News Roundup! 9th Circuit Vacancy, Judicial Armada, Sidney Powell, Amash In Serious Trouble, Fake Poll Rebuked, President of Poland Visits WH, Americans Are WINNING, Hammer It Home…..

A judge appointed by GWB on the 9th Circuit is going to take senior status allowing our President to replace him with someone much younger.

From the article linked above:

President Donald Trump could again influence the nation’s largest federal appeals court with another lifetime appointment, possibly with an openly gay prosecutor.

Judge Carlos Bea, appointed by President George W. Bush in 2003, plans to semi-retire, or take senior status, a source close to the judicial nominations process said.

The source named Patrick J. Bumatay, an openly gay assistant U.S. attorney, as a potential Trump pick to fill the opening.

Trump has appointed six judges to the appeals court, which currently has two vacancies. Trump has nominated Kirkland & Ellis partner Daniel Bress to fill one of them.

This judge would be the 9th judge replaced by our President on the 9th Circuit in 2 and a 1/2 years. GWB and BHO appointed 7 judges for the 9th Circuit over 8 years.

Crying Chuck decided to chime in about the Trump Judicial Armada. The great news is that there is absolutely nothing he or Democrats can do to stop it other than whine and cry.

Chuck is witnessing a tsunami taking place on the Senate Floor today.

Some great news! Sidney Powell will be representing General Micheal Flynn going forward.

From the article linked above:

Embattled Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has hired well known defense attorney Sidney Powell to represent him before his sentencing hearing in Washington D.C.’s federal court. Flynn, who fired his attorney’s last week, will still fully cooperate with the government in all cases pending, Powell told

Work on the Wall continues.

This polling company is reputable. You want to go after our President you will face the consequences.

The New York Times but out some FAKE POLLING data from Quinppiac. They are the worst in the business. Brad Parscale and our President had to destroy their narrative.

As a matter of fact, Brad thinks they can put the State of Oregon in play in 2020.

From the article linked above:

The Trump campaign is considering putting resources into Oregon, CNN has learned, a state where Hillary Clinton beat the President by 11 percentage points in 2016.

In fact, Oregon is so blue that it has not voted for a Republican for president since 1984. But the Trump campaign is flush with cash and is looking for ways to spend its money and time wisely while Democrats duke it out for the chance to run against President Donald Trump.

CNN obtained a memo to the Trump campaign from pollster Tony Fabrizio about ideas for “expanding the map” to give the President more options for getting the 270 electoral votes needed to win the re-election, where he mentions looking at Oregon.

In the memo, Fabrizio maintains that New Hampshire, New Mexico and Nevada — all states that Trump lost in 2016 — are now “highly competitive.” Those are three states where the Trump campaign already has resources on the ground.

Our President’s approval rating according to the Rasmussen Poll was 51% today. At this same point in time, BHO was only at 47%.

I love the fact that the President of Poland is visiting the White house today. The respect between him and our President is incredible.

Our President had something special done for him and his wife.

When a country agrees to purchase 32 F-35s, a flyover would be appropriate.

During the press availability in the Oval Office, some of the following was discussed:

• Our President considering a return visit to Poland in the fall

• The U.S. will send 2,000 more service members to Poland as we continue to broaden our security and economic alliance

• The Government of Poland will pay for the infrastructure to support the additional troops

• Poland will purchase 32 F-35 fighter jets.

•The U.S. and Poland have agreed to increased sales of liquefied natural gas.


You can find the Joint Press Conference in the tweet below.

Americans continue to win because they bet on PDJT!

From the article linked above:

General Motors Co. plans to invest $150 million in the Flint Assembly Plant to increase production of Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra heavy-duty pickups.

The automaker said the investment, announced Wednesday by GM President Mark Reuss, will “enhance the plant’s conveyors and other tooling to increase production capacity.” The work is expected to be completed in the first half of 2020.

No new jobs are tied to Wednesday announcement, but the plans come four months after the company said it would add 1,000 jobs at the plant to produce the next-generation pickups, which are shipping to dealers this week. Those positions, GM said, have been filled with a majority of workers coming from Lordstown Assembly in Ohio, which was idled in March, and Detroit-Hamtramck, which is to end production in January.

More evidence that Americans are prospering under PDJT!

From the article linked above:

Mortgage applications soared 26.8% for the week ending June 7, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey. The Composite Index is now up 41% annually.

Indicators Prior Actual
Composite Index – W/W ∆ 1.5 % 26.8 %
Purchase Index – W/W ∆ -2.0 % 10.0 %
Refinance Index – W/W ∆ 6.0 % 47.0

The Refinance Index surged 47% for the week. The Purchase Index, which measures applications done with mortgage lenders, rose a very solid 10%. The latter indicates increased strength for home sales.

FAKE NEWS caught once again!

Love that our folks continue to hammer this point home!





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