News Roundup! Dissecting Polling Data, Wall, Painting, Deregulation, Federal Reserve, Angel Families, Judicial Armada, PDJT & Israel, The Destruction Of Globalism, Catch & Release, Fake Narrative About TX, Joe Dan…..

Mark Penn was the former pollster for Bill Clinton when he was in the White House. His polling company has a good reputation. I am emailed once a month with his polling results. This past month’s poll really got me super excited.

Not the fact that our President’s approval rating was only 44%. Everything else inside of it told the REAL story that the Democrat Party, MSM, RINOs, CoC, Koch Brothers etc. face.

As you can see, our President and his agenda are on the winning side with voters in large majorities. The fact that Immigration is the number one issue (42% of respondents) for voters is TERRIBLE for Democrats.

Here is the email that he sent me (I encourage folks to subscribe).

From the article linked above:

60% of voters still consider the democratic field of candidates to be “underwhelming”, and Americans say they’re more likely to pick a candidate that stands for lower taxes and reduced government regulations, strengthening the military, strengthening the border to reduce illegal immigrants, standing up more to China and Iran, and seeking better trade deals for the U.S. (i.e. the Trump platform), compared to a candidate that stands for the green new deal on climate change, Medicare for all, free college tuition, opening our borders to many more immigrants and raising taxes to pay for these programs (i.e. the democratic platform)

Immigration is now the top issue in the country for 42% of voters, surpassing healthcare which is in second place at 38%. Voters want Democrats in congress to address the status of undocumented immigrants, and over two in three voters support comprehensive immigration reform and a deal between Trump and Democrats in Congress that gives DACA recipients a pathway to citizenship (DON’T LET THIS FREAK YOU OUT) in exchange for Trump initiatives (increasing merit preference over preference for relatives, eliminating the diversity visa lottery, and funding barrier security on the U.S.-Mexico border). 

Impeachment sentiment has gone down – only 35% of voters today believe Trump should be impeached. 63% of voters say the investigations continue to hurt the country.

Finally on the question of a citizenship question on the census, 67% of voters believe the census should be able to ask whether people living in the US are us citizens, with majorities supporting it across party line.

Here is a link to the actual poll.

Click to access HHP_June19_FULL_r2_vFinal_7_1_19.pdf

The Wall in the San Diego sector of our border continues to be built.

This man is a Patriot for what he did outside of Nike’s HQ. What a beautiful job.

From the article linked above:

Two big things have been propelling the U.S. economy forward in impressive fashion: the 2017 Trump tax cuts and the president’s relentless drive to reduce unnecessary regulations, which are another form of taxation.

One example of the president delivering his deregulation promise came in late May when the U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Railroad Administration abandoned a costly regulatory proposal issued by President Barack Obama.

The measure would have forced private freight railroad carriers to continue operating with two people in a locomotive cab. This proposed Obama, anti-business mandate was always wrongheaded, and its revocation carries important lessons for how best to regulate.

The Obama proposal was not a serious attempt at promoting safety. Rather it was featherbedding pure and simple at the behest of unions.

Our President is absolutely right with his tweets! They man is fighting everyone against him and winning for Americans.

These are the families that our President is fighting for! These are also the families that the Democrats, MSM, Leftists etc. hate.

I absolutely agree with Charlie Kirk’s assessment.

Our President is absolutely LOVED in Israel!

As CreepySleepy Joe continues to fight on behalf of China, our President is destroying China and Globalism!

From the article linked above:

  • Trend described as ‘deglobalisation’ and ‘balkanisation’ is leading to shorter supply chains as companies try to keep up with more sophisticated consumer demand
  • As firms rush to avoid Donald Trump’s tariffs and other geopolitical volatility, the trend is accelerating, leading to a complete shift in global trade


From an office in Tijuana, Mexico, Roberto Durazo has been capitalising on one of the biggest shifts in global trade since the end of the cold war.

His company, Ivemsa, has been helping dozens of companies move their factories out of China and other parts of Asia and into Mexico to make goods to be sold domestically and in the United States. Operating in what is known as the “shelter industry”, firms like Ivemsa help international companies operate in Mexico without having to maintain a legal entity.

“We have talked to many companies from Asia who are interested in Mexico as a platform to manufacture and send their products north to the US – that’s really where the market is,” Durazo said.

This example illustrates a wider movement that predates the trade war between China and the US, but one which experts now say is irreversible. After decades in which globalisation seemed to be an unstoppable force, the trade war is accelerating a complete transformation of global trade towards a more fragmented model, and Durazo is operating at ground zero.

What the article didn’t want the reader to know is that the SHORTEST supply chain is having it manufactured in the good ole USA!

Here is why the Left, Democrats, RINOs, MSM, CoC, Koch Brothers etc. are losing their minds!

From the article linked above:

President Trump’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released about 2,000 border crossers and illegal aliens into the interior of the United States over the last week, a nearly 70 percent drop since the administration reached a deal with Mexico to stem illegal immigration.

This is a nearly 70 percent reduction in the process known as “catch and release” since Trump struck a deal with Mexico to mitigate mass illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border. The deal dictates that border crossers seeking asylum in America must return to Mexico while they await their asylum process, rather than being released into the U.S.

We have to fight FAKE NEWS because to many on our side are falling for their BS. Here is a perfect example.

Joe Dan has released his newest video.



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