortion could be overturned by the Supreme Court’s new conservative majority.

This man speaks the truth about what our President has done for Blacks and Hispanics.

Our President loves highlighting businesses that make their products in the USA. Love this video clip our President tweeted about the 3rd Annual Made In America Showcase at the White House.

Our President had a cabinet meeting yesterday. You can find the video and transcript below.

From the transcript linked above (We are so blessed with this cabinet that loves God and gives him praise for the world to see):

SECRETARY PERRY: Every Wednesday morning, there’s a Cabinet member Bible study, and it’s been one of the great privileges for me, in this administration, to pray with the Cabinet members. So this is an extension of that.

So if you would bow your heads and join with me in asking the Lord to continue to bless this country:

Father, thank you for this table of men and women, of individuals who selflessly serve this country. And, Lord, we ask you to continue to give them courage, to give them wisdom, to be with this President as he deals with the challenges of the day; to continue to comfort him in the knowledge that you are in charge and in control.

We thank you for your blessings both in the personal way and the larger issues of this world that we live in, that we’ve been given the privilege to serve. We ask you to continue to keep our young men and women who defend our freedom safe and to bring them home soon.

And, Father, we ask you again to keep this President safe and to give him wisdom.

In your most holy name, we pray. Amen.

Our President was 100% correct when he called these POS animals! Absolutely disgusting that the Democrats embrace this BS.

From the article linked above:

Federal authorities on Monday announced charges filed against 22 people linked to the MS-13 transnational gang, most of whom allegedly participated in a series of murders, including several slayings in which victims were hacked to death with machetes in the Angeles National Forest.

“We have now taken off the streets nearly two dozen people associated with the most violent arm of MS-13 in Los Angeles, where the gang is believed to have killed 24 people over the past two years,” said United States Attorney Nick Hanna.

The rally later today is going to be EPIC!

Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch are doing some incredible work in so many different areas. This tweet made me so happy!

Brad Parscale and his team are doing a fantastic job in our President’s reelection campaign.


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