Evening News Roundup! Modification Of Asylum Rule, Tom Homan, Lindsey Graham, EO On Using American Steel & Iron, Hispanics Are WINNING, Univision Is Being Sold, Americans Support Deportations, Rust Belt & Tariffs, Judicial Watch, Americans Want the Democrats To Move To the Center…..

So much happening today that I decided to run an evening news roundup!

The biggest issue at the southern border is the growing problem of fraudulent asylum claims. The President’s administration is modifying the asylum rules to include a requirement that asylum should be sought at the first safe country of travel.

This will go into effect as of tomorrow. This change alone will disqualify approximately 90% of all asylum requests. Only Mexicans would be entitled to circumvent this rule since their first safe country of travel is the USA.

From the article linked above:

The Trump administration on Monday announced a sweeping new policy tightening restrictions for asylum seekers, in a move that could drastically reduce the number of Central American migrants eligible to enter the United States in this way.

The new rule, published in the Federal Register, would require most migrants entering through America’s southern border to first seek asylum in one of the countries they traversed – whether in Mexico, in Central America, or elsewhere on their journey. In most cases, only if that application is denied would they then be able to seek asylum in the United States.

“Ultimately, today’s action will reduce the overwhelming burdens on our domestic system caused by asylum-seekers failing to seek urgent protection in the first available country, economic migrants lacking a legitimate fear of persecution, and the transnational criminal organizations, traffickers, and smugglers exploiting our system for profits,” Homeland Security Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan said in a statement, describing the “targeted changes” as critical.

[…] The latest change is meant to crack down on asylum seekers coming to the U.S. more for economic reasons than to escape persecution in their home countries. The new policy does include a couple other exceptions, mainly for certain victims of human trafficking.

Attorney General Bill Barr said in a statement that the change would curb “forum shopping by economic migrants and those who seek to exploit our asylum system to obtain entry to the United States—while ensuring that no one is removed from the United States who is more likely than not to be tortured or persecuted on account of a protected ground.”

I absolutely LOVE Tom Homan! The look he had on his face that day made me realize he would have loved to punch the POS Democrat Congressman in his face.

Senator Lindsey Graham this morning decided to piss on the heads of the 4 MORONS.

Our President will not stop pushing for American steel and iron to be used in government projects.

From the article linked above:

President Trump will sign an executive order on Monday to require that the bulk of the steel and iron used in federal contracts is sourced from U.S. firms., according to a top trade adviser, the latest move by the White House to bolster domestic commodity producers.

The action is slated to mandate that 95 percent of steel and iron used for government projects is provided by American firms, the White House’s Peter Navarro told FOX News on Monday, an increase from the existing threshold of 50 percent.

In a statement, the American Iron and Steel Institute called the executive order “another positive step in ensuring” domestic procurement laws.

PDJT was only able to get 29% of Hispanics to vote for him in 2016. You can expect that percentage to be closer to 40% come 2020.

From the article linked above:

Hispanics are experiencing the largest home ownership gains of any ethnic group in the U.S., a turnaround for the population hardest hit by the housing bust that could help buoy the market for years.

The home ownership rate for Hispanics has increased more during the past several years than any race or ethnic group, including whites. The rate, which hit a 50-year low in 2015, has risen 3.3 percentage points since then, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. The overall U.S. home ownership rate bottomed in the second quarter of 2016 and has grown 1.3 percentage points since then.

The fact that Univision is being sold at a massive loss tells you everything you need to know about Hispanics. They are sick and tired of Jorge Ramos and the BS they spew about our President.

From the article linked above:

When Haim Saban and billionaire-led private equity firms acquired Univision Communications for $13.7 billion in early 2007, they figured the nation’s largest Spanish-language media company would be a sure bet.

The U.S. economy and Latino population were booming. Advertisers were reaching out to Mexican immigrants who gravitated toward soccer matches and Univision’s news and trademark telenovelas the Mexican-produced Cinderella love stories that reminded viewers of home.

But the world changed.

Pew Research also found that Univision’s major newscasts had experienced double-digit declines since 2016. The network, however, remains the Spanish-language news leader with nearly 1 million viewers to its evening news.

Our President today has been hitting the 4 MORONS and Nancy Pelosi really hard. He isn’t backing down one bit whenever the MSM asks questions or calls him a racist.

Once again the majority of Americans support our President’s deportation policy. Especially INDEPENDENTS given the results on the latest Rasmussen Poll.

From the article linked above:

Federal immigration authorities began a major deportation operation this past weekend, and for Republicans it’s long overdue. But Democrats disagree and don’t like the way the Trump administration is cracking down on illegal immigration.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that a plurality (47%) of all Likely U.S. Voters think the federal government is not aggressive enough in deporting those who are in this country illegally. Thirty-three percent (33%) say it’s too aggressive, while 13% rate the current number of deportations as about right.

Rust Belt voters support our President’s tariffs according to exit polling after the 2016 Election in OH, MI, WI & PA. They witnessed first hand what was happening to the factories within their states.

Judicial Watch has been an incredible organization in terms of getting states and cities to clean their voter rolls. Tom Fitton recently got Los Angeles to remove 1.5 million from their voter rolls. He was recently successful with the State of Kentucky.

Voters told Democrats in their internal poll that was shared recently with Axios that they want the Democrat Party to move in a moderate direction.

WINNING is absolutely glorious!

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