News Roundup! Yesterday’s Hearing, AG Letter to Nadler, Judicial Armada, Mexico Is Doing More Than Democrats, PDJT’s Interview With CNBC, PDJT Goes After the CoC, San Francisco & CA, Economic Train, Little AOC…..

The number one in my book is Rep. Jim Jordan. He was incredible!

Rep. Matt Gaetz was absolutely fantastic!

Rep. Louie Gohmert also did a great job destroying both POS.

Our President also chimed in about John Dean.

If you are wondering why Chairman Nadler had John Dean testify, you will find the answer in Rosie memos thread below.

As the Democrats, MSM, Leftists etc. play their games in their House Committees, AG Barr is working towards exposing the truth for the world to see and for Justice to be served.

The letter below is AG Barr’s response to a request from Chairman Jerry Nadler. In it he explains the scope of the DOJ review of intelligence activities in the 2016 presidential campaign. AG Barr says that the review is

  • Broad in scope and multifaceted
  • Examines actions by US and foreign intelligence agencies
  • Examines actions by non-governmental organizations and individuals

From the article linked above:

A new letter from the Justice Department addressed to Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) reveals John Durham’s investigation into Spygate is much larger than previously known.

The letter to Nadler, penned by Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd, indicates Fusion GPS, foreign intelligence services and non-governmental organizations and individuals are all a target of US Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the origins of Spygate.

Durham’s investigation of the investigations involving both the 2016 presidential campaigns (plural) is so massive that the Justice Department had to clear existing office space to make room for the team of US Attorneys, other personnel and DOJ employees.

The new DOJ letter also indicates that Durham may be looking into gutter oppo research firm Fusion GPS who hired former British spy Christopher Steele to compile a 35-page Russia dossier to smear Donald Trump and his associates.

The Trump Judicial Armada continues to expand unabated. There is absolutely nothing that the Democrats can do to stop it.

Three Judges were confirmed today.

One more will be confirmed tomorrow and five more will be confirmed on Wednesday.

Twenty more Judges will be going in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Once out of committee, they will go to the Senate Floor for confirmation in the foreseeable future.

I love the fact that people in our President’s Administration and those on the outside that are aligned to him are hammering home the fact that Mexico is doing more to secure our southern border than Democrats. This will resonate with voters.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch this interview yesterday, you missed a great one.

During the interview our President directly calls out the CoC for being anti-American and only concerned for Wall Street multinational corporations.

From the article linked above:

Trump called into “Squawk Box” to argue his case for why tariffs are effective. The President also blasted the Chamber of Commerce.

Trump told CNBC on Monday that the business group protects corporate America not the American people. The president also said tariffs allow the U.S. to level the playing field, claiming he believes that China will make a deal with the U.S. “because they’re going to have to” due to tariff pressures.

Charles Payne also discussed our President’s comments aimed at the CoC on his show.

Guess who was a CIA informant?

This image below perfectly captures what happens to cities that Democrats run for decades!

The Economic Train continues to steam across our country picking up passengers and running over her enemies!

Little AOC is back!

Bask in the glory of all this WINNING!

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