News Roundup! Energy Boom, CNN Poll Is Devastating For Democrats, Farmers Poll, The Maker Of Peace On the Korean Peninsula, PDJT’s Interview, AOC Is a Gift, Small Businesses Are Booming, 9th Circuit Update, Nike…..

These two graphs tell the entire story of what PDJT’s presidency has meant for our Energy boom. It has taken off and will continue to rise over the next five and a half years.

The Democrats are in serious trouble! This data comes from a CNN Poll that is always heavily skewed. Americans are rejecting their agenda in very large numbers. Even amongst Democrats polled, the data is bad for their Party.

From the article linked above:

Nearly 60% of Americans oppose making government-provided health insurance available to illegal immigrants, according to a CNN poll released Monday.

“Do you think health insurance coverage provided by the government should or should not be available to undocumented immigrants living in the United States?” reads a question in the poll, which was conducted by the polling firm SRSS on behalf of CNN between June 28 and June 30.


Sixty-six percent of Democrats in the CNN poll supported access, while 31% opposed the idea.

Thirty-four percent of independents and 10% of Republicans support access for illegal immigrants, while 63% and 88% oppose it, respectively.

CNN can’t hide this from their viewers!

Americans of all colors are waking up! This man deserves some serious kudos.

Farmers still support our President in large numbers!

From the article linked above:

A sizeable majority of U.S. farmers and ranchers continue to approve of how President Donald Trump is handling his job, according to a new monthly poll by Farm Journal, an agricultural media company.

The Farm Journal Pulse poll sent texts asking farmers one question only: “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Donald Trump is handling his job as president?”

Out of the 5,000 farmers asked, 1,129 responded to the survey. Out of those, 50 percent said they “strongly approve” of the way Trump is handling the presidency, with another 24 percent saying that they “somewhat approve.”

The latest results were statistically the same as those conducted in December last year, when the Pulse survey first recorded Trump’s approval ratings among farmers. The survey has been conducted five times so far.

Our President is known as “The Maker Of Peace On The Korean Peninsula” in South Korea.

From the article linked above:

“This has a lot of significance because it means that we want to bring an end to the unpleasant past and try to create a new future, so it’s a very courageous and determined act,” Kim told reporters.

Earlier, when Trump and Moon announced the meeting would take place, the South Korean leader called Trump “the maker of peace on the Korean peninsula.”

”I believe that if a North-U.S. summit is realized on the line dividing Korea, as President Trump wishes, it will become another opportunity to deepen the friendship that exists between the two heads of state and to improve relations of the two nations,” said Choe Son-hui, North Korea’s first vice foreign minister, in a statement carried on the official Korean News Agency.

The North Korean news agency put out the following video. Well worth the watch even though it is narrated in their language. Far more images than what was shown on American TV.

Excellent video showing the difference between previous Presidents and PDJT when they visited the DMZ.

Our President was interviewed by Tucker Carlson following the G20 In Japan. It aired this evening. You can watch it below.

AOC is truly the gift that keeps on giving! You can’t make up the craziness that comes out of her mouth.

Within an hour, her accusations have been debunked!

At least this POS from the Obama Administration is willing to speak the truth and destroy the Left’s lies.

This interview tells you everything you need to know about the Economic Train that our President unleashed on January 20, 2017. Small businesses are booming like never before.

Love to see the co-founder of Home Depot donating a majority of his fortune to support our President in 2020.

Wow! More great news coming out of the 9th Circuit. Another Bush appointed judge is going to take senior status by the end of the year (Judge Bybee). The composition will remain 16 Democrat appointed judges versus 13 Republican appointed judges but the amazing fact is that PDJT will have appointed 10 out of the 13 Republican judges.

It is sickening to see a corporation like Nike decide to allow Colin Kapernick to make decisions that are anti America.

So happy to see the Governor of Arizona take action against Nike.

Excellent rant!

God bless PDJT and the USA!

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