We Will Never Lose Under PDJT!

There is a lot of doom and gloom going around because our President put a haunt to the deportations starting tomorrow.

There is so much happening right now that many of our President’s followers might not be aware of. The first is the fact that Judge Hanen is about to rule on whether DACA was constitutional. This is the same Judge that took out DAPA.


From the article linked above:

The program’s immediate future will be decided by two courts: a federal court in Texas and the Supreme Court.

As I explained last month:

[A] lawsuit making its way through a district court in Texas could spell the beginning of the end of the program. In Houston, the conservative Judge Andrew Hanen (who already struck down parts of President Barack Obama’s original DACA plan) has a case in front of him that questions not Trump’s ability to repeal DACA, but rather the constitutionality of the program itself. Though Hanen disappointed conservatives by declining to issue a preliminary injunction halting DACA, the judge has indicated that he intends to ultimately rule against the program—a decision that will likely come later this year.

Hanen’s potential ruling against DACA would place the country in a bizarre legal scenario, in which some judges will have declared it illegal for Trump to undo DACA, and another judge will have ruled that it’s illegal for the government to continue DACA. This means that the Supreme Court will likely take up the case in the fall—and, with five conservative justices on the bench, it’s not unlikely that the program will meet its demise in the nation’s highest court.

Our President was willing to negotiate on DACA. Remember he offered 1.8 million a chance to have a green card for 12 years at which time they could apply for citizenship if certain conditions were met. Democrats will be in a real dilemma because they weren’t willing to negotiate with him.

The pressure will be enormous! Remember them heckling Nancy Pelosi At a town hall and showing up at Chucky’s residence in Brooklyn.

Those crowds will be triple the size next time around. Our President doesn’t need Wall funding since the DoD is taking care of it.

He will demand every single one of his immigration pillars are implemented for any DACA deal. Including closing every single loophole at the border.

Canada is about two weeks away from ratifying the USMCA. That would leave us as the remaining country left to do so. The pressure on Nancy to bring the USMCA to the floor will be overwhelming. Our President will also start the process of terminating NAFTA. That will start the six month wind down window. She will not be able to hold our President hostage.

In the meantime, deportations will be occurring each and everyday. Listen to the current Acting ICE Director, Mark Morgan, who was on Judge Jeanie’s show this evening. Just because our President gave Democrats two weeks means absolutely nothing. ICE will continue to deport illegals as they have been doing.

I hope those that were ready to jump off our President’s Train realize we are never going to lose under PDJT.

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